30 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up

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Every relationship has their own fate. Some lasts a long time, some does not. When the problem between you and your partner never meet the right solution, breaking up is the best. Regardless of you want it or not, breaking up is hard. You have to deal with the loss and sadness at the same time.

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However you have to face the reality bravely. You need to move on to continue living. You deserved to be happy. You have to make yourself happy after the break up. It’s okay to be sad and loss, but don’t make them your new routine. You are worthier than that, and this is ways to make yourself happy after a break up!

1. Give yourself time to sad

However, sadness is unavoidable in the early stages of break up. It’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to feel sad and loss. Cry, scream, and acknowledge you pain. Let your body getting out all the negatives things. In time there you will feel too tired to feel sad and it means you are ready to move on.

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2. Accept it and let go

Before everything, the first and the most important thing to do is accepting the fact that you are no longer with him/her. You have to let go of. This probably one of the hardest things to do, getting used day by day without someone who has been part of it for a long time (even short time matters too). Accepting the break up means you are ready to do the next thing.

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3. Do what you love

When you were dating, you surely have to make time for your partner. Weekends is particularly a quality time for you two to spend. No wonder when you break up weekend seems lonely and it even make you sad even more. Do everything you’d love to to get rid of the sadness. Hit the gym, read some books, call and visit your parents. Make your weekends worthier to spend. That’s all the best ways to make yourself happy after a break up in quick time.

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4. Don’t be alone

Sadness and bad thought come up best when you are alone. Past memories will flooding your mind followed closely by a regret. Then you feel sad all over again. Always have companies. Don’t be alone no matter where you are. It might be hard to find someone who’s willing to be by your side 24/7. But hey, don’t you have a family? There is no better company other than them.

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5. Hang out with your friends

Friends will cure your wound in no time. Spend time with them. A lot. Especially your best friend who knows you best, who will be more than willing to make you feel better. Laugh with them and make yourself forget about your problem.

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6. Sharing is caring

Do not keep the bad thing only to yourself. It will stressed you. Talk to your friend, your family, or someone you trust about the break up. Be honest and tell the truth. Third person view is important, so they can open your eyes and see your problem differently.

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7. Eat well

No matter how sad you are, your body doesn’t have to feel it too. Never sacrifice your health for anything. Even when you’re sad, make sure to always eat well and healthy. A healthy body made up a healthy mind and healthy life.

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8. Keep distance with your ex

After the break up, you need to stay away from him. That’s the best way to be happy after break up. Cut any communication with him and live your life completely without him. After fully moving on (or you think so) do not try to contact him first. It will bring back past memories you have buried deep.

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9. Forgive

You have to forgive yourself and him/her to feel relieved and happy. Do not feel guilty any longer over what makes your relationship fail, even when you are on the wrong side. Everybody make mistake. Forgive and move on. It’s the key to be happy after break up.

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10. You deserve better

Do not regret the break up for too long time. Keep in mind that you deserve better than you have got. There are certain reasons of why he didn’t make it into your future, and maybe you won’t find it right away. But better days will surely come, and one day you will be thankful that you have separated from him.

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11. Meet new people

What’s best to forget someone if not meeting the new one? What’s best ways to make yourself happy after a break up? If you find yourself hard to deal with the single life,, it’s nothing wrong to meet new people. They will bring new joy into your life and will make you forget about your ex. Just don’t rush things and make a quick decision just because you don’t want to be lonely.

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12. Think positive about your future

Negative thinking kills. It will never make you happy after break up. Fill your mind only with the positive thought. Brighter days will come, now that you are single you have more time for your family and friends. And of course, tomorrow will be better than today. Stay away from negative thought that will lead you to do negative things.

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13. Create a new routine and fill it only with happy activities

Break up means you will have plenty of spare time. Fill it with a new routine that will spoil yourself. Travel to places you’ve never been before, meet the friends you rarely meet, visit your family, do your hobbies that you barely have time to to while dating. Fill your life only with happy things, since it’s the only way to make you happy!

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14. Get rid of the things that reminds you to your ex

When you were dating, your ex give you many gifts for your special events such as birthdays, valentines, and anniversaries. There is no need to keep it when your relationship is already over. Seeing those things in your room only bring back unwanted memory and failing your effort to move on.

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15. Avoid visiting places you used to visit together

After the break up, do not lunch in the restaurant you used to lunch with your ex. Do not watch the movies which starred his/her favorite movie. Avoid the memories of your ex as much as you could. Start a brand new life, visit different places and make new experience.

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16. Do make over to yourself

What’s most people do to mark their new life after break up? Cut their hair short! Yes, you have to make a brand new look. If you don’t want a haircut, try some coloring. Do something that mark a new start towards a new life. Put on some make up, wear a daring red lipstick. It will bring satisfy out of you and when you look at yourself in the mirror, make sure you will think “he will regret to break up with me”. Indeed, we hope you find your ways to make yourself happy after a break up!

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How to Stay Strong After Break Up

Some people could get weakened after break up. If you want to be happy after break up, of course you have to stay strong. Here are some tips on how to stay strong even after your stormiest break up.

  1. Cut off the ties – You don’t have any reasons to call or text him. No matter how much you miss him like crazy, just don’t. Even if it necessary, delete his number from your phone.
  2. Do not stalk him – After the break up, you will know nothing about his/her life and it may drive you crazy. Then you will be tempted to stalk you ex’s Instagram just to know how he’s doing. Well, the more you think he’s happy, the more you feel devastated.
  3. Don’t try to get revenge – When a relationship didn’t ended in a good way, some bad feeling remains and you want some revenge to your ex. Come on, it will make you even harder to move on.
  4. Don’t date someone new – Short after the break up, give yourself a space to rethink about what you want in relationship and what kind of partner you’d like to have.

So those are the things you can do to make yourself happy after the break up. Keep in mind that the end of your relationship doesn’t mean the end of the world. With him/her gone, you will find more valuable things in your life. You ex is not the only person that loved you. You deserved better. You deserve to be happy.