What Can I Do If I Feel Bored Of My Boyfriend And Sometimes I Feel I Don’t Love Him Anymore But Actually I Do

Last updated on April 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There are different kind of couples we have the inseparables, the office couple, the travelers and of course we have the bickers where one likes to make remarks behind each others back.

Whatever couple you are there will always be a spat between the two of you. Other time you feel a unhappy with you current partner. Here are some signs shows you are in an unhappy relationship and how you can correct it.


1. You Have Nothing To Talk About

you have nothing to talk about

Most healthy relationship, there’s never enough time to cover everything you want to say. Unlike those who are having trouble with their relationship they don’t have anything to take about.

To avoid this try to engaged in an activities and remind him of the fun times you guys had, it would jog a lot of memory.

2. Same Old Routine

Same routine, going to the same restaurant or movies every Saturday. However it slowly becoming redundant. At the beginning of your relationship, you went on an adventure, do fun activities together with your partner.

But as time goes by you began to feel bored with the regular schedule. In the end, you can from being a fun couple to a boring couple.

To ensure you don’t have a boring relationship, you and your partner can create a schedule where you can decide what to do for fun at the same time leave a week or two. Both of you can have a staycation, stay at home.

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3. Irritated By Your Boyfriend

Being comfortable in a relationship is normal. This is indeed a fact, who doesn’t want it? To still be you yourself and not worry about what other people think.

On the other hand when you feel bored with your boyfriend, you have this negative feeling towards him. Every time you see him you feel irritated.

To not have this negative feeling try keeping yourself occupied like hanging out with friends, make projects such art craft or join an organization. That way the feeling of longing for company will emerge, but not just any company. Someone you can cuddle too.

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4. Starts To Have Doubt About Your Relationships

starts to have doubt about your relationships

Your not really sure what it is but your suddenly have thoughts forming in your mind. Doubting your current relationship, its hard to explain but you don’t have that thrill feeling when your with him.

Its fine to have doubt about your love life but you need to be sure with your self why you have this feeling. Think about it carefully otherwise it wont only be you who will be affected.

5. Your No Longer Happy When Talking About Future Plan

At the beginning of the relationship, you had hopes and dream of your relationship. But as time progresses you no longer feel that excitement about your future together with him.

There will be times that your love for him slowly fades away and can’t picture the two of you together. Its a phase that couples have, take a time to reconsidered and make a decision.

To sum up don’t give up easily, consider all sides think of the consequences.

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