30 Perfect Ways to Be The Best College Girlfriend for Him

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being a girlfriend means being the best girl to ever exist in your man’s life. It means constantly showing the ways to say I love you without saying I love you, being, the best supporter and more. Especially in a college environment.

Being in college is a stressful time for a lot of people. That is why a relationship that makes us feel loved and comfortable is really needed to cope with the stress. Which is exactly why it is a crucial time to be the best for your boyfriend. Confused on how to do that? Here are the simple ways to be the best college girlfriend;

  1. Motivate Him To Study

College means studying non stop. Be the best by motibating him to study and to focus on excelling.

  1. Communicate With Him

Communication needs to be kept like usual so that you still feel connected even though you are both busy.

  1. Understand That He Might Be Busy

Again, being busy is only natural in college. That is why you need to pardon his missing attendance or lack of presence because he is still trying.

  1. Let Him Focus On His Studies

That being said, you need to let him focus on his studies because it is the priority of most students right now.

  1. Make Time For Hang Outs

It is still important to maintain hang outs together so you don’t lose that spark.

  1. Check If His Basic Needs Are Fulfilled

The basic needs means his time of sleep , if he have eaten, and more. Check on this because he contributes to his well being.

  1. Support Him

Know the  Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out because most of the people in college feels this way.

  1. Do Fun Things Together

Find the thing you know you both like and do it together to have some fun

  1. Be His Study Buddy

What better ways to be the best college girlfriend than to be his study buddy? You can keep him motivated and focused on the task ahead.

  1. Support His Decisions

Support his decision both in life and in studies because it will help him a lot emotionally to have someone backing him up.

  1. Support His Goals And Dreams

Goals and dreams are a crucial part of someone. Show that you don’t have the Signs of Conditional Love by supporting his dreams.

  1. Listen To His Worries

Be an active listener by listening to his worries intently because the chances are he will have a lot of them.

  1. Give Him Good Advice

When he ask for advices, stop a minute and think about it. Don’t give advices in the spur of the moment.

  1. Don’t Be Hard On Him

Don’t be hard on him and put on ideals that is hard to accomplish, that way you can show that you are understanding and have a lot of the signs she is a girlfriend material.

  1. Give Encouraging Words

Give words to lift up his spirits which will sometimes flunk from the pressure of school.

  1. Do Something Out Of The Study Life

Get unattacheed to the study life and do something fun to destress

  1. Ask About His Day

Asking about his day shows that you care about him and want to know a lot about him. Plus this way you can help boost his mood.

  1. Offer To Help

Offer to help in any way you can to show that you care about him and want to help solve his problem

  1. Be Willing To Make Sacrifices For Him

Sacrifices are not always easy, but it needs to be done. Be a great girlfriend and make sacrifices for your boy friend

  1. Surprise Him With Romantic Gestures

A surprise massage or a surprise food is always a good idea to cheer your boyfriend up in the midst of the long day


More Tips to Be The Sexiest College Girlfriend

There are not only one or two ways to be the best college girlfriend, there are plenty of ways. Here are more tips on ways to be the best college girlfriend;

  1. Be Gentle With Him

Be kind and gentle with him because he probably needs it in this kind of high pressure place

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  1. Expect Less Of Him

Don’t expect too much or you might make him more stressed

  1. Open Up To Him Too

Doing this will make him feel less lonely about his feelings

  1. Accept Him For Who He Is

Accepting him will make him feel loved and relaxed

  1. Be Playful

Being playful always help with the tense condition of college

  1. Validate His Emotion

Don’t try to make his emotion small or dismiss it. Doing it will only make him further away from you.

You Know You Are The Best College Girlfriend If He...

All of those hard works you put into loving him have payed of if you see him showing these signs that you have been the best college girlfriend;

  1. He Makes Time For You

He doesn’t care how busy he is, you are still his number one priority. He even shows you the signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

  1. His Loyalty Is Still For You Only

He doesn’t show the Signs He is Player

  1. He Is Not Failing In College

He is not dristracted by the relationship or anything else. He is excelling at school.

  1. Your Relationship Is Constantly Growing

Despite the circumstances, your relationship is still growing and you still believe in your love towards him.

College is trying and it means being busy. This might be another hardship for your relationship but it could only make you stronger. It could happen as long as you make the effort to do the ways to be the best college girlfriend. That way, he will start showing the sign that you have been the best college girlfriend.

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