Things to Know Before Dating A Translator for A Long Term Relationship

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Dating translators can be intimidating if you got it all wrong. We’re not even talking about individual characters here. They are well-known for being a great bunch with well-organized skill and extremely creative yet imaginative mind. You should learn about Things to Know Before Dating A Teacher too.

We can say that having a translator as your date give a set of benefits. But with those common things, they come with some issues too.

Here are things to know before dating a translator

People tend to see them as a calm, detail, or even called them a bookworm. You should put aside the stereotype for a sec and learn more things to know before dating a translator so you'll avoid the “shock” when start dating them.

The following post about things to know before dating a translator will help you understand what you’re getting into. Also check Things to Know Before Dating a Snowboarder.

1. Finding Mistakes on Everything

The first thing you should understand when your date is a translator, you'll find them admonish every single word that was mistaken. Like when you're going out on a romantic dinner, they are going to laugh when the restaurant menu has an incorrect word or badly translated.

2. Grammar Nazi

Here are things to know before dating a translator. Yep, as you guessed, they are grammar Nazis since they spent a long time learning grammar so they just can't accept when the phrase isn't right.

3. Speaking New Language

They tend to love language and stuff. If you happen come from a different country, they definitely will try and learn your language even though you tell them it doesn't matter.

4. Taste of Music

Here are things to know before dating a translator. Prepare your own music album if you're going to have a long trip with your translator partner.

They usually have their own taste of music and one of them must be using on foreign language. That's because it would widen their vocabulary--or they just love the songs!

5. Night Owl

Don't be so surprised if you've found out that they barely have sleep these past two night or so. The deadline turns them into a night owl or it is just they're being productive when the night comes.

6. Use Other Language at Times

Here are things to know before dating a translator. They likely use the language they learn when there is a situation like when in an awkward one or even when they're mad and try to swear.

100 % you won't understand what they said! Check also Ways to Ask for A Number on Tinder.

7. Linguistic Jokes

Languages are their life. They love making funny jokes about them especially when they find a new word that has vulgar meanings.

Don't be freaked out if they randomly start laughing like for no reason because it’s probably got something to do with languages.

8. Work, Work, Work!

Here are things to know before dating a translator. When you invite them to go out on the weekend, prepare for the worst like they don't have time for that.

They just can’t seem to stop working when the job is calling. Even though they are on the break, their brains are wired to see, compare and translate unconsciously.

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Therefore, make sure you are always there to comfort them in the hard times. 

9. Better Than Anyone

One said learning a language means to acquire a new soul. It has to be someone really clever to master more than their mother language.

For that reason, they somehow feel superior to others and very proud of it. You may be the lucky one to be the one that dating them. That's why you need to learn Things to Know Before Dating a Highly Sensitive Person.

10. Translators Aren't Interpreters, Vice Versa!

Here are things to know before dating a translator. The most thing that annoys them is when people tend to see translator as an interpreter too. That's totally different!

Therefore, they expect their partner to know the difference without they explain about it.


Signs Translator Are Meant for You

Here are signs that you need a translator to be your date.

1. You Love Details

When you are such a detail-oriented person, then a translator would be your perfect match.

2. You Love to Learn New Language

You can ask them to teach you because they'll gladly help you with it.

3. You Have Dream to Travel Around the World

Language isn't a problem if you want to travel around the world especially when you're dating a translator.

4. You Want to Date a Smart Person

That's no need to asking a question about that.

5. You Love the Poetic and Romantic Stuff

They can be serious about their words but also can be really romantic at times. Learn this too How to Hug Someone Without Making It Awkward.

More Tips to Date a Translator

Here are more tips to date a translator you need to know.

1. Don't Be Upset

At times, they'll find your grammar is wrong which gradually you feel annoyed by it. However, don't be that sensitive because they just used to it.

2. Bring Them Books

If you have no idea what to bring or gift them for a surprise, you can always choose books. You also officially help them with their works.

3. Don't Bother Them

You know somehow you're kind of sad when they rejected your invitation to the movie next week.

If you want to support them, then you shouldn't feel that way and try to not bother them when they have a lot of deadlines.

4. Be Romantic

Romantic is one of their specialty. Therefore, there comes the time when you have to be like that too. For example, learn the Ways to Get Your Arm Around a Girl.

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