25 Signs That A Friend Is In An Abusive Relationship

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Your friend is your life and you want to do everything that you can to protect them. Sometimes they come to you for help. They will tell you everything about the problem, but sometimes they stay quite.

Abuse is surprisingly a common aspect in someone’s life. A seemingly healthy relationship, behind the curtain, might be an abusive relationship. it is the opposite of the signs that a man loves you unconditionally. Your friend might be in one of them. So if you start to get suspicious, see these Signs that a friend is in an abusive relationship and save them quickly.

1. Your friend limits talks about her partner

When someone is in a happy relationship, they can talk on and on about their partner. But if they are in an abusive relationship, sometimes they are sad and scared to even talk about it. So if you ask and they talk in short sentences, it might be the first sign

2. Your Friend flinch a lot

Abusive relationship can be in a physical way too. If your friend flinch every time someone raise their voice or even try to touch her, that means she/he have had a lot of abuse. If they do this, ask them and help them.

3. Your friend have physical wounds

Bruises, scars or cuts. Physical wounds are the basic sign that someone is in an abusive relationship.Look really closely because most of the times, the victim will want the scar to stay  hidden. This is the Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship

4. Your friend have a change in clothing

Someone in an abusive relationship will wear clothes that hides their skin when maybe before they wear a much revealing clothes. This is one of the way for them to hide their physical wounds.

5. Your friend’s personality is toned down

Before, your friend’s personality might be great in whatever form it is. But after an abusive relationship, you will slowly forget who you are. So the victim, your friend, will start losing her personality and becoming someone more empty.

6. Your friend have a different body language

Your friend start walking slowly, he/she looks down every time or they hide their face a lot. There are a lot of physical signs to say that someone is not confident. A victim will have most of that sign.

7. Your friend is scared to make mistakes

Before, your friend might be comfortable being silly around you in making mistakes. But not after they went through abuse. They will start saying sorry a lot and they will be really scared of making mistakes.

8. Frantically update to their partner out of neccessity

They will keep their partner updated about literally every part of their life. This is because the abuser want to stay in control of the victim’s life. If they do not keep the abuser updated, bad consequences will come in the victim’s way.

9. Have no opinion

Opinion will get the victim in a worse state in an abusive relationship. So your partner will not have an opinion of their own and will start saying yes to choices that might not be comfortable to them. this is one of the imminent Signs that a friend is in an abusive relationship

10. Wanting to please everyone

Because the victim’s self esteem have dropped, they feel insecure and they want to please everyone by doing whatever they say. This is the because your friend spend too much time dealing with Signs of Conditional Love

11. Your friend always look unwell

Your friend looks really tired and drained out almost every part of the day. They will look sad, gloomy and sometimes show physical sign like weight loss. This is because of all the emotional and physical abuse of being with that partner.


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More signs that a friend is in an abusive relationship

  1. They drop hints – your friend will drop some vague hints that they are in an abusive relationship
  2. Dress up – victims can also dress up more in an excessive kind because now they are being treated like the prized possession of their partner
  3. Hard to maintain eye contact – this is because they feel scared and they have low confidence
  4. Receive threatening phone calls from partner – the phone calls with their partner will always sound angry and heated. if your friend's partner do this, it might be the Signs of a Sociopath Lover
  5. Your friend is gone a lot – they take a day off a lot of times because they are dealing with emotional and physical burden or they are held captive.
  6. They say that everything is ‘fine’ – they are scared to tell you the truth.
  7. Your friend make excuses for their partner – they will always defend their partner.

Ways to help your friend out of the abusive relationship

1. Make your friend comfortable – make your friend feel safe, make your friend confidence rise up so that your friend can have the strength to stand up and do something about their current situation. show them the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

2. Help her – if she ever tells you to do anything to help her, than do it. You might not want to be too obvious in front of your friend’s partner because it might cause your partner a lot of harm.

3. Seek outside help – when you feel like the problem is way too big, seek help from an authority figure or someone who you think is capable and you can trust. A clear mind that steps into this danger zone might bring new perspectives and new resolution.

4. Protect her – helping your friend will be a dangerous phase because the abuse might be more frequent. So do what you can to help your friend. You can let your friend stay in your house or just let your friend call you anytime they need protection. If they do, clear your schedule and protect them immediately.

5. Make a healthy relationship with them – your relationship with them should be the epitome of healthy relationship. If you try to make a healthy relationship between you, your friend will start to realize that the relationship they are currently in is not a healthy one.

The signs that a friend is in an abusive relationship are scary but do everything you can to help them.

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