Secret Signs Of Aquarius Woman In Love With You

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People with Aquarius zodiac are born on January 20th to February 18th. The Aquarius sign usually has a typical funny person who does everything in his own way. He does not like to follow up the trend in society. However, he preferred to create his own trends that are different from others. Naturally, Aquarius people often make a quick decision. They like to act on what they like without thinking about the consequences.

On the other hand, loving aquarius people is quite easy, as well as hard though. You can find a Signs that Aquarius man like you, if you want to get aquarius men. Meanwhile, to get aquarius women, we forced to has a good patience feeling to always follow what they want, as well as to understanding her or his personality which is always do anything in quick decision.

Meanwhile, how does the character of aquarius woman when they fall in love? here is the explanation:

Then how does the character of Aquarius woman fall in love? Here is the explanation about signs of Aquarius woman in love:


1. The Higher Level Of Romance

As discussed above, a person with aquarius zodiac has more romantic qualities than any other type of zodiac. When they fall in love, the level of romanticism will increase immediately. Generally, most of Aquarius women, in fact they will not hesitate to give a lot of gifts to the person he loves.

That's why, you can be so lucky to win the aquarius heart. With a high level of romance, the aquarius women will be able to please his partner and make his partner happy all the time.

2. They Have Predictable Mood

they have predictable mood

When the aquarius is in love, the world will know it soon. This is because their mood are predictable in every situation. They show their mood easily either they are in happy, sad, as well as angry mood, Most of Aquarius women will easily show it to you. Therefore, it can be easily for you to understand her in every condition.

3. Give Her The Right Attention

Aquarius woman becomes a wife who is full of attention and most importantly, they eventually become so faithful after they are marriage. However, you must keep the right time give her a freedom season only for her. This is because most of Aquarius women can not live without freedom.

In this case, you should avoid excessive jealousy, unstable emotions and allow her to gather with his friends.  You must know that the Aquarius women does not like men who have sentimental nature.

4. Do Not Like To Waste Time

What are the signs of Aquarius woman in love? An Aquarius woman is the type of person who does not like to waste time. Therefore, unkind of other zodiac, then if you compare to Pisces women which usually is shy, Aquarius women is type who can easily ask go out with you.

However, do not misunderstand if she's the kind of woman who will tease you. Most of Aquarius women think that waiting you to ask her go out is really wasting time. This is why they would rather take the dating initiative first. 

5. Open Minded

Women with aquarius type are women who are open minded. He will directly say if he is interested in you. In this case, when he says she wants to break up, then she does want his relationship with you to end soon instead of testing you will really fulfill her needed and beg her again to do relationship again.

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6. When They In Love, You Become Her Priority

For those of you men who understand very well and can love a "working woman", then Aquarius women will be suitable for you. Women with Aquarius sign can leave their work during the day just to see you.

However, once she returns to his daily routine, she will return seriously in doing his job. Many people think if this type is a great woman but keep in your mind if she is a woman. She also can easily hurt, Therefore, being nice is the thing you should do to her.

7. Fun And Talkative

Woman with Aquarius sign is a type of woman who is fun and talkative. Shee will love to tease you but it's good if you respond to what she was saying or even when she was tempting fun. Most of Aquarius women is woman who is not easy to make you bored. This is because it is easy for her to socialize and adapted to your word, as well as she can mingle with you.

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Advantages Of Dating With Aquarius

advantages of dating with aquarius

On the other hand people who has aquarius signs has many advantages such as:

  1. Aquarius people has a positive thought on what happens in their lives. They are able to see her or his experience from the positive side and able to take the lessons from the incident.
  2. Type of aquarius is a type that does not easily escape when faced with problems. Even in a difficult situation, they will still stand out,  facing and trying to find a way out of the problem.
  3. Aquarius people  has a high enough of good relationship in their social life, so do not be surprised if people with this zodiac are able to socialize easily around.
  4. People with Aquarius sign love to give help to people if needed, so it will be very easy for you to ask for help from them.
  5. People with aquarius type have a romantic nature. Even compared to other zodiacs, aquarius type has a higher romantic level. That's why, people with this type will make you happy and not easily feel bored to date them.
  6. People who type aquarius usually easily regret if it hurts others. This is because they have a melancholy and sensitive nature. However, the aquarius is not easy to forget the people who had hurt him.

Disadvantages of Dating Aquarius

Despite of the advantages, dating aquarius also have some disadvantages, such as:

  1. Speaking clearly and directly even if will hurt you. they are not type who has a sweet comment when you do something wrong to her. So, you must be ready with her sarcasm words.
  2. Hard to keep their mood stable. Aquarius is bored easily. So, their mood eventually goes up and down according their emotional feelings.

Finally, those are complete explanation about signs of Aquarius woman in love.

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