41 Secret Things Your Boyfriend is Thinking But Won't Tell You

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

People said that naked truth is better than the best dressed lies. But sometime your boyfriend has other thoughts. For him, it’s better to keep things secret rather than causing some fights that can be dangerous for your relationship. So instead of saying the truth, he'd rather find the best Ways to Say How Much You Love Your Girlfriend.

Men don't know what kind of reaction their girlfriend would show and their biggest fear is that their girl would think of it as the Signs He Has Given Up On the Relationship when it's not the case. So here we go on the secret things your boyfriend is thinking but won't tell you even once:

1. The Goodnight Calls are Terrible

Not all men can adjust to romantic things. Most of them are usually don't care about small things like goodnight calls. You made it obligatory for him somehow and you get mad whenever he missed it. He does it only to make you happy. If he is to choose, he'd rather not doing so.

2. He Wants You to Look Sexy

Men are visual being. Their eyes judge everything first. So it's nothing new that he wants you to look perfect and sexy sometime. Not the inviting sexy but dressing up like you never did before. Even though you are his Reasons You Should Date a Nerd, never going too casual for dinner with him.

3. Stop Wearing Those Makeups

When he said he likes you naturally, he means it. But you often take it that he won't spend money in it. That is why he keeps it as secret instead. No need to blush your cheeks red or retouching the lipstick every hour. He likes your natural appearance since it was what made him fall for you.

4. He Needs More Time with His Friend

"So you choose them over me?" Isn't it what you always say when he hang out with his friends? Come on, boys never grow up. They will need time with their friends without you to interrupt. Sadly they know that you will be offended and he won't cause a fight.

5. He Knows It When You Gain Weight

Never think that your boyfriend is not a detailed person. He just won't tell you. Whenever you ask him whether you gain weight or not, his answer stay "No." Nope, he's not a liar. He did notice that you have become chubbier but you did look similarly pretty for him.

6. He Likes Your Family, But...

Actually he liked it when you introduce him to your mother. But it doesn't mean he'd like to spend all holiday with your family. You are the one he dated, not your family. Even though you want him to be familiar with your loved ones, you must be considerate of his feeling too. He wants to spend some quality time with you. it's also a good Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with Your Boyfriend.

7. He Needs His Private Space

Don't think that you're the only one who need time to spend alone. So does he. He needs a private space where nobody can come in including you. He wants to do everything he loves to without anyone to judge.

8. He Just Wants to Stay at Home

While you are excited to plan this and that for the weekend, what's going inside his mind is actually, "Can't we just stay at home and rest?" but of course you'll never hear that. As long as you're happy, then so is he.


More Things He Secretly Thinks...

The things that he thinks seems to be never end. There are more and more things that he secretly thinks.

  1. You shouldn't carry on that style.
  2. That T-Shirt looks too tight on you.
  3. Stop eating those chocolate. You'll gain weight.
  4. Don't make me call you in the morning.
  5. Don't call me every hour.
  6. Does it necessary to call you everyday?
  7. I just dropped you off. Can you not texting me?
  8. You're spending too much money.
  9. Stop buying new clothes every week.
  10. Your friends are too noisy. And so are you.
  11. I think you put too much salt in the soup.
  12. Learn more before you cook meals for me.
  13. Your make up is faded. 
  14. Stop calling me "sweetie" in front of my friends.
  15. I'm tired remembering all those dates.
  16. I don't want to argue with you. You'll win anyway.
  17. Would you just shut up?
  18. Stop making duck face in your selfies.
  19. Let me watch this soccer match please!
  20. Stop nagging. I'm not a kid anymore.
  21. Should I wait for another year for you to get ready?
  22. Stop acting cute in front of others. It's embarrassing.
  23. Can you move aside? I'm suffocating.

Why He Won’t Tell You

Uh oh. Hang on there, girls. No need to explode over the naked truth above. He surely has his own reasons of why he won’t tell you about it at all

  1. Losing to you is better than losing you.
  2. He don't want to pick up fights.
  3. He is mature enough to compromise.
  4. Your happiness is above his.
  5. He sincerely loves you.
  6. He doesn't want to lose you.
  7. He just loves you.
  8. He doesn't want to offend you.
  9. He loves you.
  10. As long as you're happy, then it's okay for him.

From now on, you should be more considerate to your boyfriend. There are still many more secret things your boyfriend is thinking but won't tell you. Never think of it as a lie as he has no intention to. You should be thankful to find that one of a kind boyfriend. You find yourself a good one so there are no Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend in yours.

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