How To Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You Can't Be Friends Anymore (15 Clear Ways)

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Are you wondering how to break the news that you don't want to remain friends with your ex-boyfriend? 

Perhaps he's pushing hard to remain in contact on a friends-only basis, but you really don't think it's a good idea?

It can be tough to have this conversation with someone who you used to be very close with. Maybe you're scared the conversation will turn too emotional or aggressive?

If so, this article is definitely going to help you. This should be used as your masterclass step-by-step guide on how to tell your ex-boyfriend you can't be friends. 

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With that explained, let's get on to the important question: How to tell this person you no longer want to be friends.


15 Ways To Tell Your Ex Boyfriend You Can't Be Friends Anymore

1. Just Say "No"

just say no

Men don't like to beta around the bush so it better to clearly tell him that you can't be friends with him. You don't have to consider his feeling because you are the most important thing at the moment. Straightly tell him "No", you don't want to be friends with him.

2. Make It Clear And Have Closure

Maybe he wants to be your friend because he feel like something remains unclear in your previous relationship. He may need for more explanation why you're breaking up. Have a conversation with him and get closure. It's important to make him realize that things has over between you two.

3. Set The Limits And Boundaries

Things are hard when you are breaking up. All you want to do is getting back together with your ex. But it will pass in time. If he says he wants to be friend with you, tell him that you're not who you used to be. He's not your closest person anymore and now he should now how not to pass the limits.

4. Erase All Of His Contacts

This will be the clearest way how to tell your ex boyfriend you can't be friends with him anymore. Unfollow all of his social media account and delete his number from your phone. No need for more words, he'll understand that you just reject his offer to stay as friends.

5. Date Again

If you're seeing the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship, go outside and date someone new. He will be refrain from trying to be friends with you once he find out that you're dating someone else. But remember that you can't fake this just to get rid of your ex.

More Ways To Tell Him You Can't Be Friends

More ways to tell him you can't be friends

Now let's get straight to the point. Here are what you need to tell him to make him understand that you just can't be friends with him:

  1. "Being friends with you will never going to work for me."
  2. "Well, sorry to say this. But I really don't wanna be friends with you."
  3. "This is hard but being your friends is not the best way to get over it."
  4. "I know you want to be friends with me, but sorry I just can't."
  5.  "I don't want you to be part of my life anymore."
  6. "I'm ready to start a new page in my life, and I have no plan to put you in it."
  7. "We're only going to hurt each other if we stay as friends."
  8. "I can't be friends with you since I need time to move on."
  9. "Being friends with you do no good to me."
  10. "I don't think we need to keep in touch anymore."

10 Reasons Why You'd Better Off Not Be Friends With Him

There are more negative impacts than the positive one when you're being friends with your ex. To convince you more, read the Reasons Why You Should not be Friends with Your Ex below:

  1. You need some space for yourself. To heal from the breakup and to prepare yourself to move on for better.
  2. It won't be good for your new relationship and your future boyfriends won't be liking the idea you're still friends with your ex.
  3. It will be hard for you to find a new guy. Since you're still close to him, everyone would think that you're not really breaking up with him.
  4. You will become the object of jealousy for you ex's new girlfriend. Even though you have nothing left for him, you presence is an eyesore for her.
  5. It's impossible for both of you to be friends with the similar intention. Whether it's you or him, one of you expect more from others. It's clear that one of you still wish to get back again.
  6. There's just too many boundaries. You can't tell your secret to your ex (especially regarding a new boy) even though he is now your friend.
  7. You'll make your mutual friends feel uncomfortable. As they're not really sure why you're still friends, they don't know how to act around both of you too.
  8. Not only your friends, you'll have mixed feeling as well. After breaking up, you start to see the other side of him that you never know before. And you're not sure whether you're in love with him again or you're just lonely.
  9. It's torturing to keep on update on your ex's life. Seeing his face every now then is just a torture for you.
  10. It won't help the pain you get from the breakup. In fact, being friends with him makes you even more difficult to overcome the pain.

In Conclusion

So those are all the ways how to tell your ex boyfriend you can't be friends anymore. You need to find the Reasons Why You Don't Need Boyfriend to be Happy and move on. Better things will come anyway.

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