5 Ultimate Reasons Why You Must Encourage Girls You're Dating to See Other Guys

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you are dating a girl, you have to make sure that she is comfortable with the relationship. One of the ways that you can try to make her feel comfy with you is let her see other guys.

Maybe some of you will think that it will only give her some kind of toxic freedom, and may leads to betrayal. But, if you can do it right, it will give both of you some advantages.

Now, to make you sure, here are 5 major reasons why you must encourage girls you're dating to see other guys.

  1. You can see other girls, too

By giving her the freedom to see other guys, you also had set freedom to yourself to see other girls. Instead of being afraid to be judged as a cheater, you still can go out, hang out, or even flirt with another woman, too.

But this option wouldn't be a recommendation if you want to be serious to your girl.

2. Eliminates toxic demands

Too many demands and neediness is a major silent killer of a relationship. When both of you have the freedom to do everything you want without any rules, it will be more healthy for your relationship.

3. Build up trust

If you let your dating partner do everything she wants, it means you had already open yourself to trust her. It will be a way to show signs a man is emotionally connected to you. Tell it to her, and she will keep your trust towards her and trust you back. You have to notice signs your partner is thinking about cheating.

4. Keeps the relationship interesting

Keeps your relationship to be safe and sound not always be good. Boredom also could kill your relationship. Set some kind of freedom will let your relationship to grow and add some colour to it.

5. You can confront your insecurities

When you know that a girl that you date also date another guy, you will ask yourself, are you as good as that man? Or even, which one will she choose? Having some question that may lead to insecurities will help you to develop confidence and help you to solve it better than before.

When you let your dating partner to date another person, you also let her to make a comparison between you and her another partners, so she have a chance to choose which one she likes. It also could motivate you to be a better guy.

Beside know signs of a cheating partner in a relationship, you have to know some signs that your date isn't into you and prefer another guy.

  • She attached to their phone or other devices when you both are in a date
  • She talked excessively about her exes
  • She leans away from you, body language can't lie, though
  • She talks too much, or she being abnormally quiet
  • Every date ended early with no good signs
  • And finally, you will not feel it deep inside your heart

To make every of your date succeed, here are some tips on how to make her love you.

  1. Always start and continue a great conversation

A smart and thoughtful guy won't fail to attract every girl. Show your qualities.

2. Take all of the pressure off yourself

Don't be too pushy towards yourself. Just be yourself.

3. Compliment her

Every girl like to be complimented. Tell her that she is beautiful no matter what, and appreciate everything she does.

4. Don't ghost on her

It will make her feel uncomfortable. Show her some trust.

5. Don't be too serious

Every girl loves a man with good humor sense.

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6. Surprise her

Give her some subtle surprise. Not only with give her things she want, surprise her with yourself.

7. Show your interest to her life

Ask her about people who matters to her, get to know her friends and families.

8. Don't seek for her approval

You have to show that you are an independent man that sails your own ship.

9. Don't court her

You have to attract her, and you must know the difference between courting and attracting.

10. Last but not least, body language

Action means more than a thousand words. Mind your body languages.

Well, good luck with your date, and always date someone who can give good things to you. Don't forget the ways to tell a woman you love her.

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