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17 Hidden Signs an Aquarius Woman Is in Love with You

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Wondering if an Aquarius woman is in love with you can be quite challenging. Although Aquarius women are known to be very open with their feelings, there are just some particular things that you have to take note of. It’s the little things that they do around you that will make all the difference.


Here, we’ll give you most of the signs that will help you out. But first, here are some basic traits of an Aquarius woman.

Traits of Aquarius Woman

Some of the basic traits of an Aquarius woman include the following:

  • She has a positive outlook on life. She’s also able to see the the plus side of a negative experience. That way, she’s able to gain some valuable lessons.
  • An Aquarius woman is a resilient one. She won’t run away from her problems. She is willing to stand her ground and face them. Even for the most difficult problems she’s facing, she will find a way out to solve them no matter what.
  • Her charitable heart is admirable. She loves to be involved in all kinds of social activities that focus on the wellbeing of others. Here are more reasons why we love Aquarius woman.
  • She’s also very helpful. She likes to give out help to those who need it. People will find it easy to ask her for a helping hand.
  • She’s a social butterfly. It’s not surprising to see an Aquarius woman to mingle with others easily. She likes to be around people and gets involved in the conversations.
  • An Aquarius woman has a very romantic personality as Aquarius is the most romantic zodiac. She’ll always make her partner happy. A relationship will never get boring when you’re dating her.
  • She’s very regretful especially when it comes to hurting other people’s feelings. It’s all due to the fact that she’s melancholic and sensitive. She often feels terrible knowing that somebody’s hurt because of her.
  • She holds on to grudges. Not for a short term as well. She will forever remember the person who had caused her ache.

Signs of an Aquarius Woman in Love

Look out for these signs to know the signs an Aquarius woman is in love with you:

1. Very Romantic

An Aquarius woman who is in love with you will become very romantic. After all, Aquarius is the most romantic zodiac of them all. But this particular trait will become even more noticeable. You’re lucky if you find an Aquarius woman is attracted to you. Your days will be filled with joy as she is always willing to make you happy. We’ll give you some romantic things to say to your girl crush.

2. Predictable

You just know when an Aquarius woman loves you. Even the whole world would know. It’s easy to tell from the way she acts around you. You might see her radiating from all the love she has for you.

3. Charming

At first, you will be pulled in by the warm personality of an Aquarius woman. As she falls in love with you, you’ll find her to be even more charming. Her likeable personality will make you want to stick around. The way she speaks and the way she acts will make you like her even more. 

4. Gives You Gifts

She won’t ever hesitate on giving you a gift. It’s one of the signs that an Aquarius woman is in love with you indeed. A gift is a lovely gesture from her that speaks to you about her feelings without saying anything. She doesn’t mind showering with a lot of presents as long as they make you happy.

5. Pays You a Lot of Attention

A smitten Aquarius will pay you a lot of attention. She won’t mind spending more time with you. Whenever you need someone to talk to, she’ll always be ready. With all that attention she’s giving, she’ll make you feel like the most important person in the world. She is hopeful that this will make you appreciate her more and feel the same way towards her.

6. Takes You on a Date

She’s not scared to take take the first initiative as she hates wasting her time. She’ll eventually try to take you out on a date. Waiting for you to take her out would make her too impatient. For her, the sooner the better.

7. Openly Says It

The signs an Aquarius woman is in love with you. An Aquarius woman is very open to everyone. That’s why she’ll probably be frank about her feelings towards you. You won’t even have to guess anymore. This could turn out to be a good thing for those of you who hate mind games. But here are also some signs a shy Aquarius likes you.

Unfortunately, this kind of trait could also backfire. In case you ever end in up in a relationship with an Aquarius woman, the break up would also be straightforward and painful. She’ll directly tell you that she doesn’t want to be with you anymore. 

8. Flirtatious

At times, she’ll be very flirtatious around you. It’s her way to flatter you and to draw some attention to herself. With her charm, you’ll find yourself enjoying her flirtatious behaviors with you. In case you’re also in love with her, you should try to flirt back.

9. Talks a Lot

Another very important sign an Aquarius woman is in love with you is when she becomes chatty. She’s open to a lot of people but when she’s with someone she really likes, she will talk a lot. It could be about anything, as long as she’s able to keep you engaged. Exchanging stories will make her gain more knowledge about the person she’s in love with. She really knows how to keep the conversations going and you won’t ever find her boring.

Also read how to make Aquarius guy fall in love with you and how to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you.

Hopefully these will help you out to catch the signs an Aquarius woman is in love with you. Don’t miss out a chance of being with an Aquarius woman. Take a chance on love with her and you might be grateful for everything that happened.

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