Why Did My Ex Block Me After 3 Months Of No Contact On Instagram When We Don’t Even Follow Each Other? (7 Possible Reasons)

Last updated on June 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering what it means when an ex-partner blocks you on Instagram, even though you’ve been around three months of no contact?

Perhaps you found solace in creeping on their public Instagram profile without following them, only for this to no longer be possible one day.

Are you wondering why they would do that after such a long time not even hearing from you?

Is it getting you down not knowing the answer? 

Well, you’re in luck because this guide suggests all of the likely reasons why an ex would behave this way after this amount of time.

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7 Reasons Why Your Ex Blocked You On Instagram 

Will burning bridges help you get over the hurt of a broken relationship or heal your broken heart? 

Maybe. However, there are times when an unfinished business requires that you avoid burning a particular bridge with the hope that the path will lead you somewhere happy. It can be difficult to completely cut yourself off from your ex-boyfriend whom you’re still trying to get over.

Even if you initiated the breakup, it will take a while to go back to being the same person you were before you started dating him. If both of you broke up just a month ago, it is normal for either of you to still be stalking the other person’s social media account.

Also, there is this irrational first step ex-partners feel they need to take; showing your ex that you’ve moved on. However, irrational it is, ex-partners do this social media ‘I’m doing fine’ competition where you post about your new hairdo, upgraded body shape, new whip, and many more recent changes. As such, one person feels the need to block the other person for their peace of mind or other reasons. 

Did you recently experience or initiate a break up with your ex, but now it seems you can’t view or make any contact whatsoever with him? 

It means your ex has blocked you. It can drive you crazy if you’re still holding out hope that you could get your ex back, but now you can’t reach him. 

If you think your ex blocked you for no apparent reason, below are some of the other reasons he could have restricted your access to him.

1. He is completely over you

One of the reasons why your ex-boyfriend blocked you isn’t too hard to guess. Have you started talking to him again, and expect him to want to do the same after breaking up with him? He’s probably still angry that you didn’t give him a chance to make the relationship work. 

If he was the one who called for a break up, he’s probably feeling guilty by how fast he’s forgetting his feelings for you. If you were hoping will come back to you, you might be waiting for Godot; someone who will never arrive. As difficult as it might seem, you need to accept that your ex, also your good friend, doesn’t want you again. 

If you’re still hell-bent on knowing if he’s truly gotten over you, reach out to mutual friends who still like you. They will be able to tell you the truth with some empathy. Remember that regardless of who initiated the breakup, both of you are going through the healing process. As such, tread with caution instead of trying to bulldoze your way back into his life. 

2. He has stopped caring about your activities

he has stopped caring about your activities

If a while has passed since your ex-boyfriend broke up with you, he may have stopped caring about what you do online. He doesn’t need a reminder of the time you shared. Not because he wants to get back with you, but because he has grown numb towards you. His lack of feelings for you makes it weird to keep existing in the same environment as you. 

As such, it doesn’t make any sense to see your face at all. The fact that neither of you is following the other on Instagram doesn’t count because one unpleasant run-in can spoil the day. Also, he could block you to prevent you from tracking his activities too. 

He doesn’t think you deserve to know what’s going on in his life, so why allow you to keep tabs on his social media life?

3. He’s more concerned with creating a safe space for himself

If you’ve changed some things in your life just to get your ex's attention on Instagram or any other account, your ex could probably sense it. If he knows you well enough to suspect your recent social life upgrade is a deliberate attempt to make him jealous, he’ll block you.

Even friends unfriend or restrict each other’s viewing rights online, why won’t your ex do the same? The past can be hard to leave behind. If your ex is trying hard to move on, every post you make might seem like a taunt to him.

Your ex's anger on the spur of the moment can make him hit the restrict button. He might unblock you later because his reason for blocking you might later look silly. However, at that moment, blocking you seemed like the best thing to do.

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4. He still wants you

If your ex is still madly in love with you, he can decide to stay completely away from you. He is itching to initiate contact, so he’s forced himself to apply the no contact rule. The no contact rule will be hard because he wants to send you a message or call you so badly. However, he knows a relationship between both of you won’t work. 

If your relationship was full of troubles that even family couldn’t resolve, both of you know it’s best to separate. Sometimes, what you desire isn’t good for you. For such relationships, it is important to stay away from each other no matter how hard it is. 

He might later give in and create another account under a different name just to keep up with you, but he won’t allow you to see his weakness. 

5. He has a new girlfriend

he has a new girlfriend

If he initiated the breakup, he might be doing you a favor by blocking you. Even if you did the breaking up, he might still not want to hurt your feelings. He wants to protect your heart from hurting, which will happen if you’re still in love with him and see that he’s in a new relationship. 

If seeing him with other girls will shatter you, isn’t it best that you cannot see his social media activities? If the breakup is still fresh, or if the new girl is the reason for it, you should feel glad he’s spared you the pain of watching him with another woman. 

6. He thinks you’ve moved on

If your recent updates include date nights with new guys, your ex might think you’ve moved on. If you’re sharing the journey of your personal development while ignoring his occasional checkup message in your DM, it’s natural for him to think you’re over him. 

He wouldn’t want to risk losing time or his heart again to someone who doesn’t care for him anymore. He probably isn’t finding your vacation pictures and videos with hot guys encouraging. So he blocks you.

7. He thinks it’s the logical next step

Sometimes, the reason an ex-partner blocked you could be because the idea sounds logical. For example, if your ex discovers that you deleted all the pictures and videos of both of you from your Instagram feed, he might think blocking you is the saner option.

If your profile picture was a picture of both of you and you change it, he’d find it painful. However, despite the emotional impact, he knows the sane thing is to distance himself from you, even on social media. Whether you will get your ex back or not, he needs to protect his mental health at that moment.


Why did my ex block me after 3 months of no contact on Instagram when we don't even follow each other?

If your ex couldn’t deal with seeing you happily moving on with your life, he might decide to restrict himself from catching up on your daily online activity. It doesn’t mean he’s over you, but he’s decided to choose ignorance over emotional torture.

Why would a guy block you, then unblock you?

If his intention for initially blocking you wasn’t valid, he might think blocking you was ridiculous. He could also unblock you because he still likes you

Does blocking your ex make them miss you?

Yes, the inability to share your life with you through your posts can make your ex miss you. If you were very good to your ex, he will miss you even more.

Is blocking an ex a good idea?

If your sanity is being threatened by constant contact with your ex, it’s okay to restrict yourself and him from viewing each other’s accounts. If seeing him doesn’t cause you any pain and you aren’t acting petty just to get back at him, there’s no need to block him.

Is blocking someone immature?

It is totally okay to block someone who is invading your personal space. Your social media platform is your environment. No one has the right to desecrate or infringe on it with their toxicity.

In Conclusion

Sometimes, blocking an ex can be tricky, other times, it’s simple. Make your blocking decision based on the way your connection with your ex ended. If you still want him back, blocking him might not help. If you’re over him or he’s not good for your sanity, blocking him is a perfect choice.

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