18 Reasons Why You Should Date a Teacher #Excellent!

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We normally see a teacher as the one who helps to acquire knowledge and encourage the students to be better. To be sure, a teacher is an important role model for their student. Whatever they do and tell us is something important for our good. We must respect them for guiding and educating us. Without them, we are just a silly kid. They work all day to get us out from the condition of 'not know anything' to 'know something'. Knowing how a teacher means so much for people's life, do you ever wonder what is it like to have a teacher as your partner? These reasons Why You Should Date a Teacher will give you the answer why a teacher can be a perfect person to build a love relationship with.

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1. A teacher is educated

In order to help and guide their students to achieve knowledge, a teacher has to be educated. They completed their studies in college to get a degree so they can receive a diploma. Going through a study in a college isn't easy. Instead of just attending a class, a college student must do projects, teaching assistantship, and also field work.

The making of the thesis really takes everything from searching the topic, revealing the background of the research,  the hypothesis, analyzing the theories, interpreting the results, until making the conclusion. When a student has finished the thesis arrangement, they must present their results in front of the professors. These processes have made a college student ready to face the professional world.

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2. Teaching is a really good career

Education is really important for a person to reach a better level of life. A teacher has accomplished a formal education that makes them more eligible for getting a better career. Teaching in an educational institution will give a person a stable professional life. They Having a good and stable career is everyone's dream and being a teacher is one of those best careers to a better life.

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3. A teacher is smart

A teacher has completed their formal education where they learned a lot. They improve their knowledge and master their specialties. To help their student to achieve knowledge, a teacher must be smart. A teacher knows what to teach to their students about so they can get something to understand. A teacher also the one the students can ask about everything they don't understand. A teacher's knowledge should satisfy the students' questions.

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4. A teacher has good qualifications

It takes such an uneasy process to finally become a teacher. A teacher needs to go through some assessments and selections to finally become a part of an educational institution. With all the processes they have been through, there is no doubt that a teacher has a good qualification. If a teacher would go through anything to get a job they wish, they will also do anything to be with the one they love.

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5. A teacher has an excellent self-esteem

Being a teacher is not something that everyone can do easily. Even the smartest person isn't always capable of teaching the other people. A teacher needs a self-confidence and bravery to believe in their selves that they are capable of sharing their pieces of knowledge.

6. A teacher loves kids

Teaching in a school makes a teacher meet their students who are kids. Whether it's an elementary school, middle school, or high school, a teacher will spend most of their days seeing younger. All those students are still young and dumb. They need a loving figure to help them achieving something better. There's no way that a teacher doesn't love kids. A loving person like a teacher will make a great lover for their partners.

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7. A teacher is patient

A teacher must handle any kind of students. There are students who are hard to manage, students who talk a lot during class, students who like to skip the classes and any other. There is no denying that these kinds of students make a teacher's job so difficult. But, a teacher will stay patient to face all kind of students. The patience is one of those things that everyone needs to keep their relationship.

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8. A teacher is disciplined

As an educational institution, a school has such a big responsibility for developing a positive character for the students. A teacher is responsible for helping the positive character development by guiding the students about what to do and what not. It can be started from the homework and tasks. To train the students to be disciplined, a teacher gives the exact due for the homework and tasks so they will try their best to finish it on time. When it comes to a relationship, being disciplined is a good thing to have so that a person will focus on the efforts to better future.

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9. A teacher thinks elaborately

Teaching is not as easy as learning by self. A teacher has to be able to explain the studying materials and somehow let the students understand them. Nevertheless, not all of the students can understand easily. A teacher must find a way to give a simpler explanation so they can understand it partially and entirely. This needs an elaborate thinking of a teacher to break the studying material into pieces that are more understandable.

10. A teacher is polite

A teacher doesn't only deal with students. They also have to deal with adults like the other teachers and the students' parents. It makes a teacher get used to being polite. That's really a good thing when you date a person who is polite. As you take them to meet your parents, they will be the one your parents will love.

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11. A teacher is good at public speaking

Speaking in front of the audience may not always be easy for some people. Even the coolest person can still be awkward when they become the center of attention. A teacher has to be able to speak well in front of their students.

12. A teacher is a hard worker

A teacher has to attend to school every day since the morning until the afternoon. They teach some classes in a day, have a teacher's meeting every few days within a week, check the students' homework, make quizzes and exams, make learning textbooks, and any other teaching stuff. To maintain these whole things going well, a teacher should work hard.

13. A teacher loves to motivate their students

A teacher's job is very precious. They help their students to understand what they didn't. They guide the students about what they should do and what they shouldn't in order to achieve a betterment in their studies. Moreover, a teacher encourages their students to believe in their selves that they can make their dream come true. Sometimes, everybody needs someone to motivates them about chasing their dreams. The students always have their teacher's support to make their way to the top.

14. A teacher cares about the other people

A teacher can't just care about their selves only. Somehow, they also care about the other people. When a student doesn't attend the class, a teacher will ask why he or she is absent. If that student turned out to be sick, the teacher will suggest the student's friends visit them. When a student did badly at the exam, a teacher will ask them why and will try to help them to overcome it.

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15. A teacher is open-minded

You will be amazed when you talk to a teacher. They have such open-minded thoughts that makes you comfortable to have a conversation with. They accept the new ideas and appreciate the diverse opinions. Having a teacher as your partner will make you feel great to share your thoughts and ideas. They will support you if it's good for you and will warn you if it's not good.

16. A teacher support the right to education

A teacher loves the idea of the freedom to act, speak or think without restriction. They uphold the freedom to pursue education as a fundamental human right. Teachers support the right to education by establishing a school that's free for children in need. It's amazing how someone do something for someone else's good.

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17. A teacher is like a second parent for the students

The students meet the teacher almost everyday every week. When they are in school, a teacher takes a place of their parents and be responsible for them. This somewhat makes the teacher their second parents. It's really good thing for you who looks for a soulmate to start a family with. A teacher must be a person who is family-oriented. Although they're not even married yet, they treat their students like their children. You will love how they are very caring and loving.

18. A teacher is a role model for their students

Why you should date a teacher? Kids and teenagers need someone to look up to. They are in their ways of finding their selves and they need a good role model they can learn from. Every person who goes to school will always meet teachers. In their process of growing up, a teacher should be a good example for their students. A teacher shouldn't do something inappropriate in front of the students cause they shouldn't think that it's how adults do. A teacher should show the students how to do things in an appropriate way. Bad or good, students will somewhat follow their teachers.

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Well, those are the reasons Why You Should Date a Teacher you need to know that will blow your mind of how amazing a teacher is. It's true if people often say a teacher is a hero without a cape. They sacrifice everything just to make their students achieve a better future. Their kindness is priceless. That is why having a teacher as your significant other is a gift. So, be grateful.

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