Sweetest Ways To Flirt With Your Crush

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It is natural that people are attracted to each other. but if only interested and do nothing of course you will not get what you want. So, it's also Tips to Make a Man Crazy About You Attempt to approach crush also differ, as where the nature of the person you will approach. Feeling not confident and shy is the reason that often makes a person fail to get your crush. so, here are more things to say to flirt with your crush:


1. Make Eye Contact

Look at her eyes a little longer than usual. It may be a bit difficult, but this trick to send a signal to your crush that you are so tempting.

2. Often Greet

For men, most women like it when you often greet him. At least every morning, day or night you always try to say hello or just ask trivial things on him. The little attention you give will leave an impression on his heart.

3. Get To Know Well

get to know well

What it means is that your crush knows what your name is. Otherwise you can introduce yourself after saying the opening of the conversation. Remember to look into his eyes and smile as he introduces himself.

4. Try Not Close To Other Girls/Guys

This is sometimes often forgotten when approaching your crush. When you want to approach someone you like.

5. Leave A Comment On Their Social Media

Write down a picture that he uploaded very well or how he could produce an interesting photo in the comment field to get his attention.

6. Smile

Smile as far and near. Smiling from a distance is inviting. The smile means "Come closer, I will not bite". Smiling closely is a gesture for him to stay longer with you.

7. Opening The conversation

When you meet there is no harm to you who opened the conversation, so he knows that you are interested in him. For example, say the clothes he wore are perfect for him and that is your honesty.

8. Light Conversation

light conversation

For example, looking for what similarities you like, flowing smoothly and lightly. Avoid topics that are too personal for this early stage, such as religion or politics, unless he or she starts first. Because politics and religion is a difficult topic to talk about because both involve strong emotional reactions.

9. Use Touch

Once you feel familiar enough you can do a little touch. Embrace or touch his shoulder, or give a seductive smile rather than say goodbye. Show a little more courage when feeling more comfortable, Like holding his hand when in the crowd.

10. Knowing When Is The Right Time To End The Conversation

Conversations flavored with seduction can last long enough, but finish in just a few minutes. And that's great! You have to seduce your crush when open opportunity, let him curious so he will come back to find you to meet again.

11. Date

If you are ready for the next step then invite him out on a date. It does not matter who invites a date first. Ask a week before, find a comfortable and interesting place.

12. Demonstrate Your Strengths In Front Of Him

To attract the attention of the opposite sex is certainly one of the most powerful ways to impress them with your strengths, possibly from your strengths in what not everyone can do. Such as dancing, singing, cooking, martial arts and others.

13. Invite Him To Eat Together

invite him to eat together

When afflicted someone will want to spend time with the person he cares about, the first step would invite him to do small things like eating together, breakfast, lunch or dinner, in eating with it you can start a conversation to become closer to him by doing conversations about personal introductions with her.

14. Buy Her The Stuff She Likes

By buying the stuff he likes will make him happy to feel that you care about him enough to know what he likes and will make him think of you when he sees your gift

15. Make Her Feel That She Is The Only One

Treating her warmly, giving your time to her will make her feel enraptured because she will think that she is the only one who is in your mind and you are willing to do something you can do with others but you do with her

16. Flattering Him In Front Of others

How deceived a person is when praised for its advantages, he will also feel the same way if praised him in front of others, your friends, friends and others. Like you are beautiful today, it suits you, you look cool using these shoes and others. Indeed, that's one of many things to say to flirt with your crush. If you are a guy, here is the Signs of a Girl Flirting with you.

17. Look Attractive In Front Of Them

You must give an interesting impression first to make it pay attention to you. The first step you can do is to look attractive. Usually someone will like a neat person, fragrant, may also like people who look unique

18. Doing Things He Has Never Done With You

Someone usually likes to know and do new things, it would be more fun if doing it with loved ones. Because a pleasant novelty would be a wonderful memory for someone, surely someone with him would be in his beautiful memory. And he will always remember you in his heart and mind

More Ways On What To Say To Your Crush

more ways on what to say to your crush

This can be the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly so here are more things to say to flirt with your crush:

  1. Pretend to hit him so you get a chance for him to notice
  2. Stealing the view towards crush
  3. Accompany it intentionally and planned but as if an accident

Tips When Approaching Crush

  1. Do not stand out
  2. Do it slowly, or crush will be overwhelmed
  3. Be honest and be yourself in front of him, lying in front of you also means you lied to yourself
  4. Make sure the person you love does not have a lover
  5. Do not overdo it when giving loud

Indeed, there are many Romantic Things to Say to Your Girl Crush. Also, there are many Ways to Tell A Woman You Love Her so you can be with here forever.

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