Important Things To Know About Someone Before You Date Them

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Nobody wants to date the wrong person. So that some people wouldn't officially start any relationship unless they have known a few crucial things about their significant other. It's not that they are looking for perfection, but this is important so that you will not feel betrayed or being lied.

Everyone has their own important things to know about someone before you date them. A bad relationship can be traumatic to someone that they might be afraid to start another one. The same thing goes for somebody's past relationship. It's important to know whether they have a bad history or haven't even move on yet from their exes. These things will affect your relationship in a very bad way.

Let's cut it off to the list of important things to know about someone before you date them.


1. Their Career And Goals

Their employment status is one of the very first things to know before you date someone. From their job you will find out their lifestyle, their activities, and their circle at work. It's also important to know their future career goals to know what kind of person they are: an ambitious, a lazy person, or a visionary.

2. Their Inner Circle And Close Friends

their inner circle and close friends

You are who your friends are. You have to know who are their friends, what kind of person they are, and what they do when they hang out together. It gives you a big picture about who they are. It will be beneficial if you get close with their friend. You can find out more about who they are from them.

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3. Their View About Sexual Relationship

Sex is not a taboo when you are in a relationship. Since every people has different opinion about sex, you have to make sure whether both of you are in the same page or not. Because if the answer is the latter, it might be a serious problem for you in the future.

4. Their Dislikes And Preferences

It's the basic thing when you just started to know someone. You usually attracted to other since you are connected by common interest. Start from the trivial things like hobbies, music, movies, and lifestyle. If you don't find anything in common with them, rethink about starting a relationship. 

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5. How They Unwind Themselves

After a long, tiring day of work every people has their own way to release all the stress. Some turn the TV on all night watching their favorite shows, some choose to workout, some just want to get a good night of sleep. Find out what they do to unwind themselves and decide what do you think about it.

6. Their Emotional Baggage

Another important thing to know about someone before you date them is their emotional state. You can't be naive and think that they are a good person all around. Even the quietest person can be scary when they get mad. Know their emotional baggage and what's the worst it can be. 

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7. Have They Moved On From Their Exes Yet

have they moved on from their exes yet

You don't want to start a relationship with someone who is still haunted by their past. Before everything, make sure that they have moved on from his exes. You never know what kind of life they lived before and the persons they've dated. The last thing you want is to be their tool to do revenge.

8. Private Space For Each Other

It's impossible for you to spend 24/7 with your lover. You will need your own space every once in a while. Are they okay if you hang out with your friends over the weekend? Are they the type to keep you in check all the time? Are they insist that you should spend all of your free time together with them? 

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9. Their Boundaries In A Relationship

Let's say that you have an opposite sex best friend you have been with forever. While you think that it's okay to have your best friend by your side, turns out they always jealous with your friend. Avoid anything that may cause problem in your future relationship.

10. Their Expectation To A Partner

When people say that expectation kills, you have to trust it. When you expect certain things from your partner which they are unable to meet, your relationship will be experiencing a downfall. Do they want to you to be there for them all the time or they are the kind who manage everything well on her own? Find out in which side they are in. 

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11. Their Relationship With Family

A family has their own uniqueness like no others. And your relationship with yours affect your relationship with your partner, in a bad and good way. You should know how close they are with their family. Some people has a family who keep interfering their love life to the point that they have no privacy.

12. How They Manage Their Money

how they manage their money

Okay, you are not seeing the prospect to get married yet. But money is a sensitive thing for everyone. You don't want to date someone who lavishly throwing out money that they have no saving. But you don't want to be with someone so cheap that they never treat you for a meal. It will be your concern someday if you don't sort things out as early as possible. 

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13. Do You Love Them Or Not

Here comes the most important thing. After knowing all those important things, it's time for you to decide whether you love him or not. When you have a mutual feeling, at least you will give your best to make it work.

You see that there are many important things to know about someone before you date them. You can weigh whether you really want to date them or not after knowing all of those facts. Every people you date would leave their mark in your life. You better be careful of who you want to enter your life.

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