What Should I Do If My Ex-Boyfriend Is Flirting With My Best Friend? I Feel Jealous

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Ending a relationship doesn't mean that you have to end everything. As long he keeps a healthy relationship and leaves you good memories to remember, you both still can be a friend and hanging around together.

There are still many ways to make yourself happy after a breakup.

But still, every first day won't be easy. It is okay if sometimes those feelings still spark when he is around. You even could feel jealous if he flirts with another girl. And it will be a thing if that girl is your best friend.

At least, you have to know the reason why you still feeling jealous of your ex.


Know The Reason Why You're Still Feeling Jealous

know the reasons why you're still feeling jealous

1. You Didn't Get Over Him Yet

Without you realizing it, you deny the reality, and that proves that you haven't deal with the fact that he is not yours anymore. If you keep this situation going on, it simply will hurt you more and more.

2. Everyone Feels It, Those Feelings Are Natural

If you had been in a relationship with him for a long time, it would be harder to deal with a breakup. But as time passes, you will be used for it.

3. Your Ex Seems To Get Over It Quickly

While you still drowning in sadness, he already starts a new life, making new plans, or even meet a new woman that match him. Get up girl, everyone has a different path. Focus on yourself.

There are some signs that your ex-boyfriend already gets over you, and why your ex-boyfriend is ignoring you. And here are those signs.

Signs Your Boyfriend Already Get Over You

1. He Seems Already Have Someone Else

He already finds someone that maybe could be a good match for him, and it is a sign that he had to move on.

2. He Treats You Badly

It is not a sign your ex-boyfriend wants to get back together. The qualities that you have as his ex may be annoying him because he already had no feelings towards you.

3. He Asked You To Return His Things, And He Returned Your Things

Now, it is obvious because he wants nothing related to you and he starts to clean anything over.

4. He Seems Happy With His Life

he seems happy with his life

He starts to enjoy his life without you, and he feels no need to convince you about his happy life.

5. He Seems Don't Care About You Anymore

He looks don't mind, or even don't care if you date someone else if you flirt with another man or everything you do. He knows that you both have different pathways, and he is fine with it.

If you find out that your ex-boyfriend is flirting with your bestie, here are some tips to do.

1. Shows That You Don't Care Anymore

If your ex-boyfriend tries to flirt with another woman, it's clear that he already get over you. So it would be useless if you show some kinds of impulsive jealousy, it will only make him looks winning. Remember, he is already your ex, and you have nothing to deal with him. You have to find ways to forget your ex.

2. Ask Your Best Friend About What Did They Feel

You have to know your best friends response to the action. Did they enjoy it, or maybe kinda bothered? Anyway, no matter what response they show, as a good friend, the last things you must do is show supports.

3. Stay Classy

stay classy

Even though you feel annoyed, never show it to him. If you still have some feelings toward him, it is clear that you are the only one that feels that way. Just give proper responses if you are in the conversation.

If they both seem to enjoy the interaction, maybe it is time for you to move on. Keep support them. Don't worry, as long as you do every single good thing, you will find more good things come toward you.

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