Easy Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous and Want You Back

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Jealousy is a powerful emotion and it shows that deep down they really want the things that you have. In a broken up relationship, you can manipulate this feeling and use it for your advantage.

Almost everyone wants their ex girlfriend to be jealous of their life because of various reason. It can be out of spite or because they want to lure their ex back in. No matter the reason, making your ex girlfriend jealous is quite straightforward. All you need to do is to use these ways to make your ex girlfriend jealous and want you back :

  1. Evaluate Your Life

The first step to profoundly changing your life is to evaluate your life now. What mistakes have you made? How can you be better?

  1. Improve Yourself

To change who you are mentally and do the  Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World will make you be more radiant in front of her.

  1. Try To Reach Your Dream Life

Doing this will make people change into the better and it makes their life sorted out and focused.

  1. Have A Physical Makeover

Looking better includes changing your style and physical appearance so that you look more put together.

  1. Don't Seek Out Drama

Seeking out drama or negative vibes in life will just make her show the Signs That She's Not Into You

  1. Emit Love More

Being more loving towards everyone and generally towards life will make anyone want to get with you.

  1. Show Your Progress On Any Platform

Report your progress in social media which is the best platform. Based on the Ways On How to Make Your Girlfriend Jealous on WhatsApp , this works like a charm.

  1. Don't Say Sorry Over And Over

This makes you seem pathetic and desperate which erase your charm.

  1. Don't Be Nostalgic Over The Past Relationship

Being too nostalgic by mulling over it for a long time will not make them want you more.

  1. Don't Be Too Available For Them

If they reach out to you, pretend that you are busy so that they will miss you more and more.

  1. Be In A Healthier And Stable Relationship

If you surround yourself with a healthier relationship, they will naturally be more jealous of you.

  1. Show Off Your Relationship To The World

Showing how amazing life is with new relationships is important to make sure she knows that you have one.

  1. Don't Settle For Less From Them

Don’t get back to her based on her minimum effort to get back with you, play a little hard to get.

  1. Never Give Out Too Many Information

This is a great tips based on the  Why Being Mysterious Works to Attract Men which works on woman too.

  1. Be Friends With Them

Being their friends makes sure that you will never get off their mind.

  1. Do Things You Used To Do Without Them

This says that youa re still fine without her in your life.

  1. Don't Be Overly Emotional Towards Them

Showing emotions that are too much will show how messed up you are.

  1. Don't Use Things From Them

Things that they gave you should be kept away to show that you are not dependent towards them.

  1. Be Patient

This is definitely a long term game and you need to be patient.

  1. Pop In Their Life Once In A While

This ways to make your ex girlfriend jealous and want you back is the simplest yet most important part.

  1. Currate Your Social Media

Make your life seems more interesting by curating your social media.


Tips To Make Them Miss You After The Break Up

The moment after the break up is the most vulnerable moment of all and it can determine whether you will continue the relationship with them or not. To get them back you need to immediately do the tips to make them miss you after the break up:

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  1. Take Better Pictures Of Your Self

Better pictures can make them see you in a different light.

  1. Surround Yourself With Good Energy

Being happy and surrounding ourself in good energy will make you ex girlfriend even more jealous of your life.

  1. Know How They Are Doing

Knowing how they are can help you stratigize on how to make them jealous.

  1. Still Be Kind To Them

Kindness is a signs he's boyfriend material that will make them want to be with you.

  1. Lead Them On A Little

This makes sure that she never gets off your hook.

  1. Hang Out With Them Sometime

Although a little hard to execute , things like this increases the chance that they will miss you again.

Signs That They Really Want To Get Together With You Again

If you did the right moves at the right time, you will soon see that the jealousy is turning into a longing for you. It is shown by these signs ;

  1. She Keep Trying To Communicate With You

This shows how lonely she is and how much she misses your presence since you guys are broken up.

  1. She Flirt And Do Romantic Things For You

Girls that wants to be with you will not be afraid to flirt and do romantic things for you to get your attention.

  1. She Say That She Is Jealous

Saying this means that her intention to be with you again is real.

  1. Admitting To Want To Have A Romantic Connection With You Again

In the end, she might even admit that she wants to get back together with you again because she misses you too much.

Getting together with your ex doesn’t have to be embarassing and hard on your part. All you need to do is to renew your life and make them see you in a different light. The jealousy will soon do it’s work. That is why you need to follow the ways to make your ex girlfriend jealous and want you back for a simple way to steal her heart again.

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