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Dating should be easy. Basically it is the action of trying to meet someone who have the same interest as you and you are attracted to go forward with. But not all dating culture is the same. Let's find out the unique dating culture in china.

China is known to be strict and formal, and the dating culture is known to be that way too. Whether you are visiting china or planning to stay for good, your love life should not be miserable because you do not know the dating culture in China. So, here are some dating culture in china to help you make a romantic love story there:

  1. No casual dating

Dating is normally not taken that seriously by some people, it’s just a status and we can change boyfriends or girlfriend in a minute without deeply hurting someone else. But in China dating is taken very seriously. No casual dating means that when you date someone you are committed in them with all your heart. In china, you do not date a few people to find out who you are suited with. Instead, you should date someone you are really sure with. Sometimes, Chinese people are dating together when they are sure of their future or when they are arranged to be together by both sides of the family.

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  1. Dating is not always about love

A relationship will go on forever when the base of your relationship is love. In China that is not always the case when you see someone dating. The people in China is all about success, wealth and prosperity. So sometimes they date other people because they have a stable job and income, which is good to assure their future wealth balance and to make sure that in the future, a family can be safely grown without worries of poverty or something else. This may seems cold, but that is just the dating culture in china.

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  1. Dating is a ticking clock

For most of us, we get laid back when we are looking for a possible date. However, in China dating is like a ticking clock. People rush to have a stable relationship with someone they have a future with. This is because woman there are expected to be married before their mid twenties. This has a lot to do with their beliefs of prosperity and stability. The people in China think that marriage brings a stability into a person’s life, which makes them more successful.

  1. Teenage are rarely seen to be dating

China is all about success, focus and wealth. Therefore, the students are pushed to be their absolute best in school. One of the ways to do it is to remove a possible distraction. One of the biggest distraction is obviously love. So the schools in China usually prohibit dating for students. That is why it is rare to see students in China having a romantic partner. Even if they have a romantic partner, they will do it discreetly so the school will not have to punish them.

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  1. Men have a lot of expectation to meet

One of the dating culture in China is that men needs to fulfill a lot of criteria in order to get a decent partner. Men are expected to be the back bone of the family once they are married. So the criteria that they need to fulfill is that they have a good family background, they have a stable financial and emotional state and that they are a family man. Those are only a few of the criteria to pass the selection for a romantic partner. So men, if you want to date in China, you might want to check your current state in your life.

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  1. Affection is often shown when in a relationship

Probably in some dating culture texting or calling too many times might be avoided because you might come off as too clingy, and nobody wants someone who is way too clingy. On the other side, in China it is completely different. In China, affection is shown often. Some people text each other so many times in a day and it is not weird or wrong. So to follow the dating culture in China, become more affectionate and show it more often than you usually do.

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  1. Family involvement is immense

In the western culture we only meet the family when our partner is really sure about us, possibly to the point of wanting to be married to you. And this thought of being sure takes a long time to develop, maybe months. In China however, family is a big part of dating. Most of the times you will know your partner’s parents right away on the first date.

The family involvement is immense becauuse they are the one that is always pushing you to be married. Any time you are with your partner, they will push you to marry. Family involvement is also shown by marrying your child with someone your parents found fit for you even if you do not know that person. This arranged relationship is done so that their child do not have that extra burden to find someone else.

  1. The gender roles are conservative

Gender roles are some roles assigned to a certain gender. This gender roles applies in everything, even in relationship. In some relationship in the western part of the world, these kind of gender roles are not binding. It is optional so some people let go of the gender roles in their relationship. But one of the dating culture in china is that the gender roles are so deeply imbedded in a relationship.

If one of the gender is not acting according the gender roles, society will do some kind of punishment towards it. For example, a guy do not pay the food for the girl in a date, that means that the guy should no longer be proud to be a man and society will talk bad about him in some way.

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Chinese people’s characters and how to win their heart

Now that you have known the common dating culture that is always seen in China, you need to learn chinese people’s characters. By learning their characters, you can learn about how to win their heart in a possible upcoming date with a Chinese person. You should know that the things we will tell you might not all be seen in ever chinese people character’s. But this is the average character that is in Chinese people. So here are Chinese people’s characters and how to win their heart:

  1. They are strict

Chinese people are known for their poker face and their commitment to rules. They tend to follow rules all the time this is because they want to avoid any kind of trouble in the first place. By being strict and following the rules, they think that they can have a predictable and organized life so they can be better prepared. Once they are prepared to face life, they can be more capable in achieving success. They will also expect other people to be as strict and organized.

How to win their heart:

Follow their rules when they ask for it. Sometimes, constantly breaking their rules just to be a rebel will make them more frustrated with you. This might make them leave you for someone more strict. However, also show your free side so that they will feel safer around you. Showing you your free side will make them more inclined to be more relaxed too.

  1. They are ambitious

One of chinese people’s characters is that they are ambitious. They will work as hard as they could to achieve wealth and prosperity that is stable in their life. Therefore they are really ambitious in setting goals and achieving it. In a relationship, they also bring this ambitiousness by setting some kind of goals in a relationship.

How to win their heart:

Sometimes what they need is not much, only a hand to hold when things get tough in the journey of greatness. So what you need to do is to support what they want to do to achieve their goal. Take time to listen to their goals. Show that you also have big dreams and ways to reach them, this will make them feel more motivated to reach their goal.

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  1. They are a perfectionist

Chinese people usually have high goals and an organized mind. Of course they have a perfect plan to execute what they need to do to get to their goal. They are usually really fixed to that idea, so whenever that perfect plan starts to crumble even a little bit, they will also start to crumble.

How to win their heart:

Whenever they are  breaking down because a plan is not on track, be the one to take them out of their head to take a breath for a while. You should show that you are calm and poised. In a situation like this, they will fall for you even more when you show that you are capable of handling this. And whenever they start being too fixed on a plan, show them your skill in improvisation. When your partner look up to you, they will more likely to fall for you faster.

Those are a few of the most common Chinese people’s characters and how to win their heart. Go immerse yourself in chinese culture and be ready to find the possible love of your life

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