9 Signs You're Working in a Toxic Workplace You Have to Realize

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

After hours of reading articles about toxic relationship, you know that romantic relationship and friendship can somehow be toxic. A toxic relationship is just problematic that it may leads you to a trauma.

Since the trauma can be serious and affects your life to an extent that you might never expect, it's better to address the signs that you are experiencing trauma after a toxic relationship as soon as possible.

But, do you know that a workplace can also be toxic? Yes, as toxic as the one that you might have experienced in a relationship. In some cases, the signs of a toxic workplace can be so obvious that you can immediately recognize them and get out of them. However, it's not always the case.

We know that for some people, it's not easy to find a job and make a living out of it. That's why you might just bear with the stress and think that it's just natural to have uncomfortable feeling in a workplace. This is why the signs can be so subtle and easy-to-miss.

Working in a toxic workplace places you in a situation where you need to go through constant challenges, competition, negativity and stress. It demands you to stay productive but doesn't supply you with the supports you need. In worse case, you can't even live a normal life as you're overworked and just completely stressed out.

Well, a toxic workplace does feel as terrible as the description above. Watch out for these 9 signs you're working in a toxic workplace so that you won't trap in a constant stress for your life.


1. The communication's poor

You know communication is the key in any relationships. But if you've been feeling as if you're excluded from important information and just left with no feedback at all, then there's a problem in your workplace communication. You've done many things for the company but you never get the credits you deserve. You might also experience constant yelling and hurtful comments from your boss or co-workers, which make you feel bad about yourself.

2. You're surrounded by unsupportive coworkers

You're surrounded by unsupportive coworkers

You've tried all the tips to get along with your co-workers starting from day one but just never succeeded. You're just left out from the group that sticks together as if you're back in your school days. Besides, rumors and dramas are just flying everywhere around the workplace, leaving you with no one to trust and hang out with.

Your co-workers are just unsupportive that you feel like you're always wrong. They might end up backstab you and you'll need to find the ways of how to deal with backstabbers in the workplace.

3. People keep encouraging toxic positivity

It's somehow hard to find a job or the most suitable job and your surroundings are just telling you that "you should be grateful with your job." But sometimes, it's just a mere toxic poitivity which indicates a red flag.

Even though it's truly hard to get one, it doesn't mean you need to sacrifice yourself in a self-harmful environment. The so-called gratefulness is a threat so that you'll stay in the toxic workplace.

4. You're not allowed to grow

It's common for people to work hard in their workplaces in order to get recognition and get the growth opportunity such as promotions, raises, or challenging assignments.

But, if you've tried your best but never get recognized even after you've approached the HR several times, it might be best for you to just leave cause they just don't know how to give appreciation.

5. Your boss is just poor in leadership

As a good employee, you're also trying the ways to get along with your boss. But, as you try, you realize that your boss doesn't possess the characteristics they should have had. They're just selfishly use their power for themselves and belittle you or the co-workers around you. They also act as tyrants who think they could tell you to do everything in the name of the company.

6. You experience bullying and verbal abuse

Now you know that you're boss can be a tyrant. But how about bullying or verbal abuse? How do you know if your boss is verbally abusive? Easy.

When you experience constant anger that's headed towards you even when you're doing nothing wrong, you're working in a toxic workplace. You're constantly belittled and bullied by others with their language. And this verbal abuse should never be justified.

7. They tell you to work over and over again

We know that works can sometimes be so overload and hard to handle. But it's just toxic when your works become unrealistically overload even though you've tried to catch up with your best efforts.

Plus, when you're expected to work beyond your work hours that's even not stated in your job requirements, then you're just being used and the workload might only leads you to depression.

8. You have low work-life balance

You have low work-life balance

A perfect work-life balance might seems hard to achieve. But it's essential to keep yourself on the track of your life. When you've become too invested on your work, you'll notice a change in yourself.

You become unfamiliar with the life you used to live outside of work and you just experience constant stress and deteriorating mental and physical health as you're trying to run with the workplace's fast pace.

9. You lose your working excitement

There's always days when you wake up in the morning and crave for a day off from office. Those days are normal. But, when you've been experiencing a constant toxic workplace environment, you just have enough and lose all the fire you had when you just entered the company.

As you're constantly facing a situation when you're not supported or appreciated, you'll grow exhaustion and you'll no longer enjoy your job there.

If your workplace fits all the signs, it's best to leave it. You deserve better.

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