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When it comes to a relationship, usually the dependence are mutual. This is because the love is real. But what are the signs that someone is really connected to you in a deeper level?

Emotional connected is a state where someone feels that they are linked to you through an emotional or deeper state. In a relationship, this is a great thing because it can help strengthen the relationship. Here are the positive signs a man is emotionally connected to you;

1. He Smiles When He Sees You

When someone smiles when they see you, what they are saying is that they are really happy to be so close to you.

2. He Is Always Gentle With You

he is always gentle with you

Never using harshness with you means that they really love you that they want to be as gentle to you as possible.

3. Silence With Him Is Always Comfortable

If you have uncomfortable silence with him, what it really means is that you are still not that close to him.

4. Your Fights Never Last Long

Fights almost always stay because of a loss of connectedness. When you have the signs a man is emotionally connected to you, fights won’t last.

5. He Never Uses Your Weakness Against You

This is because he really values your trust and your openness.

6. Both Of Your Love Is Unconditional

He shows you the How to Be a Better Lover, and you to him too.

7. He Never Embarrass You On Purpose

There is no value in hurting someone you deeply love and for him, this is the Sweetest Ways to Say How Much You Love Your Girlfriend.

8. He Is Always Kind Towards You

Kindness comes when a heart is flourished with love, just like his heart towards you right now.

9. He Is Selfless When He Is With You

How could he be so selfish that he thinks too much about himself? One of the Signs He is Your Real Soulmate is that he puts you first before him.

10. Making You Happy Makes His Day Better

Your happiness is his number one priority because seeing you happy makes him happy too.

11. He Never Talk Bad About You

Once you feel so connected with someone, you feel like mocking them is like mocking yourself then.

12. Always Finding Happiness From His Interaction With You

A simple interaction with you can absolutely boost his energy which is why he likes to use the Funny Ways To Cheer Someone Up Over Text.

13. Feeling Like He Doesn’t Need To Explain Himself Too Much

feeling like he doesn't need to explain himself too much

When you feel so connected with someone, you feel understood so that you wipe out the tiredness that comes from constantly explaining yourself.

14. Not Trying To Prove Himself Too Much Towards You

A feeling of being understood can make him not act crazy to prove his worth towards you.

15. Always Coming To You When Things Go Bad

When things go bad or he feels blue, he knows you are someone he can trust to make him feel better and to take care of him.

16. Always Appreciating Your Presence

Your presence alone can be such a joy. Because of this he wants to repay you with the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved.

17. Loving Communication With You

Any types of communication with you will make him really happy and joyful.

18. Will Never Leave You

How could he leave someone that he already feel so connected with?

19. Show His Loyalty Towards You

Playing games with your life and your emotion is not even a thought that cross his mind.

20. Always Initiating To Spend Time With You

He always seems to be the one that wants to spend time with you.

21. Like To Be Alone With You

Being alone with you is great because he can pour his heart out.

More Ways To Know That He Feels Understood By You

more ways to know that he feels understood by you

It is rare to see that a man feels understood by you. But maybe the problem is you just don’t know that someone is showing that sign towards you. Check if he have these signs;

1. Opening Up To You Without Fear

There is no fear in opening up about his past or his problem when he is with someone he can trust so much.

2. Showing His Emotion Without Fear

Guys are known to be emotionless but not when he is feeling emotionally connected to you.

3. Always Choosing You

If he needs to make a choice, the pick will always be you.

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4. Say That He Feels Understood By You

He verbally say the thing you want to hear.

5. Starting To Incorporate You To His Life More

Because his immense trust, incorporating you in his life more seems to be a natural thing to do.

6. Wanting To Listen To You

He feels that he owes you his joy so he wants to listen to you.

7. Wanting To Understand You More

Understanding you is the thing that he likes to do.

8. Remembering Little Details About You

Details about you are the thing that he never forgets.

Tips On How To Make Him Stay

tips on how to make him stay

An emotionally connected man really trust you and what you need to do is to keep this good relationship going. Do it by seeing these tips on how to make him stay;

1. Never Cross His Trust

Trust isn’t given easily so when you have it, please keep it well by not crossing the boundaries that you know will break his trust.

2. Always Be Genuine And Honest With Him

Honesty will make his trust towards you strengthened.

3. Keep The Communication Going

Communication is the key to a strong relationship.

4. Show Love Towards Each Other

Show each other love to keep the relationship intact.

A man doesn’t show his emotion often so when he feels emotionally connected to you, something special is going on. Which is why you need to be prepared to read the signs a man is emotionally connected to you. Once you know that he have those signs, you need to do the tips to make him stay.

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