What to Say When A Girl Does Not Remember Your Name Once You Both Were So Close

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Remembering and connecting the names and faces of everyone you meet can be very difficult, especially if you only meet the person for a few minutes at an event. You must have been thinking of the most polite way to handle bumping into a girl when she does not remember your name.

For girls, if you have a problem with a man who keeps coming back at times you do not want him to, check ways to refuse him politely.

This matter really gets to the core of good etiquette because ultimately it is about making the other party feel comfortable. What potentially makes a girl feels uncomfortable is actually your sense of discomfort.

Speaking of etiquette, you may want to check the etiquette of dating culture in China, etiquette of dating culture in Brazil, and etiquette of dating culture in Dubai.

That is why in some ways, it is your capacity to keep your own discomfort to yourself that matters. You are the one who theoretically has been offended and it is only natural that she expects some kind of awkwardness coming from you had you taken offense.

It really is up to you to be chilled and not make it a big deal. And if you plan to do so, the best way to go is to shift the current topic to another. It could be any topic that you like to use when you meet a new girl. Also check how to start a conversation with your crush.

What to Say

What to do when a girl does not remember your name? Does it mean that she is truly not as interested as she lets you on to believe? Does it mean she has a whole collection of men she is trying to woo in addition to you?

Before you go any further into negative thinking, know that this is not to say that it is automatically a bad sign. When you are new in a person’s life, sometimes they forget names and it is pretty much normal. So, what to say when a girl does not remember your name? Keep on reading.

  • Reintroduce Yourself

If you meet the girl for a second time and she admits she does not remember your name, do not get discouraged just yet. All you need to do is to reintroduce yourself. More often than not, when you give your name to her, her natural reaction is to give with her own name in return.

After you reintroduce yourself, who knows she can actually recall who you are right away. It is even better if you can remember where you first met her and point it along with your re-introduction, for example, “Hello, again! I am Nathan. We have met before at a music festival in Jakarta.”

Remember to extend your hand to shake the girl’s or other party’s hand anytime you are introducing yourself or saying hello. It is one of many graceful ways of practicing the etiquette of shaking hands and other greetings.

  • Do Not Point Out Their Stumble

Cultivate the graciousness as well as social IQ of a rock because it is disrespectful to point out her stumble. Do not let that small mistake get to you. Instead, respond nicely because you are polite and gracious, and you are leading by example.

Alternatively, you can say something like, “It is completely normal to have a temporary memory lapse. It happens to everyone; it happens to me too sometimes. My name is Nathan by the way.”If it does not do the trick, then she is probably not going to be your friend or acquaintance. You may as well excuse yourself and move on.

  • Cut It

Forgetting names is not so much of an unusual thing to happen. However, it is definitely not how people were born. If the girl does not remember your name, it is not necessarily her brain's capability that determines how well she can remember names and faces, but rather her level of interest towards you.

Psychologically speaking, those who are more socially aware are just more interested in certain people and in certain relationships. They would be more motivated to remember somebody's name when everything fits in their likings. Almost everyone has a pretty decent memory for something.

And the key to a good memory in this case is her level of interest towards you. The more interest one shows in a topic, the more likely it will leave a pretty strong imprint on their brain. For example, if it is a topic you really enjoy, then it will not seem like you are twisting your brain to memorize anything during the talk.

If such is the case, do not waste your time looking for proper remarks to say. Instead, accept that the girl is not interested enough in you to even remember your name. You may want to walk back and socialize with other people.

So, that is what to say when a girl does not remember your name.

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