13 Reasons Why You Should be Saving Your Virginity for the Love of Your Life

Last updated on June 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Talking about sex and virginity might be something not so comfortable to discuss about, especially for people who live within Asian culture. Originally, Asian people values virginity more and losing virginity before married is quite prohibited. Even if there are girls who loose their virginity before married, they'd likely to cover it up for it's seen as something embarassing. This is unlikely with how the Western culture see it.

It's not that there aren't any single Western girl who values and keep their virginity, but it's just different with how Asian sees it. Usually, having sex with someone who's not your husband might be seen as something normal in the Western culture. Indonesian dating cultures might differs from dating culture in Turkey, which is something you should pay attention to. Despite of which culture you're living in, keeping your virginity for the time being is still a good thing. There are many good reasons why you should be saving your virginity for the love of your life that you probably can't deny.

Why Saving Your Virginity?

Different people from different country, background, and culture would have different point of view over virginity. Of course that's something we all know. Cutting off the differences could be impossible too, though. However, above all of those differences, actually there are few things that could answer your question clearly. Your question about how important is it to save virginity, as well as why should you do it that way.

Knowing the real reasons why you should keep your virginity will not only help you to stay motivated on doing so, but also knowing what your purpose. Here are few answers to why should you be saving it for your soulmate later on:

  1. Gentleman would wait

Love and lust are two things that you should understand well. If your guy is the right guy, a gentleman who loves you and not just lust, then he would wait, wouldn't he? When a man fall for a woman, he wouldn't bother thinking about sex with her before marriage. He would focus on loving her deeply and sincerely, showing true commitment to stay with her forever. Beside that, he would also want the best for you and respect you. So, if your boyfriend suddenly ask or force you to give him your virginity, then you know what to do, right? True love always cherish, protect, and respect each other.

  1. Protect your precious body

You're precious, beautiful, and definitely worth saving for later. Know your worth, ladies. Your body shouldn't be something that other people look down on, no matter what is the reason. However, if you can't protect and respect your own body, then who would do that? Even he who you think is perfect could respect you less if you can't protect your body. Create your own boundaries and make sure to stick to it despite how tempting it is. When the time has come, you’ll be able to enjoy it anyway.

  1. You don't need to worry

Imagine living a life carrying worries on your back. Just how surpressing could that be, huh? Giving your virginity to your boyfriend or even someone you're hitting on might not be the best idea. Once you gave it, you lost it. If you ever lose this guy after you gave him your all, that wouldn’t be great, right? You will probably be burdened by the though of him having seen you inside out. You’re also likely to be more disappointed when he left you after what you've gave him. While you can avoid having to worry, why won't you?

  1. No mystery and thrill

In a relationship, pace is something important, isn't it? You should reveal something slowly one at a times instead going all out if you want to have a long-lasting relationship. This include your virginity. It's something you should save for later, for if you don't then the chance for both of you to get bored will be bigger. Once there aren't any mystery that both of you are curious and thrilled to know, then it's going to be boring and plain afterwards. If you happened to date someone from different culture, there might be dating culture differences between East and West, but you can always make it straight.

  1. Understand his heart for you

Again, love, like, lust, are different things. If you keep your virginity well, you'll be able to know what are his feelings for you. How sincere he is. You can also know whether he’s just playing around wanting your body or he loves you with all his might. Sometimes, the answer to why your boyfriend doesn't want to sleep with you might actually be because of his true feelings for you.

  1. Enjoy it to the fullest

Having your first night with your husband, wouldn't you want that to be awesome? If you have done such things a lot of time before, then it would probably be less special to you. You would possibly compare what your partner can get with your ex can do, which is definitely not a good thing in a marriage. Save it for later, enjoy it to the fullest, it's worth the wait.

  1. Stay away from diseases

Talking about sex, it's not all about your mental state. It's something that involves your whole body, so there's a chance for diseases to peek in. However, there are diseases that won’t even touch you as long as you aren't having sex with just anyone.

More Reasons Why You Should be Saving Your Virginity for the Love of Your Life

It's better to prevent rather than to heal, isn't it?

  1. Create a better future or organizing your life properly
  2. Setting your mental and mind ready
  3. Sex that's too early won't be good for your reproduction health
  4. Don't have to confuse yourself with your actual feeling
  5. Not upsetting or disappointing your future partner
  6. Have a better values of yourself

Saving virginity in this world these days might not be an easy task. Since modernization has overtake teenager's lifestyle and make a huge change in people’s value. People started to feel like making love while they were young is a way of enjoying youth age. However, don't ever forget that not everything that others do is a good thing. You know well already that there are a lots of reasons why you should be saving your virginity for the love of your life that's worth fighting for. Remember that always so that you can stick to your values instead of following the flow.

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