He Has Been Ignoring My Calls and Texts for About A Month but I Can’t Stop Calling Him, What Should I Do?

Last updated on June 18, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Uuhhh!! no girl likes it when they are being ignore by their boyfriends. The feeling of anxiety and insecure kicks in, they would do anything to endure that their boyfriend reply them, even if they have to call them every minute.

 Its a common conception if they are ignore that means their boyfriends lost interest or worst dumping them. Well don’t have your hopes up yet there is a rational explanation, perhaps he is on a business trip didn’t want to worry you or he is planning a surprise for you.

That is the positive side, and the negative would be you guessed it he no longer has feelings for you. There is a two sides for this so which is which.

In times like this, here are some tips what should be done.

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  1. Stay calm

You need to stay calm, its naturally to start worrying or panicking. Part of your brain would start to have thoughts which could make you even make you to a worse state then now. Which is why you have to calm down take deep breath and think rational.

It might not always work because once your in a panic mode your body and mind start to react in different ways having wild though about your boyfriend for not responding to your text. Its not healthy by the way and it will not lead you any where.

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  1. Give him space

Remember that you are in this relationship together, you form a commitment in terms of happiness or sadness you will be there for one another. And mostly understand each other, which is important.

Turn your attention to this, your boyfriend might fine but he doesn’t have to text you every single minute. Give him space, that's where the understanding part plays in.

Understand the fact your boyfriends what to be left alone. Its not that hes hate you or anything its that he wants space.

Every person in a relationship needs their privacy. You need to understand there are some boundaries which must be respected.

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  1. Ignore regularly …… problem

If you are being ignore in a daily basis then we have a problem. Mind you in this kind of situation, you need to control your emotion that means stay calm.

Avoid asking him when you are in full throttle, it would cause problems for both you and him. You need to stay calm talk to him when his not busy and in person. Use a neutral voice, ask him how it would feel to not have a respond text for a long time.

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You need to discuss your issues with honesty, ensure that both not hurt each others feeling. If you do have an issues both sides need to work together. Be always prepare sometimes its not what you expected.

To sum up both you and your partner need to understand each other, personal space is important and always be prepare for anything. Finally respect their decision whatever it may be.

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