What to Do When You Have a Boyfriend in Middle School?

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Middle school is always something in everyone’s life. It’s those times where first loves and first crushes come. You don’t know about love yet you say you start dating. As it’s your first experience, you don’t know what to do when you have a boyfriend in middle school.

First, there’s no need to be serious. Believe it or not, middle schoolers relationship is nowhere close. However, you still want to do your best but it’s okay. Remember that this is a new thing you’d like to try so there’s no need to put any seriousness in it. You haven’t in that phase yet.

If you insist, here are what to do when you have a boyfriend in middle school.

  1. No Bullying

Teenagers are vulnerable and girls are sensitive. They are way more sensitive when they date someone. As both of you are in the highly sensitive phase, you have to be good to each other. Don’t let your newly started relationship as something where you bully each other. Also read What to Get Your Crush for Valentine's Day in Middle School

Bullying can be anything. If you can love him the way he is and demand him to change or vice versa, it’s considered as one. Your first experience should make both of you happy, not the other way around.

  1. Be Supportive

If his schedule is packed with activities, you still have to be supportive. It’s okay to show your jealousy sometimes, but you have to think about his happiness as well. Instead, give him compliments if he did well in something. He appreciates it more.

  1. Stay Being Yourself

The fact it, he chose you to be his girlfriend. Just because you’re now an item, don’t change anything that you are. You can be better version of you, but you shouldn’t change to someone that you are not. If he asks you to do so, leave him right away. It’s enough as proof that he’s not a good boy. Also read Reasons You Should Know and Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else

  1. Keep the PDA Low

Remember that you’re still a teenager and most adult think that you’re still a kid, no matter how you think you have grown up. Don’t show too much of PDA with your boyfriend. In fact, set a boundary about this one. You might want to know how does it feel to be kissed and to be hugged, but you must know that you shouldn’t go too far.

There are too many things that you don’t know about yet. Curiosity is a part of a teenager’s blood, but for this one, you have to be really careful.

  1. Don’t Tag Him Along All the Time

As it’s probably your first, you don’t know what to do when you have a boyfriend in middle school. You want to be together with him all the time so you always tag along everywhere he goes. If you do this, get ready to lose his in couple of day. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

Give space to yourself and him. You have more things to do besides being together. It’s also not okay if you give up everything else to follow him around. You don’t like to feel like you’re missing him, but it’s one of the most beautiful part from dating. Just so you know.

  1. Ask About the Relationship

Many teenagers started a relationship without any official statement that it often makes them confuse. If your boyfriend is too shy to say that you’re dating, ask him for it. Ask him in what kind of a relationship you both now in. It’s a good way to prevent the awkwardness that come whenever you see each other.

  1. Talk to Each Other a Lot

Adults say that communication is the most important thing to keep a relationship going. They’re right. You can meet your boyfriend as much as possible. Do it after school and make sure you’re not skipping because you want to see him. Also read How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School in One Day!

Ask about anything you want. What’s his favorite, what he doesn’t like, or even why does he like you.

  1. Be Understanding If He’s Little Shy

Don’t think that it’s only girls who are usually shy. Boys can be shy, too. He might be sending you a letter saying that he liked you rather than say it himself. Later on you find him peeking on you not once but too many times and when you meet him, he’s at loss of words.

It’s perfectly normal. The awkwardness will be gone as the time goes by. But if you’ve got some nerve, try to open up a conversation. You can start from anything, school tasks if you must.

  1. Let Him Know Your Feeling

So you like him right? Let him know your feeling by saying frequently that you like him. In case you’re too shy to do so, you can pour your heart out through other things such as giving him chocolates or any other affordable gifts. Just, don’t try too hard. Also read How to Tell Your Crush You Like Him in Middle School

  1. Learn to Say No

You want to be the most perfect girlfriend for him so that you always say yes to everything he asks. It’s totally wrong. If he’s about to do something bad, either for you or him, stop him from doing so. He might holds grudges but later on he will thank you.

  1. Introduce Him to Your Parents

You are still under the responsibility of your parents. Don’t hide the fact that you have a boyfriend from them. Don’t be afraid to tell them since they will appreciate your honesty and openness. You have to tell them so that if something bad happen someday, they will stand by yourself.

  1. Keep Your Grades High

You go to school everyday not to find a boyfriend. It’s only a sign that you’re growing up but your main duty is still as a student. There’s no way your boyfriend cause your grades to decline.

So those are the answer for what to do when you have a boyfriend in middle school. Well, enjoy the rush of oxytocin!

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