10 Reasons To Stay With Someone Who Cheated On You #1 Every Couples Guide

by Michelle Devani

The act of cheating could be happen everywhere, doesn’t matter about your gender, religion or nationality. Cheating is in the part of our life. But what is cheating exactly? The definition of cheating was action that involve two person who already had significant other and engaged in sexual activities that is not with or outside their primary relationship. But now, the definition of cheating has changed because in this new modern technology era it’s so easy for someone to cheat.

Nowadays, people who get involved into romantic, physical and emotional relationship with other person outside their primary relationship considered as cheating. Cheating doesn’t always mean they have to be sexually involved, but emotionally bounded, getting attached, hiding something from their partner and being secretive can be considered as a cheating too.

Cheating is the worst thing that ever happen to a relationship. We all know that getting cheated on is not nice and painful. I bet you look up to this website because you caught your partner cheated on you and ask for forgiveness, am I right? So you’re looking for other people experience about this on the internet. Do you think your partner still deserve your love after what he did to you? Do you think he deserve second changes?

Apparently, about 35 percent of couples still stay together after discovering an infidelity from their partner. Do you ever think that you know better than them? Well, you don't if you've never had the experience of discovering you've been cheated on or become the person who cheats.

I can tell you what’s gonna happen if you discover your significant other is cheating: You'll be awfully super angry (possibly you’ll reach the point that you will struggle the urge of assaulting or abuse the cheater physically); you will be terribly super sad and feeling disappointed; that you will ask yourself "What is wrong with me? Why does he/she cheated on me?" And here's the least appealing: you can not help trying to picture in detail about your partner having sex with someone else.

So here, I am going to share or let’s say I’m going to give you guys 8 reason to stay or ‘forgive’ with someone who cheated on you.

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1. They Really Regret What They Did

Look into their eyes, listen their explanation why the cheated on you. After you listen all their explanation, you need to analyze whether what they said is real or they just make up the story. You can really see the guilty feeling from their eyes. If you sure they won’t do the same thing again in the future, you need to tell him to make a promise with you to never cheat on you again ever!

Make a commitment, if one of you got caught cheating again, then it’s time to let go. But I am aware if you love them and they will beg you for forgiveness, look in to their eyes, are they really mean it or not. If you want to rebuild a relationship after infidelity or have success with the relationship in the future, people will need to trust each other. By forgiving them, it will reduce the risk of the cheater’s dishonesty and infidelity rubbing off on you. Then you will have the higher chance of being trusting and honest in any relationship.

2. They Know About You Too Much

This probably applied in long term relationship or relationship that has been going for a long time. For example, if you guys started dating since in the beginning of the college, growing together, have been through the bad – good and the happy – sad phases. This would be really hard. Looking for someone we are comfortable with it’s really difficult, we get it.

They literally know too much about you, such as your details, your character, your mood et cetera. And all you wanted to do was just being with them because you already know that they accept you the way you are and you have a thought that no one else won’t be the same as them, always stick around them. This is one of the reason for you to stay after the action they did (cheating of course).

3. Believe in Second Chance

Not all people believe in second chance after they got cheated on. But you believe ‘second chance’ does exist. You got blown away by your partner’s explanation about why, how, where, when about the ‘cheating thing’. Then finally you give permission to them a.k.a forgive them and keep going on the relationship. They gave you so many promises, well the good promises. And you believed them, that it will ended up ‘Alright I forgive you and I give the second chance but you need to fix this.’

We know that you’re broken heart and can’t think straight, but I as well believe in second chance even if it’s sounds unacceptable to give the cheater second chance since it’s marked as infidelity. I believe on ‘people can change’, if they really mean it, they’ll change the bad behavior and try to be a better person.

4. No One Treats You the Same Way As Them

Stuck together in the same situation, helping each other, been through the good and the bad, support in every circumstances, kisses on the forehead every morning, and all the comfortable feeling you get with him. You are to afraid to lose all of this, and always thought that no one will give you the same warmness, love, and will not treat you the same. This gave you hesitation to decide whether is it better to leave them or stay with them. Then you choose to stay because you are too afraid to lose all of the things I have mentioned above.

5. You Are Financially Depending On Them

Money issue is real problem, but this doesn’t mean you only with them because you only wants the money.the relationship itself could start with love and the one of them get bored then decided to cheating on you. But you still depending financially to them. Instead of breaking up, you gave them the permission to stay with you because you still need them financially. You make some point of this.

6. You Already Get to Know His Family Very Well

I once had a relationship with a guy I did not love, and the reason I stayed because me and his mother was bounded like mum-kid relationship. The relationship between me and his mother was very good, she sent me so many gifts and pocket money as well. In my case, he did not cheating on me, not even close. I was the only one for him, but sadly I have to end the relationship since I have no feeling for him.

His mom emailed me and the next day she blocked me on Facebook, I felt sad and broken. This probably will the reason why you choos to stay in the relationship even if you know that he was cheated on you and he regret it. You afraid of losing his family because you already get to know them very well and they like a family for you.

7. You Have Low Self-Esteem

Some people, who have low self-confidence and worth, devalue to themselves. These people do not love themselves enough to make better decisions in their lives. If you believe you are not worthy of more, or afraid you won’t find another, better, hotter man, wiser, more comfortable then you will excuse his cheating. Work on your self-confidence and self-worth before settling for a man that cheats on you.

8. You Believe That lLove Will Conquer All

Love can make people do crazy things (literally), even stay with a man who has been cheated on you. Some women will simply say, “I believe in forgiveness, second chance and I love him so much”. It's always been not easy to define what is love exactly but we know that it feels so powerful and beautiful when we are in love. Love is like the umbrella or vessel for many things such as companionship, relationship status, familiarity, regular sex, and stability. Make sure the things under your vessel or umbrella or whatever you want it to be called of love are meaningful and strong enough for you to stay in the relationship.

9. Don't You Love Them?

There are many reasons to stay with someone who cheated on you but the right reasons is, "Don't you love him/her?" Remember that he used to be the one you call in the middle of the night. He used to whisper you good thing. Also, may be he or she wasn't cheating on you. Maybe it was just a jealousy on your side. Let's just be positive thinking!

10. Yes, You Love Them!

If you leave them them, who you gonna love? Who's gonna love you than he did? You will just remember the kiss, the touch, the warmth, the flirt, the bed, the flowers and everything about them. Maybe, you will also regret your own decision to leave. Okay, there are thousands reasons to leave, but you love them so much. There are also another thousands more reasons to stay with someone who cheated on you. The reason is love.

Why Did Your Significant Other Cheated On You?

There are 2 kind of reason why people cheat from their partner:

1. When the partner is emotionally unavailable, sexually inadequate or not available in general, this is called partner-focused Circumstance.

2. Cheating because the partner has general commitment issues on their-self, attachment issues or the other personal things that they can’t get past.

The first reason does not excuse the cheating act, but it does make it way easier to forgive (even it still sounds difficult). Unfortunately, this gonna means that you need to put more efforts and work if you’re planning on staying in the relationship.

Meanwhile, there are many ups and downs in relationship. There will be always fights, argue nights, unstable emotions, or maybe a big wars. Yet, as love is pure and natural, it must be the fuel that gets you close to each other. Indeed, tell them how much you want to be with them, hold with both hands, and stay. In case you ever heard, always spread love on every corner!

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  1. There is no reason to cheat I'm sorry but not sorry, if you feel as though you would want to do something with somebody else other than your partner. Then just break up, nine times out of ten she's gonna do it again💯💯

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