I Have A Strong Feeling My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me. How Can I Find Out?

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The feeling that we have and feel is not changing without any reason. When you feel sad of course there is a reason that can explain why you feel that way.

The same thing applied when you start questioning I have a strong feeling my boyfriend is cheating on me. How can I find out? Here is how to confirm it before you decided to do some ways to move on after a bad relationship.

  • Always on his phone and no time for you

Knowing that your boyfriend is always on his phone during the time when he is with you, but he always reply your chat so late and tend not to care about you is the first sign that you can notice. This happens because he already lost the interest to talk to you.

This sign somehow can be biased because the parameter of someone's emotion is different from one to another. Maybe an hour is too long for you to wait for a reply, but maybe other people don't mind about it. To help you more about it then you can know more on how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on whatsapp.

  • He expressed his doubt to you before

Even though in the end your feeling comes true and you found out the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship, you can't take a conclusion that it was totally his fault. You will still need to evaluate whether you were contributing a bad attitude or mistake that triggered him to do it.

And if you realized that he expressed his doubt to you, to have a relationship with you, then it was an early sign that you chose to ignore. This will be a lesson to remember not to have a relationship where there were only one person who fights for it.

  • He gas lighting you every time you tell your feelings

Last one is gas lighting, and this is a very bad one. Basically gas lighting is an act of someone who is trying to manipulate you and put a blame on you. So, don't be shock if you were trying to tell him that you feel like he was cheating on you and he put the blame on you back.

There are some ways on what to do when your boyfriend keeps accusing you of cheating if he started to put the blame on you. Even though in the end your boyfriend was not cheating, but having someone who keep gas lighting you is a sign of a toxic relationship.

Signs of a toxic relationship.

We did the first step of confirming, I have a strong feeling my boyfriend is cheating on me. How can I find out? The second one is to learn on how to forgive your cheating boyfriend and a little tips on how to move on.

After that, you also need to be sure that you will avoid bad relationship in the future. Here are some help to see the signs of bad relationship.

  • You don't own your freedom anymore

No one can buy someone's freedom, every single person has the right to enjoy their freedom as a human being. One of the sign of toxic relationship is, you found yourself need to ask for a permission in almost everything you want to do to him, knowing that your boyfriend is a very protective and possessive.

Losing your freedom can lead you into an abusive relationship because h feels like he owns you. You will just need to wait the signs youre ready to leave your abusive relationship to actually leave him behind.

  • Emotionally draining arguments

In any situation, of course we will have disagreement and arguing to find a way out. But, this does not mean that we are trying to hold ourselves so long and drown into it. You have the right to be happy, for yourself and your own well being.

And if you have tried some ways on how to fix an emotionally draining relationship but it isn't working then you should consider to go. You want a partner and not a project. If you are hoping that he is going to change, please kill that hope. Do not get blind.

You already knew how to confirm the question of I have a strong feeling my boyfriend is cheating on me. How can I find out? Now, what is more important after that is to remind yourself how valuable you are. Know more ways to love yourself and be happy with the world to help you.

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