Hurtful Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Stops Loving You

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Big bucket of ice cream, tissues, good food, sad songs, what else do you girls need over a breakup? There's something you really need but may not realize all this time. Sense. Yeah, you need to have a good sense to know that your ex boyfriend doesn't love you anymore. In other words, get over you.

That's also exactly when you need to get over him as soon as possible and cut off your hope for getting back together. Even though there are 33 Ways On How To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On and Hates You, you still need to figure it out first.


What Makes Him So Quick

Here are few reasons why he seems to be just fine and kinda forget you in a flash:

1. He Doesn't Love You From The Very First

This hurts, but sometimes it's the truth that you gotta accept. Your ex boyfriend stop loving you right after the breakup? Wondering why's he so quick about it? He might never fall that deep for you. When people really loves someone, moving on is not an easy task. At least they'll take few moments to truly accept the fact that both of you are no longer together.

2. You Made The Mistake

you made the mistake

Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Stops Loving You - When you're the one who hurt him, who did something bad enough to broke the relationship, it might be normal for him to stop loving you real quick.

3. He's Just That Kind Of Person

Well, we know that there are many kinds of person in love. Some invested their heart and mind deeply that they got stuck loving someone for a long time. But some are taking love lightly. They fall, but never reach the ground. When someone went away from their live, they just deal with it simply.

4. Time Heals

Even when he likes you, but when both of you aren't together for few times, he will started to get used to it. Maybe he’s actually still fond of you, but as both of you grow further, he just admire you as a good memories.

5. He Got Another ‘Fish'

Don't get worked up first, girls. It's realistic enough that a new girl can help him stop loving you quickly. We all know that moving on to someone new will fasten that moving on process. When he has someone else on his mind, his feelings for you will probably fade away as time goes by.

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Signs Your Ex Stop Loving You

Understanding people's mind is definitely the hardest thing ever. Because we can't read or see through it simply. That's why you need these signs to help you getting over your ex boyfriend. To set your heart prepared for accepting that hurtful truth.

These are the signs that you can see through when there's nearly no hope for your relationship to get back.

1. He Doesn't Care

If you're in the same communities with him, after a breakup he might still pay attention to you. Asking you about how things going, or just stare at you from afar. That one day when he don't bother looking at you when you pass by, that’s when he’s no longer the guy who loves you.

2. He Stops Responding

Simple message’s normal between couple who has just break up. If he stops replying to your message, leaving a read signs only, that might be when he get over you completely that he doesn't even bother replying.

3. Annoyed, Irritated

annoyed, irritated

It's sad when that excitement he has on his face when meeting you changed with that irritated face. He might be fine with seeing you, but you can see that annoyance clearly on his face.

4. Happy

Happy might be just a mask, covering his sadness over losing you. But at times, it might be the signs that he's truly happier without you. He's fine and feels better that you're out of his life.

5. Returning Stuffs

Remember the couple shirt you bought on your anniversary day? Beware, it will be right in front of your house in a package very soon if your ex stops loving you. 

6. He Get Someone New

Yes, we're not sure if that person is just any girls that he found as a way to prove himself or really someone he likes. But he won't be able to love other girl if he still loves you.

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7. He Talks To You Normally

This point might be the oddest one, but when he treats you exactly like how he treats the other friends, maybe he stops loving you. Maybe he's too able to act normally in front of you.

8. Lost Contact

He changes his phone number? He blocks you from his social media? That’s how he gets rid of you completely. Although we know it also might be a way for him to hurt less, in this case if he's still interested.

9. He Replies, But In Such A Lazy Way

he replies, but in a such a lazy way

He never reacts in a supposed way when you text him? With that ‘hm', ‘kay', unecessary emojis, you can know that he's just no longer interested.

10. Forgets Your Special Day

Yes, some guys are bad at remembering date. But at least he should remember your birthday. When he stops congratulating you, you might have become less important for him.

11. He Stops Getting Jealous

That time when you have a new boyfriend or just crush and he know that, he won't bother being jealous or even care about it.

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12. He's Away

This point is quite hard to be explained, but when you're his ex, you gotta get it. You feel he's really away from your life. He never tries to reach you, he seems busy with his own life, he never even spend time liking your instragam post. He feels truly out of your life. If he still wants you, you'll know that he'll be showing these Hidden Signs Your Ex Still Loves You but Won’t Admit It

Things You Need To Sort Out

It's okay and normal to feel hurt, that your ex boyfriend has stopped loving you. Especially, when you're actually still in love with him. The one who you used to hang out with, spending day and night in laughter, patting your hair at your bad day, is truly gone. He's become that one guy in your past that will never come up again, unless as a memory. But life must go on, here are few things you need to sort out when he’s gone for good :

1. He's Not The Only Guy Exist

Look around you, there must be more than 10 guys available. Not included all the guy you can find in the next neighborhood. There are a lot of fish in the sea.

2. If It's Meant To Be It Will Be

If things doesn't work out, he might not be the one. You gotta accept the fact and let him go as a good memories that ever happen to you.

3. Someone's Out There

someone's out there

There are many signs your ex boyfriend stops loving you. You never know that in your future, a better guy who love you endlessly, treat you like a queen is waiting for you.

4. Life's Not Always What You Want

You need to accept life. Not just about relationship, in every aspect, not all things you want will come true.

5. Respect Him

Don't blame him for getting over you. Try to understand his point of view and respect his decision.

In life, people come and go. Let the one who go peacefully, accept those who come with a grateful heart. Life's beautiful, if you have a better point of view.

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