How to Forgive Your Cheating Boyfriend and A Little Tips on How to Move On

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“I don’t even remember that I ever think about you”, it might be the rudest thing you can say to your ex-boo. It’s just ashes that left after someone burns the paper, it does work on your heart too, baby. It’s normal. So hard to forgive someone that had messed with your life. Crazy! You’ll probably think about “I’m sorry for nothing” after saying the rudest thing to your ex-boo.

Just, let’s talk about the truth. People will change their personality naturally after getting hurt by someone, and it can get worse every time they get more of it. That’s why it the same as the end of burned paper.  No wonder, some people may act rude to their ex-boo. Like, there will be no mercy for those bastards *oppps!*. “Imma enjoy my life without ya, papa!”. And, flip the reality easily as A, B, C about who’s gonna suffer now, “Not me, adios!”

But, for the innocence that just felt this cruel thing, I mean break up. Their brain will 80% filled up with “why?”. Geez~ I know, chill out. Relax, inhales, exhales. This is not gonna be last forever, sweetheart.  It does hurt their soft side. Think that it’s the end of their life, can’t do anything about it. There’s just “why?” in their brain. Uh-uh! That’s not good! Even though you got a soft heart as a snow white, you need to be strong, honey.

How to Forgive Your Cheating Boyfriend and A Little Tips On How To Move On

Don’t let this thing tear you down.  If you’re soft-hearted, you probably want to start by giving you ex-boo a mercy. But, how?

  1. Find Out The Reason

Please, just please hold yourself at this moment. This is not a drama, this is real life, honey. Being a drama queen will not help at all. You probably want to take your time, prepare your mental. No screaming, no slapping, just chill. Everything is cool. You might want to ask the reason, why would he do this?

You can ask him through your phone, if you’re not ready mentally, and afraid that you can’t handle the explosion feeling in your heart, or maybe you just can’t let anyone seeing you cry in front of them (Yes, that’s suck). But, it’s okay to cry in front of him, not too much, just let your tears flow a little bit. So, that he will know that you’re hurt. If you can, smile. Also find out about: How to Move On from a Relationship when You are Still in Love

  1. Try To Understand

Be wise, and try to accept whatever is the reason. Whether it came from you or it’s just him that actually not a good boy. Introspection can be very good for yourself. If it came from you, don’t try to defend yourself all of sudden. “sorry” would be nice. Remember, honey. If it’s you, please change.

Don’t just stay still, because it can affect your next relationship, and the same thing will happen again. You don’t want to get hurt by your own mistake, do you? But, sometimes they’re just blaming you to hide their bad side. They’re trying to “Play Victim”. It’s okay, chill. Do great analysis and if you’re good at debating, you might wanna tell him exactly what happened. But still, chill is the best thing that you can do. The important thing is you already know that you deserve someone better than him.  Let him go. Also find out about: Tips to Move On from a Long Term Relationship

  1. Don’t Stalk The Girl

She has her own life, don’t mess with her life. Let her live her own life. Yes, she’s a cheater. But, you don’t want to be worse than her, do you? You should be thankful. Without her, you wouldn’t know the bad side of your ex-boo. Your life is actually just saved by her. She came in the right time, before you got your marriage. You’re hurt. But, instead of slapping her when both of you meet, just smile at her. It can show her your innocent. She will feel guilty even without realizing it.

  1. Make A Right Decision

After knowing the reason, it’s time to decide whether you want him to stay or let him go. Have a nice talk with him. Girl, at this moment, you should decide it by yourself. If you still want to forgive him, it’s okay to let him stay. But, make sure to think a hundred times before you decide it. Just, make sure that you won’t be hurt for the second times. For now, you should think clearly. “Love is blind” is not you mantra now. Forget that for a while.

And also, you might wanna decide whether you still want to be friend or just forget about him. This is a little bit difficult situation. If you feel so hurt, it’s okay to forgive him and let him gone from your life like a dust. But, being his friend is not a bad idea too. Just a friend, no more. You can help each other better, cause you already knew each other better, and you can even protect each other. Just think positive, girl. If’s he’s not with you, it means he doesn’t belong to you. No need to regret about anything. It can be a good experience and life lesson to you. Also find out about: How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You for Sure Signs

This Is How to Forgive Your Cheating Boyfriend and A Little Tips On How To Move On

Baby, I know that it’s hard to be betrayed by someone that you love. All of those memories won’t just go. But, if he’s cheating on you, you can’t just hold on to him forever. C’mon! He’s having a good life outside. You deserve a good life too! Wake up! You’re not Harley Quinn, he’s not Joker, and this is not Gotham City, you can’t just have a love story like them. Respect yourself, honey.

Find someone better than him. You deserve a happy ending of your own love story. Find someone who loves you too. Also find out about: Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

Don’t block yourself after this, a lot of good and hot men outside. It’s okay if you want to forget everything about him, such as burn all the pictures about you and him. But, it’s better you keep it as a memory, “I’ve ever date a bad boy”. Okay? That's all about how to forgive your cheating boyfriend and a little tips on how to move on.

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