28 Creepy Signs of a Sociopath Lover (Watch Out!)

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You may often hear about psychopaths, but how about sociopaths? Both psychopath and sociopath are personality disorders that we occasionally find around us.

What is Sociopath? 

A sociopath has almost similar traits as a psychopath, they both have poor inner sense of what's right and what's wrong. They also can't seem to understand what it feels like to be in someone else's position, cause they hardly care about anyone else's feelings. Compared to a psychopath, a sociopath still has a conscience, a little voice that tells the person of what they're doing. If a person is doing wrong, there's still a part of them that reminds them not to do that.

Although a sociopath still has a conscience of right and wrong, they behave the way they want to without considering what anyone will feel about it. If you think that psychopaths and sociopaths are like those in the movies, who are sarcastic and violent, you're not 100% right about them. People who suffers antisocial disorder may not always show the violent behavior. Practically, they are most likely manipulative and reckless in their way to get what they want.

Do you ever imagine if there is a sociopath around you? Or what if your boyfriend is a sociopath but you just don't realize it yet? Before you judge, you will better check these signs of a sociopath lover to know if your boyfriend is a sociopath or he's just bad tempered.

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1. He gets offended easily

A sociopath behaves in the way that normal people know they shouldn't do. When he thinks he can do something but someone else tells him that he shouldn't do that cause it's bad, he gets offended. Instead of realizing that what he's gonna do is bad, he blames that person. Like when you try to warn your boyfriend to stop spending money on useless things or to stop smoking or drinking, he blames you instead. He thinks that you insult him by telling him to stop doing what he wants.

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2. He fails to follow the social norms

In social life, people try their best to fit in the group and get accepted for good. They shake hands to greet the others, wear appropriate clothes, waiting in the back of the line, etc. If your boyfriend seems to neglect those kind of things that show some respects, there must be something wrong with him. Do you see that he behaves whatever he wants and doesn't wish to gain respects from the others? When he doesn't mind people think he's being disrespectful, you're getting closer into thinking that he has signs of a sociopath.

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3. He feels mistreated by you

As a girlfriend, you will do anything for him. Whenever possible, you try your best to pleas him and make him comfortable. Somehow, your effort to treat him right is still not enough in his eyes. He thinks that you don't treat him the way you should as his girlfriend. In case you haven't known already, an early sign of a sociopath is having hurt, stolen, or mistreated from the others. If whenever you're with him all you feel is him having hurt and mistreated by your presence, you should be aware that shows the signs of a sociopath lover.

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4. He tends to perform bad actions toward you

Since he thinks that you don't treat him right, he responds to the situation by acting harsh in front of you. He throws his anger into violence by hitting anything or anyone around him. He can't help himself from doing bad actions like punch the walls, slam the door, throw stuffs, and the worse is if he puts his hand on you and hurts you. You can't just pretend that he's okay, cause he's clearly not.

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5. He lies a lot

You thought that he's always been telling the truth to you until you see that he's been lying after all. You may realize it sooner or later, but truth will come out anyway. If you see that he's not somewhere he says he is, you should know that he's potential of being a liar. Lying is just another sign of someone being a sociopath. You can't deny that what you see in him are the signs of a sociopath lover.

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6. He is impulsive

When he wants something, he doesn't think twice. Unfortunately, these kinds of things he wants are not good things, so doing it suddenly will only bring troubles. For examples, he's lack of money and finds a chance to steal from his parents. He does it without considering the consequence. All he knows that he wants money and he has to do something to get it. Instead of doing such crime, you can see if he shows the impulsive behavior when he buys you something you don't need and he forces you to use it. Do you find that in him? If you do, be aware that he may be a sociopath.

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7. He tends to show narcissism

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Don't matter where he is, he seems to want to be the center of attention. He acts like he's the most good looking man that anyone should look up to. If it's a good thing that he shows, then it's not a problem. The problem is how could he think that he's good when all he does is making troubles? He must be sick.

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8. He is aggressive

When you first met him, he did his best to get close to you and make you as his girl. He looked so passionate to get you on his side. You thought that it's just how much he falls for you. But, you should look closely at all the things that you both have been through. If it feels like he's the one who takes control of the relationship and you barely have a space to show him what you want, then your suspicion if he's a sociopath lover may be getting bigger.

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9. He is reckless

He can't seem to do things in a right way. All that he touches comes to waste. If you asks him to do something easy and all he does is making troubles, then you should know that he got issues. His reckless behavior can be one of the signs of a sociopath.

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10. He is deceitful

He can always find a reason to get an excuse for doing what he wants. You feel like he fools you than appreciate you.

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11. He feels guilty less

Doing wrong doesn't make him feel guilty. He doesn't feel sorry when he made you wait for so long or when he breaks your stuff.

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12. He likes to break the rules

He doesn't care if he doesn't follow the regulation. Passing the red light, driving fast, are something usual for him.

13. Lack of intimacy between the two of you

He only wants you when he needs someone. What's worse is, he seems to want you by his side but it's only for his own satisfaction. You barely feel his affection that you need from the one you love and loves you.

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14. He prefers to be alone

He doesn't feel like getting involved in special events where people are happy and have something to celebrate. Instead of taking part into those moment, he prefers to stay away. Anyone else's happiness doesn't matter to him.

15. He often destroys properties

When he's mad he throws things, punch the table or wall, slam the door, kick something near him, or something else. He does that even over small things that gets him mad.

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16. He tends to harm animals

Destroying properties sometimes is not enough, so when there's animal like dog, cat, or bird around him, he may put them in harm. There's no affection that he shows to those creatures.

17. He hardly plans the future

He can't decide what he's gonna do for the next steps of his life. Like when you ask him if he's going to look for a job in his hometown or out of town, he can't seem to choose what's good for him.

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Ways to deal with a sociopath lover

These are some tips for you whose love partner is a sociopath. Don't panic cause

  1. Keep calm whenever you're around him - Complaining about the situation only make things worse, so just keep calm whenever you catch him acting abnormal.
  2. Listen to him - There's always a reason why he acts so and it's better if you listen to him to know exactly what's on his mind.
  3. Pay more attention to him - Look closely everything he does to see what you can do to find the way out of his problem.
  4. Don't get mad at him - Whenever he does something wrong, try not to get mad at him or you will regret it.
  5. Reminds him to do something good - As his girl, you have to know that you have the right to warn him.
  6. Give him space - Sometimes you need to let him live his life on his own.
  7. Try understand him - The more you pay attention to him and his issues, you will understand why he behaves like that.
  8. Stay strong - There's no time to be weak when you're fighting for what you love, so just stand tall and hold your head up.
  9. Don't force him - You can't force him to change but you can help him find the meaning of life and love.
  10. Talk to him in the right way - Slowly talk to him and be there for him whenever you can.
  11. Ask for help to a psychiatrist - If he's getting worse, just make an appointment to a psychiatrist.

Those are signs of a Sociopath Lover that you should be aware of. Don't give up to fight for what you love. However, if holding on to him only brings more troubles, be strong to walk away.

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