How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Back After She Dumped You

Last updated on April 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you are no longer in a relationship with the girl that you love so much, you might be going through a lot right now. The unpleasant feels in your stomach, the sudden 360 degrees change of routines, the mood swings that you will be experiencing and so on. Having to live in a separate way with your girlfriend itself is already a heart breaking thing to experience, what if the break up is caused by her dumping you? It will be unimaginable.

If revenge is the one that you want to achieve there are some proven Ways to Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up with You but if you want to get her back don't worry my friend, I am here for you, I will give the right and guarantee to work on how to make your ex want you back after she dumped you.

  1. Forget About Her, Temporarily

If you keep thinking about your ex girlfriend who is the one who got away from you over and over I guarantee that you will not able to function normally to carry on living a new life without her. You be still dragged down by the girl who hurt because of the overflowing feeling of love that you had for her.

Start to do something that will gain new knowledge and experience, do any thing that will keep you busy, meet and hang with new people, by doing this kinds of things it will keep your mind away from all the things that is related to her.

The main goal that is you are trying to achieve is to make your ex girlfriend misses you and make her think that you are doing much better without her, if she is dumping you for another guy then make sure that you are better than the guy that make your ex girlfriend dump you, eventually she will see you as a better person and a better option that guide her towards a better future and finally crawling back to you hoping that you will come back.

2. Spend Sometime To Reflect

How to make your ex want you back after she dumped you? When the relationship ends because of you then I suggest that you might want to do some reflection first, think of anything that you have done that will put your ex girlfriend in a uncomfortable position that makes her decide to dump you before thinking of a way to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Desperately Want You Back.

By doing this it will also help you to change into a better person than before, when you change into a more matured and better version of you, your ex girlfriend will be in a dilemma thinking about the decision that she take for dumping you.

3. Groom Yourself Up

Staying in your dark messy room doing nothing because your life feels like a worthless one when your girlfriend dumped you will not help you if you want to make your ex girlfriend regret breaking up with you.

Don't make yourself gain weight because you eat your way out of your heart break period or heavily consuming alcoholic drink which both of them will make your overall appearance more and more uglier, it will make your ex thinks that she has the right decision to be dumping you because you don't have the right mentality. 

Instead of doing that you should make your overall appearance more attractive than before, you can achieve that in various ways such as shaping yourself up by working out at the gym, get a brand new haircut, do some clothes shopping and many more ways that you can do to groom yourself up. There are no single human that cannot be stunned by a stunning physical appearance, including your ex girlfriend. When she sees you as someone who is more attractive than before, regrets will cloud her mind.

4. Educate Yourself 

When you are disappointed and heart broken at your ex girlfriend you will feel like life is pointless, you need to get that kind of feeling as far away as possible. You need to occupy your mind and time to do something that is useful and be able to divert your mind from her.

By doing this not only you can diver your mind from her, but you can be also a better version of yourself. When he see you achieve more than you are with her, she will regret her decision so much because she dumped someone who hasn't unleash his full potential yet. 

5. Going Out More

Once again doing nothing alone will gain you absolutely nothing, when you are going through a break up all alone it will take a lot of time for you to heal, instead why don't you spend more time hanging out with your friends?. You can have some fun while doing it, it will also fend off any stressful and depressing thoughts and you an even meet new people which is going through the same situation as you are.

Meeting new people is one of the Easiest Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous and Want You Back, if you are a Gemini meeting new people charming them is like an everyday job for you, people may think that there are many Reasons Why Geminis Are Irresistible and this might be one of them.

While you are hanging out and  having a time of your life, make sure you post every moment on your social media, the purpose to this is to make sure your ex girlfriend sees you having fun without her, make her see that you can stand on your own feet and still be the fun loving you even when she dumped you.

6. Keep Your Mind Off Revenge

If your ex really broke your heart, you might be aching for a chance to get revenge, and you might think that getting him to regret dumping you is the best course of action. You might have some success, but you'll likely make yourself miserable in the process, there are much more Classy Ways to Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up with You. If you're sole purpose of making her regretting dumping you is to get revenge, you'll be better off erase every memories of her little by little.

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