Hidden Signs She Is Into Me (#1 Real Love Alerts)

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You probably wonder ‘what are the signs that she’s into me?’. The first steps of a relationship is the hardest. There’s a lot of indecisiveness, confusion, mixed signals and big feelings that are left unheard. When you don’t know where your are going in a relationship, you’ll feel lonely and not worth it. But do not worry, we are here to make your heart focused to the person who is really worth your love. By checking these signs she is into me, you will surely know if you should continue to approach her.

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With a woman, it’s hard to know if she is exclusively into you or not. This is due to their tendency to send mixed signals and also play hard to get. Do not fret for long, match her behavior to these signs she is into me and you are set to go into your romantic adventure:


1. Blushes

Whenever you are around, a girl who is into you will feel a mix of feelings. She will feel shy, awkward and ultimately she’ll blush. A research said, that when you are attracted to someone, blood flows to your cheeks and make it pink. This blushing thing will show even more if you compliment her or do something nice to her. This is a most common sign that shows attraction.

2. Stutters


Did you see her slip on her words when talking to you and only you? It’s not because she have anxiety in general, it’s because she is totally into you! A girl who stutters only around you is because she wants her words to leave meaning to you but she is shy and way too happy that she is around you. The result is stumbling words.

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3. Great Texter

When she is into you, she wants to talk to you as long as possible. And the way to do that is to text you. First, she sends random text that she claim as ‘accidental’ when in reality it is only a way to get you guys to talk together. Then, she send long texts and she reply fast. Meaning that she stands by her phone all the time so that you don’t lose attraction towards her. An amazing texter is usually a sign that she is deeply into you.

4. Wants To Know All About You

Every information about you is essential for her. A girl who is into you will want to know everything about you because she can’t get enough of you. And she will do this in every way possible. She will start asking about you to your circle of friends, stalk you, or even start asking you questions that can let her know more about you. This curiosity is not a sign of friendliness, when she starts asking about your past or childhood that means she is totally attracted to you.

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5. A Good Listener

Being understood is the base of any attraction, and by listening attentively you will truly understand what that person is saying. She will try to make time to listen to you and whenever you talk you won’t see her daydreaming or yawning. Everything that you said to her, she will remember. Because every thing you said to her feels special. An amazing listener could mean that she’s into you.

6. Asks About Your Day

asks about your day

If she goes out of your way to ask about your day and what have you been doing today, there is a great chance that she is deeply into you. She is does not plainly want to know how you are doing, she wants to know your whole day. A girl who is into you will be happy to rejoice if you have a happy day and be by your side whenever you have a hard day. Look out for the girl who is alwayss there for you, she probably have a feeling for you that is kept secret.

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7. A Toucher

Woman won’t hesitate to touch you when she wants more from you. Her feet will graze your legs, her arms ‘accidentally’ brushing yours, she will sometimes also playfully hit you when you’re telling a joke. Physical touch is a sure sign of someone wanting intimacy and she is not afraid to get it. So when you see someone you’re hot for suddenly start to touch you a lot playfully, she may have a positive change of heart.

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8. Happy Around You

Happiness is what makes someone attracted to each other. We like someone because they can make us feel happy even on our worst day. To put this into an experiment, try walking towards her and see if she instantly smile and also start focusing towards you. If she smiles a lot towards you that means she wants more in the realm of both of your relationship.

9. Getting Into Your Social Life

When liking someone, you want all the attention from your romantic interest. A girl who truly likes you will start moving into your social life. First, she’ll try to know and hang out with your family, friends and even workmates. Then, she’ll get jealous if you are close to another girl because she sees this girl as a threat that could distract you from her. New people, especially girls, that comes into your life is an incomeing red flag. She will sometimes also cut off your conversation with someone else. If you see that kind of girl, she totally have a feeling for you.

10. Friends Alert

friends alert

We all know that girls tell everything to their friends. Girls will especially tell about her love interest, because love is the most exciting topic. So, if her friends get out of the way when you are coming, bragging about her in front of you, and whispering to her when you are in sight, there is a high probability that she likes you.

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11. Constant Staring

A girl who likes you will continually stare at you because she just can’t get enough of you.When you turn around you can see her eyes quickly turning away. Hard to prove? When you feel her eyes on you, start looking at a higher or lower point. If she looks at that point too, then she is definitely looking at you. And if this little experiment is proven to be true multiple times, then she is definitely liking the look of you.

12. She’s Definitely Single And Owning It

This girl will want to know that you have all the freedom in the world to chase her and confess your attraction towards her. She does this by constantly reminding you that she is single. She’ll say that it’s really hard to be single, she wish she have someone else, and many more. This constant information is actually a cue from her, she is telling you that she is attracted to you and hoping that you are brave enough to tell her the truth.

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13. Teasing

A playful teasing is not a sign of hatred or despise towards you. Instead, it is a sign of attraction and playful flirtation. A girl will not randomly pick on a guy just for the fun of it. Girls usually are shy at first towards a guy. So the more she is playful and awful it’s a sign of a progressing comfort.

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14. Complimenting


When a girl starts telling how good your sweater, writing, or even your looks is, you know she is into you. This compliment is a projection of a thought. She said these compliments because she really does think that you are an amazing guy and she want to be with you. Although these compliments will start to look out of proportion, this can show you even more that she really likes you.

15. Picks Up Your Behavior

This is actually a common sign found in loving couples. When you like someone, you start thinking about her every moe and that constant replay in youor head makes you pick up some of their behaviour or certain words. They can also mirror your posture when you are standing close, this is actually a sign that she is totally focused towards you when you are around.

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16. Hints And Honest Confession

In the end, you can only be really certain ebout where you stand in her life when she confess. She might play with the bait at first, giving you hints about who she likes. But ultimately, she will spill it all out.

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More Signs That She’s Into You

more signs that she's into yours

Those signs she is into me, probably not enough, find out if she really likes you or not by looking at more signs:

  1. Play with her hair
  2. Bite her lips
  3. Increased heartbeat
  4. Dilating pupils
  5. Always trying to be near you
  6. Finding ways to spend time with you alone
  7. She cares about how you see her
  8. She always laugh at your jokes
  9. Small gifts and actions are coming from her

Well, now that you have learned her every move. By knowing the signs she is into me, study her closely and determine your position in this relationship, isn’t it time to progressing towards something better? Two shy person won’t make anything so why not start sitting down with her and actually talking about where you both want to go. Don’t worry, if she really is the one you will absolutely have a happy ending.

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