How To Tell Your Ex You've Met Someone Else And Happy Now (11+ Effective Ways)

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Do you want to tell your ex you've met someone else?

Are you worried that this information will change the dynamics between you two?

Do you need some advice on how to deliver this bombshell?

If so, you're in the right place. This is your ultimate guide packed with tips on how to tell your ex you met someone else. 

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With that said, let's now take a deeper look at how to break the news that you're seeing someone else.

Why You Need To Tell Your Ex You Have Met Someone Else

Although you both have broken up and what you do and what he does is none of each other business anymore. There are things that keep popping up that remain an unsolved issue.

In a certain situation, it's important to show that you have met someone else and ask your ex to keep things casual. Moreover, if you have a really good talk, This Is How To Break Up With Someone Nicely And Still Be Friends. However, some situation is unavoidable and force you to tell your ex that you have met someone else.

1. Your Ex Still Has A Feeling For You

Yes, things might end between you and him. However, if he's having a hard time letting go and contacting you, it is probably signs that he still cares. If this gesture bugs you, maybe it is best to tell him that you have met someone else and put an end to it.

2. Your Ex Keeps Contacting Your Friends

your ex keeps contacting your friends

Although whoever you are friends with or if your friends become his friends. You can pretty much sense that your ex just calling to see your friends just to make sure How Do You Know Your Ex Girlfriend Doesn't Want You Back. And making sure that you and your friends know about it.

3. You Start Liking Someone Else

When you are ready to move on and met someone new. As a good course for all the time you have with your ex. It is better that he hear it right from you.

Signs For Your Ex That Says You Have Met Someone Else

When you see your ex unintentionally, of course, smile and act happy. The Signs that you want to deliver is the impression that you are doing well but busy. If your ex sees that you are happy with the life you have now, hopefully, he can take the hint and move on too.

It is also the more Reasons Why You Don't Need a Boyfriend To be Happy.  You can be happy with yourself.

1. Smile

Put on a happy and friendly face. Avoid flirty smile or a very longing stared. You want to send a message that you are happy now. Moreover, it is a good practice to stay positive and not getting a little break up ruining your life.

2. How Are You?

That sentence is a nice opening. However, if you want to tell your ex about you meeting someone else, it also can be a very casual small talk. Keep things short and simple and always focus on the good stuff. He is your ex and has nothing to do with you anymore, stop caring for his trouble and concerns.

3. Don't Make Time

That attention when he needs you the most, that is also over when you brake up. Do not make any time or anything to do with your ex, to avoid any awkward feelings.

4. Publicize Your New Man On Social Media

The internet is a great way to send out a message without even saying anything. If your ex sees you with another guy from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you kinda tell him that you have moved on without even saying a word.

5. Don't Show Any Emotion

don't show any emotions

After spending times together your ex will probably know what makes you happy and excited. However, to tell him that you are no longer interested, you should avoid looking too happy or excited even if tries so hard. Keep things simple by saying "Just to talk" if there is important stuff to discuss and especially avoiding talking with your ex late at night.

Tips On Telling Your Ex That You Have Moved On

  1. Breaking up is hard, but it is not the end of the world. First, do not be bitter or angry toward your boyfriend. And if you do find someone else. never compared them.
  2. Love yourself first and put your happiness first. if you think by telling your ex that you have met someone else then you should. Either it is the closure for you or for him. make sure your intention is purely to move forward and not to hurt anyone.
  3. Don't date someone else as a rebound to make you feel better or make him feel worst. When you have really met someone that you really like, then it is time to tell your ex. 
  4. Tell your ex to see you to have a talk, choose somewhere public and during the day. Night time somehow sending the wrong signal.
  5. Smile and thank him for coming, emphasize that you are grateful to thank you have known him even for a short time.
  6. Say that you are wishing him all the best and hoping that he can also pray the best for your life and the new person in your life. Keep things short and simple with no exaggerated emotional fallout.
  7. Lastly, tell him what you can and can not do after that point on. There are boundaries that you need to set to keep everyone in check with their feeling and what they are doing.

In Conclusion

Telling your ex that you are seeing someone else is not a must. However, if there are still feeling left either in your part or on his end. Making things clear can actually benefit both of you.

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