Why Did My Ex Block Me After 3 Months Of No Contact On Instagram When We Don’t Even Follow Each Other?

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what it means when an ex-partner blocks you on Instagram, even though you’ve been around three months of no contact?

Perhaps you found solace in creeping on their public Instagram profile without following them, only for this to no longer be possible one day.

Are you wondering why they would do that after such a long time not even hearing from you?

Is it getting you down not knowing the answer? 

Well, you’re in luck because this guide suggests all of the likely reasons why an ex would behave this way after this amount of time.

If you’re really struggling to deal with being blocked on Instagram, you could always download this online communications tracker.

It is able to intercept communications with your ex’s phone and deliver you information based on who they’re contacting, as well various facets of their online activity. 

The tool will help you keep track of what this person is up to - and it’s 100% discreet, so they’ll never find out they were being tracked. But if you’re caring more about the reasons why they blocked you in the first place, scroll down for my list of suggestions.

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Ex Blocks You On Instagram

1. Wants To Move On

wants to move on

First, a possible reason is that they want to move on from you. Regarding whatever the reason is, it is still hurtful to receive a message from someone that they want to move on from.

It is sometimes hard even just to see them online. If you notice that your ex blocks you randomly even though you two aren’t following each other, it means he/ she is having difficulty to move on from you.

It is still hard for them to not creeping up to your page just to check you out.

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2. Wants To Create A Boundary

The second reason on why your ex blocks you after 3 months of no contact on Instagram is because he/ she wants to create a boundary. It might be very hurtful that they decide to block you, but it is their ultimate decision which you can’t get involved.

If you want to move on from them and start a new love, this can be a blessing in disguise. Because of him/ her blocking you mean you can’t see their recent photos and life updates or even their new posts with a new lover. You will get used to this situation over time and this is an important part of the healing process.

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3. Wants To Start New Relationship And Respect Your Feeling

This might be the most hurtful point, but this can be the reason why he/ she blocks you on social media. It happens when they have found a new love and want to start a new relationship but doesn’t want to hurt your feeling and want to open the door for you.

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If your ex does this, you don’t have the option and can see this as a positive thing. You can start to search for new love as well and moving on from them.

4. This Is What You Deserve

this is what you deserve

When an ex blocks you on social media, the reason might because they try hard to move on from you or they want to close every door for you. It all depends on how both of you broke up.

If they broke up with you because of how horrible you treated them, then they want to close every door for you to enter their lives again. So, they choose to block your social media instead.

They don’t want to give you a chance to sneak back into their life again or even to stalk on your social media.

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5. Blocking Social Media Was A Deal After Breaking Up

This might happen to your case that your ex blocks you because it was your deal once you break up with him/ her but you don’t remember it.

In Conclusion

You might the one who has the idea to block your ex’s social media and number if you ever broke up with him/ her. This will be a good chance to never look back at the past and moving forward to find a new and better relationship.

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