How To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On And Hates You (29 Simple Ways)

Last updated on May 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Does your ex swear that he hates you?

Has he tried to convince you that he's 'moved on'?

Is he adamant that you two are over for good? 

And, in spite of all this, are you desperate for him to come back to you?

It's a common scenario, and I've got good news for you. It is possible to turn things around. 

Sometimes, all this anger is smoke and mirrors. There's every chance he's trying to protect his emotions. 

In this guide, you're going to learn the most effective way to get your ex back when he swears he has moved on and hates you.

Take notes, because these are some gangster strategies.

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It'll all make more sense when you read the rest of this guide, so let's dive in right now.


Ways To Get Your Ex Back When He Has Moved On And Hates You

1. Apologize Sincerely

The first step to true recovery is to apologize sincerely. This is the Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend to Get Him Back.

2. Don’t Make Things Public

Making the attempt to get back together public will just make things more complicated and it is an immature move.

3. Try To Meet Him In Person

try to meet him in person

Things will simmer down quicker if you can talk to him in person about the break up and loving him again.

4. Be Calm

Emotions will rise up so what you need to do is to be calm in facing what happens.

5. Take The Blame

It is important to take the blame on what you did wrong in the relationship. This will make your ex realize that you have grown up.

6. Never Bring Up Old Problems

Bringing up old problems is a recipe for disaster and is a constant chain to the past.

7. Give Him Some Space

You need to give your ex some space because he needs to breathe and remember that he miss you.

8. Text Things That Shows That You Care

Ask how he is doing and generally show that you care through the text. This is a practical and efficient way to show your love.

9. Maintain Regular Communication With Them

Constant communication helps build a relationship back and is the Ways to Make Your Ex Come Crawling Back to You.

10. Never Block Their Contact

Blocking their contact will sever your relationship with him forever. He will even consider you childish.

11. Show Your Persistence

Through your action, show that you will never give up on the relationship you know is worth fighting for.

12. Give Them Gifts

Gifts that is thoughtful is a nice Ways to Bring Back Love in A Dying Relationship.

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13. Show Your Regret And Sadness

show your regret and sadness

A little drama is needed to win a man’s heart. This includes showing your regrets and sadness that comes from letting him go.

14. Never Do The Same Mistake Twice

Doing the same mistake twice only shows that you are a girl that never learns and you don’t have the Wife Material Signs.

15. Be Patient

Patience in doing these tips is important because you will be encountered by numerous hurdles. 

16. Control Your Emotion

Controlling your emotion and showing maturity will make your ex show the hints like the Signs A Virgo Man Has A Crush On You.

17. Always Say Good Things About Him

To refrain from talking bad about him and instead only talking good things about him will melt his heart.

18. Respect What They Want

To respect their choice in handling this is really important.

19. Remember The Little Details About Him

These little details is crucial to let him know that he never left your mind once.

20. Show Little Actions Of Love

Start to show the How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You Over Text persistently for a long time.

21. Don’t Be The Psycho Ex Girlfriend

If you have the signs of When your Girlfriend is Psycho, it is guaranteed that your boyfriend will never want to get back to you.

22. Answer Their Questions

To answer the question that they have about the relationship will wipe out their worries.

Tips To Win An Angry Ex’s Heart Again

tips to win an angry ex's heart

It’s normal for an ex to hate you after a relationship because deep inside, all they ever are is a hurting man. But to cure that and make them get back to you again, what you need to do is these tips to win an angry ex’s heart again;

1. Show Your Loyalty

Loyalty shows that you are committed to the relationship.

2. Be Honest About Your Feelings

Honesty lets him know that you are ready to jump into the relationship.

3. Ask To Hang Out With Them From Time To Time

Hanging out with them helps you gain that old loving feeling back in the relationship. 

4. Don’t Blame Him For Being Mad At You

This blame will just make the relationship worse and the anger even worse.

5. Say That The Feelings Never Left

Admitting this is the Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make His Heart Melt.

6. Give Loving Text To Them

Texts that signifies your love is a cute reminder that you want to get back together.

7. Always Be Available For Them

Availibility gives the sense of comfort and intimacy to strengthen your bond again.

Subtle Signs That An Ex Wants To Be With You Again

The road to recovery is a long one but it is clearly reachable. If you have done all the things above, you will slowly see the subtle signs that an ex wants to be with you again;

1. He Stopped Being Mad At You

Because of his resurfacing love, he stops being mad at you for what you did.

2. No Longer Bringing The Past

He does not even bring up the past because he is focused on the now and the bright future you will have with him in the relationship.

3. Start Wanting To Open Up To You Again

Opening up is a sign of trust.

4. Saying That They Love You Again

saying that they love you again

He starts saying that he loves you.

In Conclusion

Break ups can break a relationship and exes have the right to be mad. But to change things around, what you need to do is the ways on how to get your ex back when he has moved on and hates you. From all the effort that you do, you will see that the relationship is blooming once again.

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