Worst Signs He Is Cheating With A Coworker (Warnings!)

Last updated on May 28, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you worried that your boyfriend is cheating with a co-worker?

Is he spending too much time at work with a certain female colleague?

Is this affecting your relationship? 

If so, you are in the right place - because this expert guide features 33 of the clearest signs that your man is up to no good with some hussie in the workplace. 

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My guide below will help you to realize if there is anything to be suspicious about while your husband is at work.


Is He Cheating With A Coworker?

A couple in love hopes to have a better life when they decide to start a family. Starting a family isn't as simple as dating. Financial preparation is what most of the couple are concerned about. They are willing to work hard day and night to make money. A man should work his fingers to the bone to keep his family lives properly. He plays a major role in his family, a leader and the backbone.

To be a great husband and father, a man must work hard. The struggle starts since he's younger. He pursues education so he can get a stable job. Nowadays, a man is labeled for his career background. Most women look for men with a good career to be their husbands. They expect to be financially stable to live a family.

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Before you can conclude that he's been hooked by another woman at work, you'd better check the signs he is cheating with a coworker. You may think he's loyal and only has you in his heart, but who knows?

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1. He Comes Home Late

he comes home late

This is the first of many clear signs he is cheating with a coworker. You think he's very busy at work until he can't be home early. You understand that it means he works very hard so he can have a better future for you and him. It was all okay until you start questioning yourself like, why does he come home late like really late and it happens almost every day? Is his job very difficult? Or is there something else having his attention?

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2. He Tells You Not To Wait For Him

Like the other times, he says that he's going to come home late. You usually wait for him until he gets home and asks if he's home already. You want to know if he's home safely and see if there's anything you can do even if it's just saying goodnight. Lately, when he's going to come home late, he tells you not to wait for him. You shouldn't know if he's home already or not. If that disappoints you, you know that something has changed.

3. He Barely Takes You On Vacation

When a holiday comes, he used to take you on vacation to the park, spend the summer break on the beach or go on a cruise trip. He used to want to spend his day-off with you. Now that he puts his job first, he barely have time to spend the holiday with you. It makes you die inside how he choose his work over you. How can he not need his girl with him? Or is it true that he has found another girl that he can spend his time with? Do you find the signs he is cheating with a coworker? 

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4. He Doesn't Want To Have Lunch With You

If you can't always catch up with him during the work hours, you should make it in the break time. At least, you can have a lunch together. You expect to take him to a restaurant during the lunch time, or if he's still busy you can bring him a lunch box. But, things don't always go the way they're planned. You tell him that you're coming to your office for lunch, but he says you shouldn't do that.

5. When You Call Him, You Hear A Woman's Voice

When you're calling him out, he says he's busy and he's gonna call you later. But it's not only his voice that you hear, there's a woman voice on the back. You want to believe that maybe he's in a meeting and you hear his co-worker speaking. You try hard to think positively until you hear that woman calling him babe.

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6. You Found A Lipstick In His Car

What's more signs he is cheating with a coworker? You drive his car and you found something that makes you suspect him even more that he's been having an affair behind your back. You found a lipstick that's obviously not yours. How could that thing is in his car if it's not because he's been spending time with a woman? The proof is in the air now. There's no doubt that he's cheating.

7. He's On His Phone A Lot

he's on his phone a lot

Even when he's with you, you fail to have his whole attention. He always seems to have something to do with his phone. You understand that his job needs him to be available to contact. But, are you sure that it's all about work that he's been keeping in touch with? Is it too much to think that there may be another person that he contacts beyond the work stuff?

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8. He Doesn't Want You To Come To His Office

As his girl, you want to make time for him. Even in his busiest time, you want to be the one he needs. You come to his office to surprise him with his favorite food. Instead of being happy that you come, he says that you will better not come. He seems uncomfortable knowing that you're around.

9. He Barely Buys You Stuff

When he first received his salary, he always brought you something to make you happy. He brought you make-up, nice dress, fancy shoes, or at least your favorite food. Recently, he no longer buys you stuff. Is it because doesn't seem to have time for that, or he doesn't care about you anymore?

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10. He Doesn't Tell You Where He Has A Business Meeting

There are times that business meeting is done outside the office. Every time he has a meeting, he doesn't tell you where it is. It's gonna be harder for you to watch him out. The suspicion grows bigger here.

11. He's Hardly Available To Call

Every time you want to call him, his phone is always busy or inactive. You think it's probably because he's currently in a meeting, but when it's supposed to be a free time, he's still hardly available. It's time to think that something isn't right about him.

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12. He Doesn't Take You To His Business Trip

When he has to go out of town for work, it can be the time for you and him to have a vacation. What actually happens is he goes with his co-workers only.

13. He Says 'I'm Fine' When You Know He's Not Okay

You can see that there's something not right about him. You asks him if you've done wrong or he has something that bothers him, but he always says that he's okay.

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14. He Prefers His Work Than You

he prefers his work than you

There are some special moments where you need his presence. You have to attend your relative's wedding and you want him to be your company. At that time, he says he has plenty things to do. It breaks you a little when he doesn't put you first.

15. He Wears Perfume

It's actually normal to want to smell good in public. He wears perfume to work but he never did before. Doesn't it make you question why he does that?

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16. He Doesn't Miss You Like He Did Before

He used to say he misses you when he's out for work and barely had time for you. But now he seems to be okay when he's got to spend most of his time busy at work.

17. He Doesn't Open Up About What's Going On In His Work

Things aren't always going well in his job. There may be an up and down along the road. Whatever happens to his work, he barely tells you what's going on.

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Those are signs he is cheating with a coworker that you should know if he's having an affair with a woman he works with. You understand that a guy like him is any woman's dream guy. Many women will try to make a move and steal his heart. A woman will do whatever it takes to seduce a man she wants. A man who's not loyal will probably get carried away by the woman's seduction.

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If he really loves you, no matter how many women try to steal his heart, he only has his heart for you. He says that he does the hard work for you and your future, but nobody knows what will happen along the road. They say people never change, but nothing is impossible.

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More Signs Your Partner Is Cheating With A Colleague

more signs your partner is cheating with a colleague

These signs he is cheating with a coworker also won't leave you wondering if he's turned out to be the one he says he'll never be:

  1. He barely skips going to work
  2. He says he's tired when you need him
  3. His other co-workers say they see him with a coworker
  4. He says he has a meeting a lot
  5. He rejects your call
  6. You see incoming calls on his phone with a woman's name
  7. He dresses very nice to work
  8. His car smells different
  9. He smells like a woman's perfume
  10. He lies a lot
  11. He misses out many things about you
  12. He no longer gives you a birthday surprise
  13. He bought expensive suits and ties for work but barely buys you fancy dress
  14. He also knows the best shoes' brands for work
  15. You hear a difference when he says 'I Love You'
  16. He asks you to believe in him that everything's okay

Your boyfriend is a hard worker who puts his career as a priority. He wants to be a man who stands on his feet and be able to fulfill his own needs. You're lucky to have him as your boyfriend. But, have you ever imagined that there are many possibilities that many women out there want to steal his heart? A young man with a good career, who doesn't like it, huh?

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