Smart Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media

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Social media is a great place to communicate to people no matter the distance, the time, or the place. It is the best human invention that have altered our life in so many ways. But does it always bring a good impact to our modern day?

Everything have a good side and a bad side. Sadly, in our modern day to day life, social media have brought more harm than good in so many ways. You can start to see the negativity seep into our habits and behavior which is dangerous. Which is why we need to start controlling yourself by stopping.


Reasons Why You Should Quit Social Media Because It's Bad

reasons why you should quit social media because it's bad
  1. It Makes You Socialize to Real People 
  2. It Makes You More Honest
  3. It Makes You Less Judgmental
  4. It Makes You Less Insecure
  5. It Makes You More Inventive
  6. It Makes You More Imaginative
  7. It Makes You Become More Of A Brave Person
  8. It Makes You Learn What A Great Critic Is
  9. It Makes You Less Reliant To Other People’s Validation Of You
  10. It Makes You Less Lazy
  11. It Makes You Less Of A Complainer
  12. It Makes You Sleep More
  13. It Takes Less Time Out Of Your Life
  14. It Makes You Have More Time To Make A Meaningful Life
  15. You Will Not Show Physical Exhaustion Every Time
  16. There Are Less Hoax News
  17. It Makes You Less Materialistic
  18. It Makes You Have A Better Money Management
  19. Cutting Social Media Means Relaxation
  20. Making More Meaningful Encounter
  21. It Makes You Have More Peace
  22. It Makes Your Mind More Organized
  23. It Makes You More Focused
  24. It Makes You A Perfectionist In A Good Way
  25. Makes It Easier For You To Express Yourself
  26. Makes You Have Less Things To Worry About
  27. Makes You Be Able To Prioritize What You Want In Your Life
  28. Makes You Identify What You Need In Your Life Better
  29. Connects You To The Right People
  30. Less Social Media, More Real Life 

More Tips On Why Quitting Social Media Is The Best

more tips on why quitting social media is the best

Still unsure on how to quit that addiction of yours? Well don’t worry, here are more factual tips on reasons why you should quit social media;

  1. Makes You Less Impulsive
  2. It Develop Your Critical Thinking
  3. It Makes People Not Have An Excuse To Be A Bad Person
  4. It Makes You Deal With Mental Illness Better
  5. It Makes You More Interesting
  6. It Makes Your Relationship In Real Life Long Lasting
  7. It Makes You Find Your Sense Of Self
  8. It Makes You Show The Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say
  9. It Can Save You From A New Wave Of Criminality Which Is Cyber Bullying And Scam
  10. Makes It Easier For You To Use The Right Language 
  11. Rising Interest In Reading
  12. It Makes You Harder To Become An Addict
  13. It Makes You Not Fall Into Depression Easier
  14. It Makes You Not Fall Into False Information Easier
  15. Makes It Harder For People To Spread Hatred 
  16. Makes It Harder For People To
  17. You Can Do Better In Saying And Doing The Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out
  18. It Makes You Learn How To Solve Problems Better
  19. It Makes You Want To Start Helping Other People
  20. It Reminds You To Be Grateful 
  21. It Reminds You Of Your Privilege
  22. It Brings You Back To Yourself Aside From Your Busy Day
  23. You Have A Better Mood Throughout The Day
  24. You Wake Up Feeling More Energized
  25. You Are More Disciplined
  26. You Will Feel Signs That Someone is In Love With You More And More
  27. You Are More Motivated
  28. You Are More Resilient
  29. You Can Express Love More Genuinely
  30. You Can Express Hatred In The Right Way
  31. You Learn To Pick What Influence You And Your Thoughts
  32. You Learn To Protect Your Energy And Your Aura
  33. You Learn To Respect Yourself More
  34. You Learn To Respect Others More
  35. You Are Less Of A Procrastinator
  36. Your Dreams Can Come True
  37. You Are More Of A Self Observer
  38. You Have More Motivation To Be A Better Self
  39. You Can Get Rid Of Bad Thoughts Easily
  40. You Are More Genuine In Showing How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You Over Text To Other People

Signs You Are Living An Unattached Life

signs you are living an unattached life

Now your addiction that have been sucking on your energy have been stopped, you will start to see wonderful signs that your life is turning from boring to completely meaningful;

1. You Grow Your Own Sense Of Self

Without all the negativity and boundaries that the social media community have shaped for you, you can now grow your own sense of self apart from what the society wants which will lead you to peace and everlasting happiness.

2. You Are A Better Person To Other People

You are more social, grateful, and kind to other people because all of the bad thoughts that come to your head have been removed as you remove social media. It proves that disconnecting from social media is a great way to Ways to Get Scary Thoughts Out of Your Head.

3. You Have More Time To Grow

Since social media is very time consuming, cutting it off makes you have more time to grow.

4. You Are Your Own Best Friend

You no longer search for the validation of others when you are completely cut off from the platform that allows you to be reliant to that toxic thing.

To be aware that we are too attached with social media means that we are unchaining yourself from the longest thing that keeps us imprisoned. It sure isn’t easy but you can strengthen your will by reminding yourself the reasons why you should quit social media. Doing this will make you see the positive signs that comes from an unattached life.

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