28 Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend (No. 12 Is Heartbreaking)

by Michelle Devani

Do you have strong feelings for a guy? Are you unaware whether he feels the same?

It’s a shame to say it, but it’s not always obvious whether a guy wants you just as a friend or something more. It’s common that men will hide their feelings, either not to hurt yours or because they enjoy the validation they receive from leading a woman on.

Of course, it’s important for a woman to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. 

That’s why I wrote this guide featuring the most common signs that a man has no romantic feelings towards a woman and only sees her as a friend. 

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However, it’s not the only solution. There are plenty of behavioral clues that he’ll give away if he only sees you as a friend - and these signs are listed in the article below.

28 Signs He Only Sees You As A Friend

1. Grouping time is more interesting for him

grouping time is more interesting for him

The first signs he only sees you as a friend is being in a group is his interest. He never tries to be alone to hang out in his free time. Moreover to hang out with you only both.

2. He shows if he only wants you in hookup, not more

If he only sees you as a friend, you can see if he never wants to get more relationship or hookup with you. He only wants to be connected, not more.

3. Being your brother is his intent

The warm love is not only you get from your family. You can get it from your friend. Your friend that see you as his friend will consider you as his sister (in a closer relationship).

4. No point for your relationship

He never says something or makes a point for your relationship? If yes, maybe you have to evaluate more his body language. Maybe he only sees you as a friend, do not want to improve your relationship.

5. Ignore him, he does not care

If you have love feeling for your friend and you get jealous because he acts something special for another girl then you do not want to tell him, ignore him then he does not care, it can be a sign if he only sees you as a friend. Maybe he can not understand why you ignore him and he never tries to find your reasons, he shows his careless interest on you.

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6. Flirt with another guy, no jealous signs

You find another boy more interest, good looking, charming and try to make him jealous? If you try and you do not get a result because of no jealous signs that he shows, it can be if he only sees you as a friend. He will not jealous if you treats better another guy than him.

7. Tell you another boy (offering)

Besides he will not be jealous with your act (for another boy), he will also tell you another boy for you. He will be happy if you can connect with another boy that you told him to make him jealous (he does not aware if your real target is him).

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8. He sets up your meeting time, not dating time

Saturday night alone? Then you want to try to call him but he will say if he is ready to meet, not to date? It is a sign if he only sees you as his friend. He never meets you in romantic setting up.

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9. Patchy contact, lovely connectivity for him

Because you are not his lovely, patchy contact is more enough for him. He never wants to get more contact intensively with you. Occasionally contacting is usual for him.

10. Recoil physical contact with you

Physical contact with our lovely is the natural thing. But if he recoils physical contact with you, it is a sign if he only sees you as his friend.

11. No nudge effort

As the mentioned above, physical contact is natural things between a boy and a girl that love each other, if he does not have nudge effort to you, it can be a sign if you are not his special. You are only a friend, not more.

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12. Lets you sleep over (No kiss)

You spends a long day with him then you tired and sleep together? If you sleeps beside him and he lets you sleep over, it is a sign if he does not interest you. He lets you sleep over and does not care what you do, he will not try to get closer and kiss you.

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13. He doesn't treats you differently

he doesn't treats you differently

The best sign that you can find if he only sees you as his friend is his treatments. If you are not special for him, he will treat you not better than other. He will treat you all the same way.

14. Introduce you to his girl zealously

Besides his girl, you are also the one that spends much time with him? If you are the one but he tries to introduce his girl to you zealously, you can take a sign if you are only in a friend zone with him.

15. You make a move, but no respond from him

Love absorb many energies of us, it is why if he loves you, he will know you make a move and respond to it. Your energy of moving attract him to give respect. Your vibes influence his interest.

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16. You are not in his future plan

As a friend maybe you will hear if he tells you about his future plan but you will not find you in his future plan. He will say “I” in his future plan, not “we”. He feels if he has a long journey that he wants to pass alone, not with you.

17. He acts freely, does not care with your respond

He is not only in tidy appearance when he is in front of you? It is a sign if he acts freely and does not care with your respond about his appearance. The meeting time with you is usual meeting as meeting with his friend (boy).

18. Improving himself in front of you is not his concern

He never does something gallantly if he is on your side? If yes, you can not think if you are his special because he does not improve himself. He does not get more energy when he is beside you.

19. Talks about other girls to you

Besides he will tell you about his girl type, he also will tell you about some girls that get his interest. He will tell another girl to you freely without worries. He will not think about your feeling.

20. He will ask your beautiful friends

For several days, he loves to know about your around but finally, you find if he wants to know about your beautiful friends? It is a sign if he gets more interest on another girl than you. You are not his special that he wants in his life.

21. He sends messages informatively

Often getting messages from his is not a sign if he sees you as more. You have to evaluate what he say in messages that he sent. The romantic, formal or informative message? If he never sends you a romantic message, it is a sign if you are not in his romance life. He sends you messages only to give your information, not to be romantic.

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22. Few effort

Do you have a problem in your life that make you cry? If you cry and you try to get his shoulder to you then he gives you but he does not make a big effort to make you stop crying, it is a sign if he only does few effort for you. A boy that love a girl will make a big effort to stop his girl crying and sadness by doing a big effort. He will spend to stay with you for along day.

23. You are the first

A good news for his better position in his office then he celebrates it but you do not know before because he does not tell and invite you? It is a sign if he only sees you as a friend. If he sees you as more than a friend, you will the first person that will know about his changing life. He will try to involve you in his life, every step of life.

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What To Do When He Only Sees You As A Friend

Get clarity early is much better than you get upset with his feeling. Misunderstanding in a relationship is usual but to receiving is not easy. There is no impossible in life include for feeling. Here, some points that you have to do if you find “he only sees you as a friend”.

1. Giving respect his feelings

It is not easy to at the first time but you have to try because you have to give him a freedom for his feelings. Love is natural deep feeling, not forced feeling.

2. Obtain clarity in your relationship

There is no better way to obtain clarity about love feeling, you have to ask him. Asking him at an early time is much better than you get misunderstanding about his treats to you.

3. Make a limit

To keep your feeling on its track, you have to make a limit and put a line with him. You have to do it because it is a way that can make you easier to move away from him.

4. Foster your friendship

Invent a hostility is much easier than friendship. Yup, it is a reason for you to still foster your friendship with him after you obtain clarity relationship.

5. Change your focus

change your focus

Doing a hobby, find a new hobby and work really hard are the ways to change your focus on the relationship. You have to believe if you have a nice opportunity to meet with your real love.


Falling in love with someone is the natural feeling that can build up from the together time between you and him. But, some guys are not easy to fall in love with his friend. So, as a lover, you have to be a wise to respect and give freedom for other. That's the signs he only sees you as a friend. That's heartbreaking but you will find some good ones out there. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner.

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