31 Ways To Make A Cancer Man Fall In Love

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you fallen for a handsome Cancerian?

Are you wondering how to make him feel the same way? 

Do you suspect there are some behaviors that Cancer men respond particularly well to? 

Well, your suspicions are correct - and I have listed 30 ideas to make a Cancer man fall in love with you below. 

But first, you will surely be interested in this story of how I transformed from being hopeless in love. 

Throughout my early twenties, I didn’t have a clue what it was that kept a man interested in women. 

I thought I was attractive and fun to be around. I gave everything I had in bed. Yet, that was never enough for my previous boyfriends - and I had no idea why. 

The truth is: I couldn’t develop a real connection with men. And it cost me a lot of great relationships.  

Thankfully, I was able to turn this situation around - and it all started when I found out about a powerful aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

This powerful primal instinct is held by all men - not just Cancers - and significantly impacts on how they feel women who enter their lives. 

By learning how to activate this line of thinking in a man, I was able to dramatically improve their perception of me. It made them want to see more and more. I had become their OBSESSION. 

The emotional bonds I was able to develop were so powerful. Needless to say, it became a lot easier for me to find and keep a boyfriend.

If you would like to learn a bit more about how I did this, you can click to read my personal story

If you’re only interested in advice on attracting Cancer men, scroll down and keep reading.


Cancer Man Personalities

Are you in love but, you want your man to move beyond the friendship to a more romantic relationship with you? 

If you have experienced falling in love with someone you are dating, you would understand that it is not the best feeling to be the only in love. You would want your man to be on the same page with you and love you the same way you love him.

As discouraging as it is to be the only one with these mushy feelings, you should also feel encouraged that it is possible to nudge your man in the right direction and make him feel smitten by you. 

To achieve this goal, it is good to know what his zodiac sign is, not because there’s a special magic to making him fall in love with you but because there are attributes peculiar to each zodiac sign.

What works for a Cancer man might not work for a Capricorn man hence, the need to understand his horoscope and the things that align with it. If you are in love with a Cancer guy, you’re in luck because this article will give you tips on how to make a cancer man fall in love with you too.

31 Ways To Make A Cancer Man Fall For You

1. Your self-improvement game must be top-notch

Cancers are attracted to women who work on progressing from one phase to another. They are not the kind of guys that let themselves get stuck in one position their whole life. That means this zodiac sign will only fall in love with someone willing to make self-improvement a regular thing.

If you are to make this man fall in love, you need to work on getting better every day. Seek higher-level opportunities and push him to do the same.

2. Maintain a balance in your life

It is easy to talk about maintaining balance but, sticking with the principle of a balanced life requires discipline. To make a Cancer man fall in love with you, you need to create a balance in all the activities you engage in. 

Your work life shouldn’t interfere with your relationship with this man or other people in your life. Cancers value balance and they will only love women who will make sure their balanced life is secure. 

3. Try to be vulnerable with him too

Try to be vulnerable with him too

A Cancer guy, like most men, is protective by nature. However, Cancer is very sensitive and emotional. As such, one of the ways to make him fall in love with you is to be vulnerable to him

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He places importance on sensitivity and he will appreciate that you trust him with your emotions. Your vulnerability will make him comfortable to be open with you too.

4. Be independent to a large extent

Cancer men are aversive to people they consider gold diggers. If they think you are after what they can give or do for you, they will clam up, leave you, or use you to their advantage. 

To make a cancer man take you seriously, make sure you have a steady source of income and avoid asking him for things too often. He likes his women independent, so be just that.

5. Learn to accept things from him

As much as this man dislikes people who just keep taking without giving in return, he is also the kind of person who splurges on someone he likes. One way of knowing that your Cancer boyfriend likes you a lot is if he spoils you silly with gifts. The gifts don’t need to be expensive but they will be consistent.

Don’t bruise his ego by rejecting his gifts because you’re trying to be independent. Gracefully accept his gestures of affection. 

6. Be appreciative

Whenever he does anything for you, appreciate him. Even if his gifts or actions are small, appreciate it wholeheartedly. Cancers are more in tune with their sensitive side than other guys are, don’t let your man down by making fun of his expressiveness. 

If you don’t understand exactly what he’s trying to do or say, ask him sweetly rather than brushing his gestures aside.

7. Don’t just agree with everything he says, be assertive too

While many men like their women meek and submissive, the Cancer man likes his woman assertive and opinionated. He likes a good argument that will lead to an agreement. Don’t think that just agreeing with all he says will make him love you. 

If he feels you’re worshipping the ground he walks on without keeping him in check sometimes, he’ll think you’re not good enough for him.

8. Take care of your outlook

Take care of your outlook

Cancer can be vain sometimes and let’s face it, guys love good-looking women. So it’s best to learn how to take care of yourself before trying to make this man fall in love with you. Trim your hair, dress in an attractive way, use a signature scent that he will associate with you; as long as what you do keeps him hooked on your physicality, stick with it. No need to overdo it, just maintain a clean and beautiful look. 

9. Be graceful in almost all you do

If some men like women with brash and uncouth attitudes, a Cancer will never go for such, except he is on a reform mission to change her. Every woman has the potential to be graceful, even if it doesn’t come to her naturally. You won’t be tapping into your graceful side just for your Cancer man but, for your sake too.

10. Build your emotional intelligence and be in tune with him

As an emotional being, women find it natural to be vulnerable but, most don’t expect the same from a man. A Cancer man is sensitive to your feelings, it is only normal to be sensitive to his. However, because the common narrative about men is that they are macho and untouchable emotionally, many Cancer guys find it difficult to get a woman who understands them. 

If you need to know how to be more emotionally intelligent towards your Cancer crush, do so. That’s a major way to make him fall in love with you.  

11. Learn to allow him to give you moral support

Your Cancer boyfriend knows you are maternal by nature and that you can take care of yourself. However, he wants to take on some responsibilities where you are concerned. 

Whenever he is in the mood to care for you, don’t shut him out. Make him feel like the protective and caring boyfriend he’s trying to be. He wants to be your number one cheerleader and know that you can let yourself go with him. 

12. Don’t use rash words with him

No matter how hot the argument is or who was wrong in the first place, try as much as possible not to use harsh words on him. A Cancer man is still a man, despite how much he’s open and in tune with his emotions. 

He doesn’t like to be shouted at and remember; he likes a woman who can make a good argument without becoming crass in her choice of words.

13. Give your Cancer guy spontaneous gifts or acts of service

A Cancer man doesn’t mind giving you gifts or surprising you by doing things for you and so, you should learn to do the same thing for him. Love means doing things for each other, not that only one party will be involved in the giving aspect. Doing things for your Cancer man spontaneously will create the balance he cherishes so much.

14. Be thoughtful when he least expects it

Another way to make a Cancer man fall in love with you is to act thoughtfully when he doesn’t expect it. Go out of your way to do something nice for him.

Make his day less stressful. Pick up his favorite pizza mix, pick him up from work so he doesn’t have to drive after a long day, and watch how hard he’ll fall for you.

15. Avoid using the jealousy trick

One of the easy ways most ladies try to get their guys in check is by pulling the jealousy card. Hanging out with other men to make your Cancer man jealous will backfire. This is because when provoked, a Cancer will blow up and ignore you. 

His jealousy will be beyond what you expected and might produce a negative outcome. By all means, avoid that trick.    

16. Don’t let emotional issues fester

If you have issues to iron out, do so immediately instead of bottling up your feelings. Keeping grudges will only encourage bad energy to spread in your relationship. As two emotional beings, you won’t be helping each other that way.

Encourage your Cancer guy to speak out whenever he is displeased with you and, don’t employ the ‘walking-out-on-you- method’.

17. Be observant of the signs that indicate he’s falling for you

Be observant of the signs that indicate he’s falling for you

You want him to fall in love with you but, how are you sure he hasn’t done so already? You may be ignorant to some of the signs that indicate he is well on his way to falling in love with you. 

Pause to observe signs like how he talks to you. What he confides in you about and how much he has let you into his family circle. Going forward, all you might need is a reinforcement plan, not a full-force one.

18. Be patient with him

If he is halfway in love with you, all you might need to do is give him some time to get used to the feeling. It is apparent that he adores you but, you want him to tell you “I love you”, which he doesn’t say cheaply

Your Cancer guy wants to be sure you are the one before he says the words and, he will mostly do so through his actions.

19. Talk to him about your family 

A Cancer man won’t push you to talk about yourself until you are ready to do so and he wants to know as much as you are willing to share. Your family is one topic he will consider a huge break with you. 

In this case, discussing family isn’t merely talking about how many siblings you have but, revealing certain things that will make him understand where you are coming from. When you open up to him, he will find it easy to do the same thing too.

20. Sincerity is important in gaining his love

In every relationship, honesty is important. A Cancer man likes sincerity as much as the air he breathes. Do your best not to hide from him whatever will affect him. Sincerity with him will seal his trust in you and he will be able to easily admit it when he falls in love with you.

21. Let your inner beauty shine through

We all have inner beauty in terms of our characters, ideals, and principles. A Cancer man has depth and so, he will look beyond the physical attraction he has for you to see what else you have to offer. 

If he finds you simply superficial, your relationship might not last long. Therefore, reveal your inner beauty by living according to your ideals.

22. Share a secret with him

You aren’t under any obligation to share any secret with your Cancer man but, it will further solidify your bond with him. The secret you share doesn’t have to be anything horrible. However, it could be something you are no longer scared to share with someone you love. 

If the Cancer man cares so much for you, whether the relationship works or not, he will never betray your secret.

23. Be humorous

 The Cancer man likes to make his woman happy and so, he will have a humorous side to him. Since you are in a partnership, you shouldn’t expect that he’d be the only one to attempt cracking jokes. 

You should also try to make him laugh and, if you are bad at telling jokes, try to understand his humor. 

24. Understand his mood

The relationship is not about you alone and you can’t expect him to fall for you when you are insensitive to his feelings. To make a Cancer fall for you, be in sync with his moods. Understand when he wants you to cuddle with him and when he needs to be alone. Know when he wants to talk and when only silence will suffice. 

25. Don’t get mad when sometimes he chooses to be altruistic

A Cancer man is generous and selfless, especially when the need arises. There are times when he won’t show up for you because he is attending to someone else who needs him. It doesn’t mean he no longer cares; you just need to understand that he loves to care for other people too. 

Rather than getting mad at him, encourage him to do more, and share your insecurities with him too. 

26. Tell him how you feel and what you need, instead of expecting him to instinctively know

Tell him how you feel and what you need, instead of expecting him to instinctively know

Most women play the guessing game with their partners because most men are insensitive to their emotions. However, you don’t need to act that way with a Cancer man because he is willing to listen to you without accusing you of nagging him to death as other guys do.

27. Set an intimate atmosphere for both of you

The right atmosphere makes people fall in love day by day. If you want to quicken your chances of making your Cancer man fall in love with you, invest time into creating a good atmosphere most of the time. 

Switch up friendly with romance when necessary and know when a friendly aura is what he needs to be comfortable with you.

28. Get away with him often to places surrounded by nature

Cancer men are sentimental about nature and climates. Get him to go on vacations or weekend getaways with you to explore the beauty of nature. You don’t have to do anything dangerous like freefalling or jumping off a rock, a little hiking or camping experience will bring you closer to each other.

Such getaways are the perfect moments to talk about things you can’t discuss on normal days and it is a good place to hear him profess his love.

29. Include him in your major plans

As a passionate and ambitious man, a Cancer man will have some big plans. When you include him in your plans, he will be elated. For one, you have good plans, and two, you can confide in him. With his encouragement and support, executing your plans becomes easier. If he sees you as his partner and you both engage in teamwork, he will make his love known soon enough.

30. Let him know in words and deeds that you are fully committed to him

Expressing your feelings can be the catalyst to making him rush headlong in love with you. Express how you feel in words and actions and let him know how deep your commitment is. 

Your Cancer man will appreciate that you are not afraid to share your feelings with him.

31. Know him well enough to know what technique works best on him.

There is no single rule that applies to all Cancer men; each man has something different that works for him. Your best option would be knowing your man well enough to know which method will make him fall for you faster. The moment you understand what those methods are, your quest becomes clearer.


How do you make a Cancer man fall in love with you?

A Cancer man will fall in love with you if you can connect with him emotionally. He is empathetic and passionate and so, if you have similar attributes, he will easily fall for you. Another thing that can make a Cancer man fall in love with you is to have clarity about who you are. He wants to be your partner but he doesn’t want you to depend on him for everything you need.

Do Cancers fall in love fast?

Cancers fall in love based on the level of connection they form with their partners and how fast the connection happens. If a Cancer sees what they want in the other person, they fall in love faster.

How do you know if a Cancer man loves you?

A Cancer man in love will pamper, respect, and adore everything about you. He will detest having any disagreement with you and will resolve issues easily if there is any.

What is a Cancer male attracted to?

A Cancer male requires balance at every level of his life; he wants a woman who is strong yet allows him to care for her and he wants a woman who will banter with him without intentionally hurting his feelings.

What does a Cancer man need in a relationship?

A Cancer man needs companionship, symbiotic giving, a listening ear, and passion in his partner. If you can make him connect more with his sensitive and altruistic nature, he’ll love you even more.

To End Things Off,

There is a common misconception that Cancer men are less manly because they express their emotions more than most men do. However, if you love a Cancer man, you must have seen something amazing in him. In his special traits, you will find what you need to make him love you.

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