24 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Friends with Your Ex

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Exes are things of the past. They are a product of a broken relationship between two broken people. What we can do is not to look back in anger but to instead learn from our experience in that relationship. But the thing is exes sometimes wants to be friends again. How should you respond to that?

Signs You Still Love Your Ex

Being friends with an ex is long known to be a big read flag after a relationship. This is because sometimes we still have left over feelings. Check if you have those in your heart right now.

  1. You Stalk Your Ex

You still stalk their social media or even in real life. This means you still want to be deeply connected with your ex.

  1. You Get Jealous

Whenever a new partner seems to emerge, you get all red and angry.

  1. You Want To Impulsively Contact Them

The urge to suddenly text them and call them as ways to say I can't stop thinking about you still pops into your head.

  1. You Still Keep Physical Memory Of Them Out Of Fondness

You still keep photos or things from them because you still love to reminisce the past with your ex

Reasons Why You Should Not Be Friends with Your Ex

Do you think you don’t have the signs above or are you not convinced that the friendship with your best friend will come to doom? Well here are the real reasons why you should not be friends with your ex:

  1. You Will Be Constantly Dissapointed

Many things will change in your former lover life. The things you expect when you get into the friendship will be let down day by day.

  1. His/Her Feelings Towards You Will Not Be The Same

You will not get that same affection, patience, and care. To your ex you are now nobody and your ex doesn’t think about your happiness as a priority anymore. They will not be careful to your heart.

  1. You Will only Relive Your Doomed Relationship

Every second with your ex will be a walk down the memory lane but twice the pain. That's the reasons why you should not be friends with your ex.

  1. You Have To Hide Your Feelings

When it comes to pain and disagreement, you will have to hide your feelings because it might break the relationship.

  1. You Will Be Forced To Be Someone Who You Are Not

You will have to become someone new with them because you still have the remnants of the relationship inside you.

  1. You Will Tend To Be Cocky

Because your ex is moving on you will be cocky and want to highlight the things in your life out of the fear of slowly being forgotten.

  1. You Will Always Compare

That mind of yours will never stay present because you will always compare every aspect of your life towards the life with your ex. Finding the Ways to Forget Your Ex should be the best answer.

  1. Anxiety Will Always Be In Your Heart

The fear of not being good enough, of being lonely, forgotten and many more will make your mind produce the feeling of anxiety.

  1. You Will Do Stupid Things That You Will Regret

Because of so many pain and weird feelings, you will start to do things that you unconciously do in order to protect yourself. These things will be made out of a negative place in your mind and will onlly result in regret.

  1. You Are Only The Drunk Decision

Just accept that you are no longer the love of your ex’s life. You are only your ex’s friend. That is why the affection and attention that you crave will only come when it’s a drunk call, text or decision.

  1. You Will Get More And More Hurt

The reality of change will make you hurt day by day

  1. You Will See Him Lead A Different Live

Seeing him become a different person and lead a different life will be weird and unsettling

  1. Old Fights Will Be Brought Up Again

Somewhere along the line, the fights that you used to have with your ex will be used against you. And believe me, it will become more painful than you thought it was.

  1. Your Sacred Secrets Can Be Used Against You

When being a lover, you used to tell your ex everything. Being a friend means almost to nothing. This means that your vulnerability may be used against you now that you hold no place in your ex’s heart.

You Should Forget Your Exes Right Now

14 reasons may not be enough for your indecisive heart. Don’t worry, plenty of people have been through that and we want you to be a hundred percent sure about your next step. So here are tips on reasons why you should not be friends with your ex ;

  1. You Will Have To Support His/Her New Love Life

Whenever they date someone new and ask you for advices or simply to listen, you will have to stay and control your pain which is bursting out in your chest.

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  1. You Will Be More Passive Aggresive

Because you still have the hope that your ex is showing the Signs That Your Ex Still Cares About You you will try to mask the pain by being passive aggressive

  1. You Will Have A Hard Time Managing Your Anger

All the pain will burst out in the form of anger and it will not be pleasant.

  1. You Will Be A People Pleaser

Because you still hope that you two can get together, you will become a people pleaser and lose your identiity.

  1. You Will Grow Into A Person You Hate

Anger, pain, and loneliness can make you grow negatively.

It is now clear that being a friend with your former lover is a clear red flag based on the tips on reasons why you should not be friends with your ex. You should believe that it will only hurt you more. So make your heart strong and quickly find the ways to move on from your ex !

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