Can a Man Fall in Love with His Side Chick for Real? (13 Ways to Tell That Love is in the Air)

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Some men keep side chicks for several different reasons. It could be for the thrill of it or because these ladies are giving them what they lack in their relationships. Irrespective of their motives, everyone wants to know, "Can a man fall in love with his side chick for real?"

A side chick needs this information to decide whether she'll continue seeing her lover. On the other hand, the girlfriend needs to know this brutal truth to determine whether she'll stay in the relationship with her man. 

If you're curious to find out if your man has fallen in love with his side woman, here are some signs to look out for.


13 Ways to Tell He Has Fallen in Love

1. He spends time with her

You can quickly determine where a person's affection lies by monitoring what they do during their free time. If they spend it on their interests, or perhaps, with someone, you can attest that they cherish those things. Likewise, you can tell a man is in love with his side chick if he spends most of his leisure time with her. 

In such a scenario, she's someone he's comfortable around, which is why he can sacrifice his time for her. He enjoys her company and finds pleasure in the simple things, like merely being around her. These are some of the signs that he has developed feelings for her. He doesn't consider all the other stuff he could be doing but values her presence. 

2. It's much more than sex

A common reason why a man would find another woman while in a relationship is for physical intimacy. He enjoys the fun and thrill of going against accepted norms and would hide this reality from his partner. 

Such a man is likely to fall in love if the affair becomes more than just a physical connection. He'll slowly become committed to his affair partner if he channels his emotions towards her.

If a man is interested in his side lady's personal life, it shows he has feelings for her. The association is no longer transactional, but he’s subtly having a bond with her. In the long run, he won’t put a priority on intercourse because he's comfortable merely being with her. 

3. He wants to be her hero

When a man is in love with a woman, something triggers him to be her hero. He wants to provide for her, protect her, and cater to her demands where necessary. This state of mind is known as 'hero instinct' and is usually established in a stable relationship. However, when a man exhibits such traits with a side chick, it hints that the man has feelings for her. 

He's interested in having a casual relationship but also wants something more intimate. Wanting to be his side babe's hero signifies that he aims to protect her, which is a sign of affection. The more he caters to her demands is the more his affection grows. This step shows that he certainly has feelings for the lady. 

4. He makes plans with her

he makes plan with her

A man that has another girl apart from his wife wouldn't plan on keeping her for long. He'll be more interested in having fun behind his partner's back rather than prolonging the affair. 

On the contrary, you can tell that a guy is in love when he makes long-term plans with his side babe. He wants to have her around for a more extended period and wouldn't mind planning activities with her.

Things like getting her an apartment where he can visit or paying for her tuition are some of the long-term plans a man with feelings for his side babe might do. He aims to please her and isn't bothered about what it might take. More so, he's slowly incorporating her into his life to have her around for as long as possible.

5. He's emotionally present

An emotionally present partner comes to your aid when you need them the most. If such occurs in a man’s relationship with his side chick, it proves the man indeed has feelings for the lady. He isn't there to only satisfy his physical desires but offer support when the lady needs it.

He's with her when she has a bad day or when she needs his help with matters. He also can talk her out of bad moods and give her moral support when he needs it the most. If he sees reasons to take care of her both physically and emotionally, it’s a sign that he's emotionally invested in the relationship and might have feelings for the lady. 

6. He gets jealous

Love is a passionate emotion that can make a person possessive with the things they care about. If a man indeed loves his side babe, he's bound to exhibit the same type of behavior with her. He might get angry when he sees her with someone else because he's emotionally connected to her. 

He may not have a stable relationship with his side girl, but he undoubtedly can't handle the idea of losing her to someone else. This notion reveals that there's something about her that he doesn't want to replace. In other words, she's somewhat unique to him. The more agitated he feels about losing her, the more his affection is likely to grow.

7. He doesn't wear his wedding ring

When a guy wears his wedding ring in public, it's a symbol of his commitment to his partner. However, taking it off shows something is breaking that loyalty. If this scenario happens with his side chick, it hints that his attraction to his second lady is tampering with his allegiance. He's concerned about what the lady thinks, which hints at something more significant. 

If he doesn't want to upset his side lady by revealing his seriousness to his partner, it shows how much he regards her. He's concerned about leaving a good impression, which gives hints to his affection for the lady. More so, these actions show he wants his relationship with her to work out and reveal how much he values her.

8. He's only with his wife or girlfriend for specific reasons

hes ony with his wife or girlfriends for specific reasons

There are many reasons why a man would choose to have a mistress behind his partner's back. One of them is to experience the fun of being with another woman without having to leave his partner. He still loves his wife but prefers to go on a secret adventure to appease his desires. 

If such a man slowly loses interest in his primary relationship and only stays for specific reasons, it shows he's fallen for his side babe. He could decide to stay with his partner merely to avoid drama or to keep his kids in a stable environment. He could also wait to please his family and friends by sustaining things. When his marriage gets to this point, it shows he already has feelings for his side babe. 

9. He ignores his partner

In most cases, a cheating man ignores his girlfriend when he's with his spouse. If this scenario occurs in the opposite direction, he certainly has something for his side, babe. He's no longer cautious around his partner because he's not entirely interested in her anymore. 

He finds it easy to please his side babe and neglect his spouse because that's where his heart lies. At this stage, he's not scared of losing his primary relationship because he's happy with his second one. Therefore, taking a risk like avoiding his partner's calls is easy for him.

10. He doesn't care if his partner finds out

When a man no longer cares if his partner finds out about his side chick, it reveals he's losing interest in her. He's not trying to avoid any drama or reach an understanding with his spouse. He has merely acknowledged that the relationship might fall apart, and he's waiting for it to happen. 

This scenario also suggests that he might have fallen in love with his side lady. He's neglecting the cons of cheating on his partner because of his affection for the lady. More so, he prefers to take the risk because he no longer wants to be with someone he doesn't care about deeply. 

11. He takes proper care of her

A man's actions towards a girl will reveal his true feelings for her. Taking care of her out of necessity would be much different from showing her intensive care. The latter is a result of his affection. If he behaves this way with his girlfriend, unlike with his spouse, it shows he's more passionate about his side babe.

If a guy spends most of his resources on another lady, it shows that's where his heart is. He's more interested in pleasing her than anyone else because he has feelings for her. He spoils her and gives her everything he requires to ensure she never gets tired of being with him. 

12. He shares his secrets with her

he shares his secret with her

If a man is comfortable with a lady to the point that he tells her his secrets, it shows he genuinely cares about her. He wants to be closer to her by revealing his authentic self. More so, it indicates that he thoroughly trusts her. If any male has this type of relationship with his side chick, it hints that he's falling for her. 

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He wishes to establish a bond by sharing personal details about his life. The more he gets comfortable with her, the more he's bound to love her. Such a man no longer regards the lady as a side partner but someone he can confide in and rely on.

13. He tells her

Most men avoid involving their emotions in their cheating scandals. They might refrain from exposing how they feel to a side chick to avoid either him or the girl from getting attached. Therefore, when a guy outright tells his side lady that he loves her, it means he has developed feelings for her.

He's no longer scared about getting too connected with her because he values her presence in his life. More so, he cherishes the relationship enough to want it to continue. 



How do you know if he loves his side chick?

If a man is no longer worried about the cons of having a side chick, he might be developing feelings for her. If he spends most of his free time with her and establishes an emotional connection, it shows he's interested in her.

Why do guys want a side chick?

Guys consider the lack of commitment between them and a second chick to be one of the pros of cheating. They can have the excitement they require without investing too many emotions into the relationship, unlike dealing with a wife.

What is the male version of a side chick?

If a man has an affair with a lady, the female is called a side chick. Likewise, girls refer to their cheating partners as side dudes. Other common names for the male version of a side babe include boy toy, side peen, side bro, side guy, side stick, wingman, and so on.

How do you get a guy to leave his side chick?

If your man has a side piece, focus on making your relationship with him better. Be an excellent girlfriend to make him consider leaving her. However, it would be best not to get paranoid and start snooping through his things. Know when it's time to quit cheating if things aren't working. 

Can a man love his wife and girlfriend at the same time?

It's possible for a man to love two people at the same time. If his wife or girlfriend makes him feel special in different ways, he'll cherish them simultaneously. He'll consider the pros of being with both of them, which will make him keep them around for as long as possible. 

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article on can a man fall in love with his side chick for real? Remember that if a man cheats on his partner for you, he's likely to cheat on you as well. You don't have to stay in a relationship where you're not ultimately valued. Kindly leave a comment below if you liked this article and share it with others. 


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