24 Signs A Shy Guy Loves You And Wants You Secretly

by Michelle Devani

Is there a shy guy in your life that you would love to get to know better?

Are you wondering how he feels about you?

You probably are, because shy guys aren’t exactly the greatest at showing how they feel about  someone. 

Nevertheless, there are a few subtle signs that shy guys tend to show when they are attracted to a woman - and I’ve listed them below.  

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Of course, it may be that this specific shy guy may already be head over heels in love with you. Read on to discover the signs that this is the case.

Signs A Shy Guy Loves You and Wants You Secretly

Do you ever see the Signs That Someone is In Love With You ? Sometimes these signs are easy to spot because people are open. People who are open will be confident in showing their feeling and expressing how they want to be with you. Well that is not the case with some people. How do you know if a guy likes you if he constantly hides from the world?

A shy guy is not common but they are still there. These guys are closed, intimate and they crave a more personal relationship. Because of their shyness, they find it hard to find feelings. But  they still show the Signs when Guys Fall in Love with You through some unfamiliar method. Do not miss it because you will miss out on a chance to be with a great lover. Here are some proven signs a shy guy loves you:

1. He starts the conversation

For a shy person, it is not easy to start a conversation because they prefer to be alone. When you constantly see him start a conversation with you, that means he really goes out of his way to catch your attention. This means that he loves you because he is willing to break his patterns and go out from his comfort zone to be close to you. This is the most fundamental signs a shy guy loves you.

2. He greets you with a smile

He greets you with a smile

One of the traits of shy guys is that they usually avoid people and they will rarely say hi to people. This is because they are afraid that people wont say hi back. But if he loves you, he will start saying hi to you, even with a smile, so that you will notice him. This is actually a way for him to make you know his presence plus it is also a way to see your smile.

3. He ask you to hang out with him

Another milestone that a shy guy do is asking people to hang out with him. This is unusual because they do not like people and they are not typically the one to initiate social events. So if he do this, although he stutters, consider yourself special. Take the offer with some enthusiasm so that he feels happy that he get out of his comfort zone.

4. He stares at you when you are not looking

Guys like these do not like to be spotted. But when they are in love with you, they can’t help but obsess over you. So what they will do is stare at you secretely. A great way to see if he si really staring at you is by yawining or shifting your gaze to a higher point in the room. If he mimics your act, it really means that he has been staring at you.

5. He shows some body language that means affection

It is easy to control what you want to say to your crush but our body will tell the truth about how we really feel. whenever you talk to him try to see these signs. If he fidgets a lot, gulps, blush or tap his feet a lot when he talks to you, that means he is really nervous when talking to you. Being nervous is the signs a shy guy loves you.

6. He gets defensive

This is another out of character thing he will do because he loves you. When you are in trouble or you are attacked by some people, he will suddenly stand out and defend you. He will either shoo that people away or he will shield you from an incoming harm. After that he will brush it off and say that it’s no big deal when in fact, it is an action from the deepest part of his heart. This makes him have the Signs He's Boyfriend Material.

7. He opens up

Shy people do not like getting too open because they are scared this vulnerability will make a turn against them. Despite of this fear, a shy guy who loves you will open up to you. He will start talking about his deepest fear, his childhood or what he is feeling right now. This is the highest compliment from shy people. Doing this means that he trust you and he feels safe around you, which is the signs of love.

8. He constantly reaches out to you through social media

Social media is an easy way to hide yourself because all you need to do is to type and post without showing who you are. For a shy person this is an advantage because he can hide his true awkwardness. That is why he will talk to you a lot online and he will continually try to keep the conversation going. Although this is done, he might not talk to you in real life because he is still very shy to make a move.

9. His friends tease him when you are around

Shy guys usually open up the most around their friends. Opening up means telling them about his love interest. So whenever you are around or you pass by, their friends will tease him and push him towards you playfully. This is one of the common ( Signs That A Man Has A Crush On You )

10. He gives you gifts

A lack of media to show his love will result in small gifts coming your way. This gifts can be a simple box of chocolate or a note. Shy guys will be super nervous when they give it to you and they will start showing physical signs that they are attracted to you. Or this kind of guy will give you the gift anonymously so he can stare at you, who is smiling, from afar. Your smile is the greatest gift for him in his point of view.

11. He treats you differently from other woman

This is one of the common signs a shy guy loves you. Try to compare his behaviour around you with his behaviors around other girls. If he is different around you, in a positive way, that means he is really interested towards you. Being different can mean being different in the way he looks at you, act around you or talk to you. You just have to sit, observe and compare.

12. He stutters when talking to you

He stutters when talking to  you

A weird but good signs a shy guy loves you is that they lost their words or stutter whenever they talk to you. This is because they admire you so much and do not want their words to break this moment. Do him a favor and loosen up a bit. Do not rush him to get to his point. Do not laugh at his awkwardness. Instead what you should do to make his heart warm is be patient and smile with affection through the whole thing. His heart would absolutely melt.

More Ways To Know If Someone Loves You

Here are more common signs a shy guy loves you:

1. He doesn’t flinch from physical contact

Shy guys usually respect their physical boundaries. But if you touch him playfully and he don’t flinch, it’s a good (sign into). He will even try to make the touch last longer by scooting closer or something else.

2. He wants to help you in any way he can

Guys like this have a kind heart. So when you ask him to do you a favor he will happily oblige. But do not use his love for your own advantage.

3. He stares at you dreamily

Sometimes guys like this will stare at you when you are talking to them with a smile on your face just because he love you so much.

4. He tries to make you laugh

Shy guys are not big on humor. But they will do anything to see a smile on your face. And it will make them even happier to know that the cause is you.

5. He gives you hints

They give you little hints that they like you by giving a description about someone they like or other little cute hints.

6. He does not mind being alone with you

Being alone with another person, for a shy person, can be awkward and uncomfortable. They will sometimes walk out the room if this happens. But because he loves you, instead of running away, he wants to get closer to you.

7. He shows emotion in response to your action

Shy guys like to keep things to themselves, including their emotion. But if they generously laugh or become themselves around you, that means you make him feel happy, safe and it means that he is in love with you.

8. He tells you

You know he really loves you if he overcome his bigger fear of telling you, whether you respond positively or not. This is a Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally

Tips On What To Do If A Shy Guy Likes You

What to do if a shy guy loves you? Well, you may date him cause he's kinda cute tho.

1. Respect his boundaries

Although he love you, he will still get mad if you push his button. So once you know his boundaries, do not try to cross it.

2. Keep his trust

Keep his trust

Once a shy guy get comfortable with you, he will show you the things he never show anyone he isn’t close with. You need to keep his trust by valuing these things and not turning it into a bad situation.

3. Show affection to him

Shy guys sometimes seems reserved and unaffected by emotions. But a little bit of love you show to him can make his whole day. So try your best to show it to him.

4. Do not try to change him

Do not try to make him a new person. This will only hurt him and magnifies his insecurity. If you want to change him this is Signs of Conditional Love

Shy guys are different and they need a different treatment. Be patient and you will get yourself the best lover !

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.