How to Get A Girl to Text You Back When She is Ignoring You for Days

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When you are trying to hooks up with your crush, sometimes you will find out some problem in your way to be with her. Then, it's your job to find what she would like, and what you should fix from yourself. You both will learn to understand each other in this phase.

If she had ignoring you for several days, it means that you both have some problems. The thing that you must discover is who is the liable one, and what to do to fix it.

A girl always have a reason to don't text you back for days.

  1. She is busy

Think positive, maybe she had some business that she must do, so he must put you as her last priority. Try to understand her. She will be very impressed if she finds out that you are okay with that.

2. She is bored or lost some interest

There are some signs she is no longer interested in you. Things getting less interesting right now. Find a way to hype up your relationship to fix this.

3. You are not the only guy that text with her

You may not captivate her attention too much, and she may found that another man seems to be more attractive. You seem to be a boring person to her. In this case, you need to know how to impress a girl in a chat conversation.

4. You ask a sensitive, offensive or inappropriate things to her

When a man asks something offensive and makes a woman feels uncomfortable, she won't have any doubt to say a big no. Women need to be respected.

5. You talk too much and compliment her much

Usually, women love a friendly guy and love to be complimented. But everything that too much will only be a waste. Being too talkative will make women can't trust you. You have to know the right ways to flirt with a girl you just met.

Here are some signs she's not interested in you.

  1. You both share a moment, but she never acts again towards it

Maybe it is because she doesn't think it as an important thing to her.

2. You are not her priority and it is obvious

If she feels the same way, you will always be her priority.

3. She seems in love with someone else

This one is quite obvious, isn't it? Don't waste you time, just move on.

There is a thousand reason for a woman to not text you back, but it is not always the means to ignore you forever. Here are things to do when she didn't text you back, and how to make her text you back.

  1. Give her some days

She may just busy enough to ignore you. Give her some days to reply to your text, don't be pushy. But if she already read your message but don't reply back, maybe your follow-up text reinforces that she doesn't need to reply. Text her back no more than 2-3 days.

2. Don't ask her if she had got your last text or not

It will only make you seem to push her, and being subtly aggressive. That kind of sarcasm will make her see you as an aggressive one.

3. Give and find all the positive vibes, then ask her out

When things are not right yet, you have to give her times. And when you feel that it is enough, don't text her with flat chats, like "how are you" or something else. Try some emotional or descriptive language, share something with her, or put some interest in her.

Humour also can be the best ice-breaker. You have to find how to be a comic man as it is the ways to make a girl fall deeply in love with you. And if things don't work as you want, maybe it is time for you both to think twice about your relationship.

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