Ways To Make Someone Love You Without Them Knowing

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We have crush or falling in love to someone, we want them to love us back. We will do everything at all costs, but making someone to fall in love with us is not an easy thing. If we do it too radically, they will be running away instead. But if we don't make a move, someone else might steal them away.

Things even harder to a shy person if you happen to be one. You will try your best to keep you feeling a secret but you want them to notice you and return your love. Okay guys, easy. There are certain ways to make someone love you without them knowing. It's safe and success is guaranteed.


1. Leave A Good First Impression

One does not simply fall in love at the first sight and it only happens in movies. You have to work on it to leave a good impression. The impact of the first impression is huge for your relationship with them in the future.

2. Make An Eye Contact

make an eye contact

As everyone always said, eye is the window of the soul. Most people love to look at the person the love, because somehow they feel connected by it. Gather your courage and try not to break the eye contact first. It's a good way on How to Make Him Go Crazy in Love with You.

3. Make Them Miss You

It's okay to play push and pull with them. Just because you love them and want to make them love you too, you don't have to be a puppy that follows them everywhere. Show them that you are busy too, so you are not always available when they need you. Let them feel how big the hole of your absence is.

4. Keep Your Focused Directed To Him

In a place full of people, you only look at him. Whether you believe it or not, it works to make a person fall in love with you. For example, when you are together with 10 people, you only focused on him and always respond to what they say. They will be flustered since it's Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated.

5. Let Them Help You

As mentioned above, everyone loves to be appreciated. Moreover when their hard work are recognized. Ask them for a favor and let them did their best for you. In the end, don't forget to thanked them and give some compliments. It makes them satisfied with themselves. Just remember not to do it too often.

6. Tell Them Your Passion

tell them your passion

It's easy to make a person fall in love with you: talk about the things you love. People tend to like someone that is passionate easier than them who are not. They will see the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about a book that you have just read. It draws them to you deeper.

7. Be An Open Minded Person

Don't be too quick to judge of what they talk about. You might be disagree with them but it's not good to make it too obvious. Be an open minded person whom they can talk anything to.

8. Be A Good Listener

Sometimes people only want to be heard, and that's all. If they are comfortable enough to share things to you, don't miss this opportunity. Let them talk about anything they want and all you do is to be there and listen. Don't give advice if they don't ask you to.

9. Give Attention To Them

To get a particular attention is one of the Reasons Why You Should be in Love with Someone. It makes you feel special and like the center of the world. Make sure they feel it too. Remind them not to skip dinner and not to sleep late at night.

10. Be Friends With Their Friends

The more you close to them, the bigger the chance for them to fall in love with you. Who cares if you don't like their friends. They are your ultimate goals and their friend can help you to pave the way there.

Signs They Love You Back

signs they love you back

After giving out all the effort, now it's time to check the result. Does all of it enough to make them return your love? Or sadly you can't move their heart a bit. Okay, this is what they will show you if they love you back:

  1. They will make time for you since they love to around you. They will be available for dinner or over the weekend. It's a good sign!
  2. They pay attention back to you and treat you specially. For all the little things that you said and do, they will never miss any of them.
  3. They miss you all the time. It's like the time that passed without seeing you is a waste so they want to spend more with you. You feel like they just drop you off a minute a go but their message is already sent to your phone.
  4. They support you in anything you do and cherish what's valuable to you. In fact, they also encourage you to do whatever you like and willingly listen to you talk about it.
  5. They show it to others by talking about you a lot, or even some little PDA if you don't mind.
  6. You are their priority and they will do their best to be available whenever you need them.
  7. They are honest with you and being themselves around you.

So those are the ways to make someone love you without them knowing. Since it's not hard to do, you better make your first move right now. It's good for you who are currently trying to find Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush or the Ways to Make Your Man Love You Even More. Best luck for you!

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