What Does It Mean When An Aquarius Man Says He Misses You?

Last updated on May 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

What do you feel when a guy suddenly texts you, “I miss you”? Do your heart suddenly feel like want to jump out? Or are you even confuse?

Well, according to an astrology expert, when a guy said he misses you, it doesn’t always about he loves and literally wants to see you. There are various interpretations, as guys are having to admit or showing any emotion or everything what’s in his mind.

If your man is an Aquarius, then you come to the perfect article. Here we share some meaning when your man/ male friend says he misses you.


1. Not Over the Top Missing you

Aquarius is very good at communicating with others. He is very friendly and seems always happy and open up to anybody. Hence, if your Aquarius close friend suddenly says he misses you, you need to look up how close you are both.

If you think you are a ‘friend – zone’ state, then he probably says this because he misses your company as his friend. Or he needs your help or something else but it doesn’t always mean negative. However, if you are in a ‘intimate – enough – relationship’, it is a high possibility that he literally misses you and wants to meet you soon. But if you are in a relationship, well, it doesn’t need further explanation, right?

2. Stalking Your Social Media

stalking your social media

Here is your next investigation if a guy friend or your dream guy suddenly says that he misses you. Look up your social media and aware if he stalks you online, such as liking or commenting your post or old photos of you, or seeing your Insta – story, ect.

When a guy says he misses you and he stalks you online, then he surely misses your present as he actually look up what you are up to and uses your social media to find out. Thus, it is highly possible that he misses you as his lover.

3. He Wants to See You

If you are close enough or you notice he has a crush on you, then it most likely means that he wants to see you. It is very normal for a guy who misses a girl and talk about wanting to see her.

However, don’t jump into a conclusion that he probably wants to see you as lover or a girl whom he adore to, because a man can say a thing and do another. You can see how hard his effort is, thus you will know his intention is. If he makes extra effort to just see you rather than just say ‘I miss you’ through text, you can think twice.

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4. Actually Makes Plan to See You

It sounds sweet to a girl when a guy tells her that he misses her. But, if he does plan to surprise you or planning to see you soon, it is a magical. Especially if you both are not in a relationship yet.

If he proves his ‘I miss you’ text with his actual plan and present, then it is a rock – solid proof that he misses you and into you a lot. If he is eventually your ex and willing to fly out just to prove you how much he misses you, then it is a clear cut that he wants you back.

If this happens to you, you must decide either going back to past relationship or reject him directly. Be aware of this flattering action, please.

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5. Mr. Jealous

mr. jealous

Sometimes, Aquarius man can show his jealousy by saying this. Let’s say you were in your friend’s party then a hot guy posted a picture with you and you are tagged in your social media. If he is head over heels to you, he will naturally get jealous especially when you look beautiful and hot in that photo.

He will instantly get bothered that you are not on his arm and on other man’s arm instead. If this is the case, then he clearly wants your present and doesn’t want you with other guy again as he is jealous.

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6. Mr. Really Curious

When a guy tells you that he misses you, it might mean that he is curious about what you are doing now. When a guy is attracted to a girl, he tends to feel curious especially when he is away with his dream girl.

Hence if a guy tells you that he misses you and the chat or talk continues to the point where he wants to know more about what you are up to is definitely a signal that he really misses you. Especially when he is in a long distance relationship with you or when he has a crush on you but separated by distance.

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