Use These 17 Tips To Make A Man Crazy About You

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Love is the greatest thing you could have on earth. It is the peak of our life and everyone would do anything to have it in their life. Love is not an easy game too. The only thing you can do when chasing love is reading your partner’s emotion to see if they love you too. But with a man, their emotion is hidden. How do you know if you got them in your charm?

Betting on feelings are one of the main activity when you are chasing love. So to make the game of love easier, you need to make your man crazy about you. Why? Because someone who is crazy about you, even if they are the most emotionless man on earth, they will show their undying attraction towards you. There are a few tips to make a man crazy about you, and it will make him fall for you in just a short time.


1. Know Yourself And Be Yourself

The old saying comes again. Be yourself is probably the most basic thing you have heard in pretty much every part of your life. But have you done it? Sometimes in order to appeal to one person we forgot who we are and we become who they want us to be. This makes a man not attracted because they know when you are not honest with who you are. Being yourself is easier said than done.

So what you have to do is to know yourself first. Know what you like and don’t like, the values you hold in your life, what you really look for in a person. When you know yourself, man will be more and more attracted to you because they feel like you are not an exact copycat of who they are and that you are not just a people pleasures.

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2. Confidence Is The Key

confidence is the key

In almost every movie, usually the sad and heartbroken girl gets noticed by the guys and it ends up with the guy saving her life and making her life better. But in the real life it is not the case. Not having confidence in who you really are as a person will not be considered good, instead it will attract all the bad guy that will want to use you for your vulnerability.

In the real world, being confident is the only way to go. Confidence attract every good man. Be confident in doing the things you like, living your life, and most importantly, be confident in who you are. A confident girl with attract every good man that is ready for a real relationship.

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3. Be Independent

Being confident will make a man attracted to you but the best tips to make a man crazy about you is by being independent. Being independent means being able to stand on your own, handle your own problems and lead a healthy life. But do not mistake this for being closed off. Being independent only means that you will do fine with or without a help. Being independent will make a man attracted to you because what a man looks for is a girl with a healthy life and not someone messy.

A man do not want to fix your life and stitch it back together. This kind of independent attitude will make man feel like you are harder to get, and once he is in your arm, you will be the most precious and admirable person he have in his life.

4. Do Not Demand A Lot And Do Not Be A High Maintenance Girl

As we said, man do not want any trouble to come to their life so what they are looking for is someone that does not demand much. That is why being a high maintenance girl will not do the trick for them. If you only want to walk to a room with a carpet, do not want to get messy or if you cry when your make up is smeared, that makes you high maintenance.

A high maintenance girl is someone that is reliant on a lot of things to be perfect for them and if they don’t have it, then it will be a deal breaker. Man loves to have a girl that is strong and practical, someone they can fool around with and take it easy. A lot of man feels that if you are a high maintenance girl, you are not a girlfriend material and will only bring pain to their life.

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5. Have Self Respect

have self respect

Having self respect from man that you know your worth and standards and you will not let anyone stomp on those things. When you have a great self respect, it means that you will not let a man break your heart when they reject you. Moreover, you will not beg, cry and be desperate in order to get them. It will make you seem like an easy catch, and even someone that they can use all they want.

Having elf respect also means that you will speak out about your values, what you want or don’t want, and what you desire. If you don’t like a man to be with another girl while he is in a relationship with you, then say so. Be clear about your values, this will create respect from a man to you and this is what leads them to being crazy about you.

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6. Be Busy

Being a busy bee is actually what attracts men most. This is one of the most important yet mostly unsaid tips to make a man crazy about you. When you are busy, meaning you have a lot of great things going on in your life, man will admire you more and feel that you are a great person to have in their arms. Being busy also leave a subtle impression that you are hard to catch. So be busy and man will swarm all over you.

7. Be Open To An Incoming Feeling

Sure, you can be confident, independent and many more. But if you can’t handle love, then what is really the point? Being open to an incoming feeling means that you are ready to be in a relationship and to love. The characteristic of someone in this state of mind is usually someone kind, tolerating and loving. Man needs love and if you are open to giving, they will chase you to the end.

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More Ways To Make Him Crazy In Love With You

1. Take Care Of Yourself

Be put together, do not look like your life is a complete mess.

2. Flirt 


Put in a little effort to swoon her and he will be really impressed.

3. Know Your Limit When Trying To Make Them Happy 

Do not go overboard and do whatever he wants you to do, know your limit.

4. Do Not Spill Everything In One Time 

Do not spill every little details about yourself all at once. Give him information about you one at a time so he gets more intrigued.

5. Demand 

Demand what you want in a man. This will make him know that you are strong, he will become more interested.

6. Have Your Own Life And Dreams 

Do not bow down to his every step. Make a life of your own and chase your own dream. This will make him really attracted to you.

7. Be Kind

Being kind makes a really good impression on a man and it will make him think that you are a worthy person to have in his life.

Signs That A Man Is Crazy About You

Enough with the ways and tips to make a man crazy about you. How do you actually know if a man is already inside your charm? Here are the signs that your charm have captured him.

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1. He Makes A Constant Effort To Be In Your Life

he makes a constant effort to be in your life

He will constantly text you (even double texting), he will always be around and he will make an effort to contact you even if they do not have your number. A guy who is absolutely crazy about you will not care about the norms on not to double text or not to seem to clingy. They will show that they are really attracted to you, even if they are not aware of it.

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2. He Makes You A Priority In His Life

A man who is crazy about you will not be afraid to make you a priority in his life. This man will do whatever you want to do and help you in every way even if he have some other things to do. For them your well being and happiness is what matters most. You know you have a man like this when you said that you have a problem and he will be the first man running to make you feel better.

3. He Always Try To Make Your Days Better And Easier

Gifts will be pouring from him and constant affection is to be expected too. When he is crazy about you he will want to make your days better by giving you things or doing something that he knows you really like.

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Making a man crazy about you is not always hard. It just need a few things you already have in yourself. So apply these tips to yourself and see if they like you with the signs we have provided.

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