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Who says women should not express their feelings first to a man she loves? Although most women think it is better to wait than to express it first, but things like that will only make things worse. A man is not a fortune teller who knows everything, a woman will not be labeled an aggressive woman for expressing her feelings first. The matter of the heart is a complicated thing. Feelings are buried so long it will makes chest pain. More painful again, if you as a woman do not hurry in advance, the man you like can be attracted to other women and finally he is dating to someone else.

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Best Tips Get Closer With Someone You Love

The ways below can be tips for you as women who want to express feelings to the man you like. No need to say you like with him directly. Because as a woman, it would be nice to approach gradually with a lovely man. See and read carefully this article, who knows you will be inspired and become more confident to hang out with the man you like. To make it easier for you to apply each step, in this article the tips will be divided into 7 steps.

Step 1 - Be Attentive To Him

be attentive to him

Your attentiveness to the person you like will be an important point for him in responding to you. The unusual attention you give will make him wonder why you did it. And the result will make him curious about you and interested in your behavior. And here are ways for you to be attentive to it, check this out, girls.

1. Always Giving Attention To Him

This kinda love sign have actually been very obvious describes how you feel with him. However, if he is not noticing you, try to be more intense in giving attention to him that the attention you give to him is a true love.

Simply, the attention you can give by simply listening to his story to give advice if he needs. Be a good friend to him, usually men really like couples who can become friends. You do not have to force yourself to do great things if you can not do it.

2. Give Support

You should always support him, either when he was happy or sad. You must always be on his side. That could be a sign for him that you pay great attention to him. If he appreciates your feelings, he would soon reveal his feelings.

But you must remember, you must do it with sincerity. Do not look that you are pushing yourself to support it. Giving support does not mean forcing yourself to accept anything that you do not think is right.

3. Always There When He Needs You

No matter how busy you are, when he needs help, you have to always be there for him. He must be aware that you put a love so great for him, because you are always support him in the toughest time in his life.

But you must remember, you must do it with sincerity. Do not look that you are pushing yourself to support it. Giving support does not mean forcing yourself to accept anything that you do not think is right.

4. Bring Him Favorite Foods

Men like women who cook smart, because the kind of this woman are considered more feminine. You can melt his heart through food that you bring him. You can cook something he liked and made special just for him.

Try to find out first what his favorite food. Then make it for him. If you can not, you can learn first. There's nothing wrong to buy a dish that he likes then you bring to his residence. At least it shows you attention to him. Remember, do not have to make if you do not like. But if you want to learn, of course it's better.

Step 2 - Make Communication With Him

One other powerful way to get him closer to you is by way of communication. Simple communication like talking interesting things will make him comfortable to you. By communicating with him you can also know how his attitude and behavior towards his interlocutor. Some points below can be the inspirations for you in raising interesting topics to be your talks. Hope it works:

1. Build A Familiarity By Talking To Him

build a familiarity by talking to him

Start with simple things like discussions about school or college assignments. Keep to have a familiarity with talk or tell each other. So when you feel connected and comfortable talking with him, then the awkward feeling to be able to express your feelings will be overcome because you are used to it.

Remember, men like women who can be spoken to like friends. Even some men can only be open with people he likes. So he was very hopeful, people he liked could understand what he was talking about. Begin to expand the knowledge of what he likes. Then enjoy talking with him.

2. Tell The Story About Your And His Similarity

Try to find the similarity between you and him. Like hobbies, favorite foods or daily habits. If you have much in common, it will be easier and it can improve your confidence to express love. And usually a man likes women who have similarity with him especially in the term of habit.

At least if you and he have something in common, the relationship that you will experience with him will be much easier. You better understand what he says and vice versa, it is also easier to understand you. Do not believe that the similarity makes life colorless.

Step 3 - Be Sincere In Speaking

Anyone will surely be able to judge the sincerity of an interlocutor during a conversation. No exception a man. A man will also know your sincere feelings when talking to him. Speaking sincerely means you speak to your capacity without forcing what you do not understand. Speaking sincerely will improve your calmness in speaking so that he will be interested in talking to you.

1. Always Be Honest With Him

Honesty should be a signal of your first love to him. In a relationship, honesty is an important thing that must be had by all couples. So stop being someone else when with him. Be honest in the way you do your attitude and speak to him. Surely, he would soon catch the signals of your love and later you can express your feeling to him easily.

This stage has actually entered your stage of showing your affection. He should at least understand what's in your heart. Your attention has shown everything.

2. Chat And Talk With Him

Start opening chats in the real world. Starting from general to specific topics, which interests you both. No need to force him to chat about topics that he likes but you do not, because if you do that it would make you look insincere. The more you talk to him, even if only through chat. Then the opportunity to create closer relations with him is getting wide open. At least, you can measure, how comfortable you are with him.

3. Do Not Ask Interrogating Questions

Send a message to ask for the things that are important at first, and start send unimportant message then (in the umpteenth messages). Avoid probing questions as "Where are you? With whom? Have you eat?". As many women do that and love it. However, in reality, men do not like these as caring questions but bothering.

Step 4 - The Importance Of His Response To You

the importance of his response to you

His response to you whether it is negative or positive, make it as his way or impression toward you. Do not rush to conclude opinion by yourself if he is negative or not in accordance with your expectations. However, the tips below should be able to open your eyes to the response that he gave you. See and read carefully:

1. Negative Response

Realize that a negative response is not a problem. For example when you invite him to talk, the response is just usual or even not respond. Do not think it negative first. It could be because he feels awkward and ashamed of you or maybe he is having a problem he does not want to share with anyone. Most importantly keep trying to get his attention so you can understand it. Use the instinct of your feelings as a woman because it is a powerful secret weapon.

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2. Observe His Responds Towards You

Try to observe whether he has an interest in you or he has traits indicate that he likes you or he is comfortable with you. The point is try to understand the thoughts and feelings. If you can do it, of course you will know what he wants so it will be easy for you to express your feelings of love.

Step 5 - Develop Rumors That You Like Him

Though it classified as reckless, but this way become the powerful ways for men who you like being attracted and curious about you. Most men will be interested if there are rumors about women who love him, and can not be denied again if he likes this activity too. Secretly he will also pay more attention to you. And this following here is how you can spread rumors that you like him without being too suspicious or looking aggressive

1. Spread Rumors That You Like Him

Surely this rumor should start from yourself. This method includes a desperate way because it will impress like gossip. Spread the rumor until he knows it and ask the truth directly to you. When he has come to see you to ask that, it is an opportunity for you to be able to express your feelings to him immediately.

2. Dig Up His Information From His Friends

Approach his close friend who may be your friend too. Invite him to talk and tell him about your coveted man. If you are asked, 'Do you like him?' You can say, 'Just be interested in him, I think he is funny, but I want to know more'. Dig up the information, what is liked, what is disliked, the type of his dream women, their schedules, and so on. Do not be shy to ask.

Step 6 – Physical Contact And Praying

1. Make Physical Contact

make physical contact

Show the gestures that you really like him. For examples, such as leaning on his shoulder. Do not divert your gaze while he is staring at you, embrace his arm when you are walking, and others. That way, he will understand you really like with him and it can make that man likes you too, so you do not have to bother to revise your feelings because he could be the one who will express his feelings to you.

2. Praying

Everything starts with a good thing is praying. Your effort that you prepare and looked forward to every day will not be successful if you are not accompanied it with praying. Praying first, so that you feel calm and it can make you success.

Step 7 – If You Are Rejected

Sometimes not all things the same as we expect. Equally also in the case of romance, acceptance or rejection is common in a relationship. Not everyone can accept our presence well. Sometimes there is a certain reason why he can not accept us. Of course this is better than we are forced to accept our presence by others, while in fact he is very forced it.

What you need to understand is not acceptable is not the end of everything. You can still do anything even if he refuses you. Your life without him is the same as you always do before you like him. Is not it before you express your feelings, she is not in your life? And your life goes well is not it? So do not be excessive if he refuses you. Or you can do the following:

1. Not The End Of Everything

Though you may be embarrassed by the response of the man who rejects you, but be assured that it is not the end of everything. Think positive and optimistic that later you will get the best man and who certainly receives your love.

Men are not just him. Keep your appearance and being mature is the best way to respond to everything when he refuses you. He is important to you but that does not mean he is everything in your life. After all, before he comes your life is also fine. Then when he does not receive you, your life is the same as before his presence. So you just have to live life just as he has not been present in your feelings.

2. Divert The Mind

Try to divert your frantic thoughts because your love is rejected, in a positive way of course doing like follow an active activity, doing something that busied your time, or you can open a business. So your feelings of shame, disappointment and sadness will quickly disappear.

Or if you want to soon forget the one who can not accept your presence, you can meet your best friends that you have not met for a long time. You can remember the mas where you have not met him, then you will easily forget him. You will think: "why should I be like this because I refuse him". You might even find another man if you meet your old friend. You may also believe that friends can help all our problems.

3. Time That Will Help You

Sooner or later, time will help you melt your feelings of disappointmant. Therefore, as well as the point above, so that time can pass quickly, fill it with positive activities that can divert even forget your feelings towards him.

4. Back Up Yourself 

You know, we need to always make a back up plan. Just like, if he is not going to love you then you must be ready to love someone else.

If you believe time will help you forget everything, you do not have to do anything to forget it. You just have to do what you normally do without thinking about it. Let your normal activities help you to forget. Once again you must be firm in yourself, that before his presence he lived you alright. Are you going to make your life suffer just because of your likes? Think again.

Guys Will Love You If You Do These Things

guys will love you if you do these things

Well, there are no great ways how to make him fall in love with you. But, if you these following tips, no wonder if you could catch him by then.

1. Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Well, how to make him fall in love with you? You must be you. But, the best version of yourself. If you are the kind of girl who loves wearing sneakers and just t-shirt, then keep wear it when you are around him. But, wear your best clothes too impress him. If you are good at something, be expert on it and show him then. Just, be shine and let it be the light to make him love you.

2. Hold Him By Heart 

You know, males, only love you if you knock them on the heart. So, touch it. Share him a little love, a little cares, a little kiss. Just a little is enough. So, they will feel how you are the only person who worth his attentions. Also, blow him a little naughty love.

3. Be Another Version Of His Mom

Boys love moms. Even bad boys love mom too. Do something that remind him of his mom. Just like, you can cook him breakfast and cook it by love. By then he will say, "It almost tastes like my mom's!" Also, you can knit him a sweaters that warms him like his mom did.

4. Be A Little Naughty Is Good

Let's be naught for a little while in positive way. Just like, play with his shirt. Wear his hoodie. Learn how he plays video games or things like that. Yet the best ways how to make him fall in love wit you is, blow him silly riddles. Yes, guys love jokes, silly jokes.

5. Stay Beautiful 

Look at his eyes when you talk to him. Sit right next to him and get the whole attentions. Wear your best clothes and put the best smiles. Boys will love you when you love yourself. Stay beautiful, girls.

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Meanwhile, if the guys you love don't love you back, then here are all the thing you need to do:

1. Leave Him Right Now

Girls, you are beautiful. You don't deserve do get rejected. Just leave him and pretend that he was just nothing for you.

2. Make Over

make over

Maybe you need a little touch up. Thus, maybe you need to change your hair style or wear a redder lipsticks cause most of guys fall in love by the first impression.

3. Be Smart

You will use your brain to not falling in love with the ones who just gonna break your heart.

4. Be Beautiful Inside And Out

Explore yourself and make it great. Be beautiful from head to toe.

5. Be Hot

Guys only fall for you when you are hot. I mean, hot from the intellectual and appearance too.

6. Find Someone Better

Girls, you deserve for someone better.

That are such a powerful ways for a woman who wants to express her feelings to the man she likes. One thing that is sure and also can be advice for you is, you will never know how the result if you do not try it first. Do with confident tips from this article and get your true love. Good luck girls.

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