I Miss My Ex So Much, How Do I Stop Thinking About My Ex?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s easier said than done to move on from the ex you love dearly. But you must remember that life must go on and you deserve more than hurtful memories and tears. It’s time for you to feel happy again.

The first step and hardest step is to stop thinking about your ex. Once they’re out of your mind, every other thing will be easier. So, if you are asking yourself “I miss my ex so much.

How do I stop thinking about them?”, we have a complete guide on how to forget them:

  1. Realize That Fully Forgetting Is Not Possible

Be comfortable that he/she will be a permanent face in your mind but he/she doesn’t have to take up all the space in your heart.

  1. Slow Progress Is Still Progress

You may already do the Ways to Forget Your Ex  but discouraged because it is a slow climb. Be patient, the reward will be so worth it.

  1. Write Down Why You Want To Forget Them

In weak moments, you’ll be able to look at this note again and know why you need to follow this path of healing.

  1. Spill It Out To Someone You Can Confide In

It’s probably a good idea to talk to someone you feel comfortable in to let it all out. This is the first step to truly forgetting.

  1. Write All The Bad Things In The Relationship

Did your ex show Signs of a Cheating Partner ? Was he/she a liar? Find all the bad stuff about him/her. That way, you know that it’s not always rainbow and sunshine in the past relationship.

  1. Know Why You Can’t Forget Him

Are you not disciplined enough in moving on? Or are there any other problem? Know this problem and fix it.

  1. Ask For Moral Support

Now, what you need to do is ask for some group of people to remind you not to reach out to your ex. This makes you more disciplined.

  1. Train Your Mind To Forget

Whenever a thought of him/her arise, quickly bat it away or distract yourself. This is how you erase Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone 

  1. Spend Some Time Alone

Based on the benefits of being alone, by doing this you’ll feel more peaceful and purposeful in your journey of healing.

  1. Distract Yourself By Working Towards Your Goal

Being a workaholic might be a good idea right now. All the built up emotion inside you will be a great fuel to get you towards your goal.

  1. Block Out Their Social Media

The best way on How to Move On from a Relationship when You are Still in Love is by stopping yourself from stalking your ex on social media.

  1. Throw Away All The Things That Remind You Of Him

All the pictures, the gifts, and the texts should be deleted right away because it will be a quick destroyer of your progress.

  1. Unfollow Sad Accounts On Your Social Media

This is also very important. Once you stop filling your timeline with sadness and replace it with positivity, life will be brighter.

  1. Love Yourself And Be Grateful

Do the Ways to Love Yourself 

Signs That You Have Fully Moved On

You probably already know the answer to “I miss my ex so much. How do I stop thinking about my ex?”. You’ll soon see the rewarding signs that you have fully moved on:

  1. You Aren’t Too Emotional When Thinking About Him

It still hurts a bit but now the thought of your ex is merely a background to your life. Long gone are the days of crying for days and being desperate. Here comes the sun!

  1. You Are Surrounded By Good Company

Because you make your ex move out of your heart and mind, you are allowing so many more wonderful people to be in your life.

  1. You Enjoy Being On Your Own

You’ve found love within yourself and now you enjoy life so much more!

  1. You Believe In Life And Love Again

The optimism towards life and love is back. That means your heart have healed.

The answer to “I miss my ex so much. How do I stop thinking about my ex?” most probably lies in the list we made up there. It does need some deep self introspection, so take your time. Our one advice is persist through the hurt and happiness will find you again.

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