How To Get A Muslim Girl Interested In You (11 Respectful Ways)

Last updated on July 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Prior to the arrival of Western cultural influences, the responsibility of finding a life partner for young Muslims was mainly the duty of parents and relatives. However, with globalization, Muslim women are slowly taking matters into their hands by relying on their intuition and preferences to choose a partner. 

Despite the freedom to choose a partner for themselves, Muslim women still have religious restrictions that may limit their ability to date people in the western context. As such, they generally choose to focus more on developing emotional intimacy with potential partners. 

For instance, while Islam does not discourage love, there is a reservation towards dating because of its underlying sexual interactions (pre-marital sex) and expectations. This is why they tend to be betrothed from an early age.

So, if there is a Muslim girl you like and you want her to be intrigued by you, you will need first to understand that their concept of dating will be different from what you are used to. Feel free to use this article as a guide to show you how to grab a Muslim girl's interest.


11 Ways To Get A Muslim Girl Intrigued In You

1. Respect her boundaries

Boundaries are an essential part of any healthy relationship. When you respect a Muslim girl's boundaries, it provides more insight into what it would take to make her comfortable around you. So, if she says no to wearing the clothes you suggested, don't see it as a rejection. Instead, think of it as her way of saying, 'No, I am not comfortable wearing what you want.'

Remember that the goal is to make her notice you and get her intrigued by you. This means you need to be attentive to her body language and how they respond to specific topics. Do they seem at ease, or are they closed off? Or do they get defensive? All these will help you know when you are overstepping her boundaries.

For instance, she might not be comfortable with you holding her hand or touching her in public places, so avoid doing that, and if you are unsure, ask. Remember that respecting one's boundaries entails honesty and courtesy. By doing so, you'll be able to get her attention and build a stronger bond.

2. Respect her beliefs

respect her beliefs

I'm writing this point with the assumption that you are a non-Muslim. Regardless of your faith, it is always good to be respectful of other people's beliefs. After all, we live in a diverse world where it is almost impossible not to encounter people who hold different religious beliefs from us. 

The first way you can learn to respect her belief is by showing interest in Islam. Learn more about their practices, beliefs, and way of life. This will enable you to get rid of pre-existing assumptions and see things from her perspective. 

For instance, if she's always wearing a hijab, instead of riding on your assumption, which many people have, that ladies who wear hijabs and long dresses are not liberated, it is better to do your research. Better still, ask her why she prefers to wear a hijab in public. That way, she will help you understand the reasons behind what she does. 

So while her faith might differ from yours, taking the time to understand how it might work for her will make her see that you care and warm her heart towards you.

3. Get to know her inner circle

It is not enough to aim to be physically close to a Muslim girl; you also have to connect with her emotionally. One way to do this is by getting involved with her inner circle. This could be anything from asking her about her family friends to meeting them and maintaining a good friendship with them. 

You see, a Muslim woman's inner circle can be the key to her heart. For starters, all these women know her better, and being around them long enough can give you a better understanding of her religious beliefs and who she is or why she acts the way she does. 

However, remember not to be too pushy or desperate. Instead, allow it to happen naturally and make sure that you are prepared to make an excellent impression the first time you meet them. After all, if you want her to be intrigued by you, then you need to look the part - clean, composed, and odor-free.

4. Be supportive

While we may believe that the throes of racism and discrimination against faith are behind us, it is worthy to remember that many people in these categories still struggle to be recognized in western society. 

Therefore, if the girl you like is of a different race and Muslim, you should be aware that she would most likely have to put in more effort to be recognized. They often have to juggle their cultural identities, religious obligations, and other societal pressures. This can be exhausting to handle, and this is where you come in.

To have a Muslim girl take an interest in you, you should strive to support her goals, vision, and dreams. Look for ways to let her know that you recognize her efforts and support her dreams. 

5. Be attentive

There's a common misconception that men only notice obvious things - they aren't detail-oriented. Therefore, if you want a Muslim girl, or any girl at all to be intrigued, you need to be attentive to her.

Pay attention to what she says and how she acts. Her verbal and non-verbal cues can help you uncover many things about her, enabling you to use them to your advantage and get her attention. 

Make inquiries about her taste in music, childhood, favorite food, places, and career goals. When she responds, try not to interrupt her when she's talking. Instead, listen attentively to what she has to say, bearing in mind that the longer she speaks, the more intrigued she is in you.

6. Have a plan for the future

have a plan for the future

For the most part, Muslim ladies tend to be focused. They know what they want and do their best to achieve it. Keeping this in mind would help ensure you have a plan before approaching such a girl.

Admittedly, your plan doesn't have to be foolproof, but it should be something realistic that you are working towards. If she senses that you are the unserious kind or someone who is moving to her just for the fun of it, she will lose interest and probably avoid you. So ensure that your intentions are genuine. 

7. Be a provider

When you look at a typical Muslim society, you will notice the presence of gender roles. Admittedly, Muslims who live in western societies do not always subscribe to these gender roles, probably because of external obligations or personal preferences. Nevertheless, this does not stop the average Muslim woman from having expectations from her man.

 So while she might be working and earning her own money, you are more likely to win her heart when you take up the role of provider. Provider in this context doesn't mean you have to handle her every need. Instead, it means you should be kind, generous, and always ready to assist.

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8. Be protective

Muslim women hold themselves to high standards. They view themselves as queens and precious jewels who deserve to be treated as such. This can be seen from what they wear to how they relate with people. 

Therefore, if you are a carefree guy, the kind who doesn't call regularly or never shows concern for how she's doing, what she's doing, or if she's having issues, you do not stand a chance with a Muslim girl. She will see these as signs of unseriousness, causing her to doubt your intentions and ability to commit. 

Being protective doesn't mean you have to follow her every move or decide what she must wear. Instead, it means having her back, watching out for her, and speaking up for her if you feel racists or non-Muslims are attacking her.

9. Get to know her personally and avoid stereotyping her

There are many stereotypes out there about Islam, its practices, and its beliefs. However, you need to practice letting go of whatever stereotypes you have about Muslim women, as this will provide a blank slate for you to know the Muslim girl you like, without prejudice or pre-existing assumptions.

Practice how to separate the beliefs or behaviors of extremists from the views of regular Muslims. Remember that extremists exist in every religion or belief system, and you wouldn't be happy to be judged based on all these people's actions. 

So what if they say Muslim women do not have a social life? Abandon all those thoughts and focus on getting to know her as an individual. She will be happy that someone sees her for who she is, beyond her faith, race, and religious ideas.

10. Be funny but not crude

be funny but not crude

Everyone loves a good laugh, so if you can make a girl laugh, you have a good chance of winning her heart. This does not mean you have to be a stand-up comedian or the next Jim Carrey. Instead, focus on ways to include humor in your conversations. For instance, quick, witty humor that only lasts for a few seconds is an excellent way to go.

When being humorous, remember to pay attention to your jokes and choice of words. What's acceptable by you might not be acceptable to her, and she might take offense to it. So while it is good to be funny, don't be crude. Avoid naughty jokes or those that take jabs at her. This can make her feel uncomfortable and not want to hang out with you again.

11. Be a gentleman

An easy way to capture a Muslim girl's interest is by being a gentleman. Do the simple things like opening the door for her, paying attention to her when she speaks, and avoiding making lewd comments. 

Remember that Muslim girls do not like rough guys, and if you act roughly, she might withdraw from you altogether. Girls love courteous guys, so avoid saying offensive things, swearing, or making racist or sexist jokes.


How do you greet a Muslim woman?

The way Muslim women greet differs depending on the culture and gender. However, gestures are typically exchanged with other women. For instance, women can embrace, giving each other 2-3 side kisses on the cheek, or opt for a limp, non-aggressive handshake. With visitors or people of the opposite sex, there is no physical touch. It typically ends with a smile and nod.

Who is forbidden to marry in Islam? 

In Islamic law, marriages between men and women who are related in some way are forbidden. Depending on the degree, these prohibitions could either be permanent or temporary. As a Muslim man, some permanent people you can't marry include your mother, daughter, sisters, paternal aunts, nieces, and stepdaughters.

Temporary prohibitions, on the other hand, are dependent on special conditions you both may find yourselves in. So when the circumstances change, the prohibitions are also lifted. For instance, a man cannot marry two sisters at the same time. However, if one dies, he can then marry the other.

How do Muslims bury their dead?

In Islam, a dead person is buried as quickly as possible, and the casket is seldom open.

The funeral is generally held outside the mosque, in a prayer room, communal square, or courtyard: the body and those present face Mecca. After the funeral, attendees typically form three lines: Men first, then children, and women last. Following prayers, the body is taken to the cemetery in silence. Some Muslim communities welcome women and children, but not all.

Can a woman divorce her husband in Islam?

Yes, a woman can ask for a divorce in the Islamic religion through Khul'. Khul is a procedure in which a woman can request for the dissolution of her marriage. Here, she doesn't have to provide evidence of failed marriage to initiate a divorce. However, she will be required to repay any mahr (dowry) from her husband.

How do Muslims greet each other?

The customary Muslim greeting is Assalamu alaikum (peace be upon you), to which the recipient will say Wa Alaikum salaam (peace be upon you and unto you peace). While Muslim men and women can give side kisses or embrace members of the same sex, they cannot get physical with people of the opposite sex.

In Conclusion

While this article is about capturing a Muslim girl's interest, you should bear in mind that your love interest is a girl first, before a Muslim. Therefore, you should speak to her politely and sensibly as you would treat any other girl—except this time, the rule is to be extra cautious about her boundaries, idea, and beliefs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece. If yes, do well to leave a comment, and please share with your friends and family.

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