Is It Okay If She Hangs Out with Another Man?

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Relationship works in two ways. And the effort make to maintain the relationship should also come from both parties. Some people think that by being in a relationship, they feel happier because they have someone who supports them.

They will do anything to get someone that they like for example by applying ways on how to tell your crush you want to be more than friends. But, some other people also believe that by being in a relationship, you are putting yourself in a cage and losing your freedom as a human who needs to interact and get socialized with other people. These people know how to feel less lonely when you're single.

Aside from that simple belief, there are a lot more belief that attaches to the relationship, which we can say is quite primitive. And one of the belief that we are going to discuss today is, is it okay if she hangs out with another man?

Letting your girlfriend to hang out with other guys

Before you ask this "is it okay if she hangs out with another man" question, you need to think again on why you are in love with her and decided to be in a relationship with her. Let me remind you to few things that hopefully will enlighten your thoughts, so you will be able to let her to hang out with anybody she wants.

  • No trust no relationship

Take a moment to look back. You choose someone to be your girlfriend for a reason. This can be caused by the feeling that you have to her where you feel connected and trust her so much for the relationship. And previously, you didn't see the signs of incompatibility in relationship with your partner which makes you feel convinced to get her as your girlfriend.

And if you want to take a deeper look, you will see that you choose her because you trust her. You trust her that she really is loving you, she falls for you, and she wants to have a relationship with you. When you had no trust to your girlfriend back then, then you will never have the relationship today.

  • Happiness is the key

Being so positive, do good, and be kind to people are different things to being dumb. You can trust your girlfriend completely, but if you want to stay safe if you feel like you need too then you need to know the ways to know if your friend is jealous of you and trying to steal your girl from you.

And remember to use your logic more, and don't let your emotion take control of your own body and decision. The reality can be so much different than what you think. You think that she goes out with other guys because she get bored of you. And you may also think that the guys have interest and attracted to your girlfriend.

But, in reality, they don't feel a thing to each other, they just friends. She has so many people to connect with, she was born in the world where people are meant to socialize with other people. Limiting her to see some people will also limit her happiness. And by the time goes by, she can see you as the reason why she is not happy.  

  • Communication is a must

There are some signs a man is emotionally connected to you, do you think you already have those signs with your girlfriend? If you haven't then I suggest you to talk to her. Talk to her about what you feel when she goes out with other guys. Just because you are allowing her to go out with other guys, does not mean that you can never talk about that issue to your girlfriend. Communication is a must.

A good communication will help you and her to have a better relationship. Both of you know what each other feels and you guys will know what you need to do to solve a problem. You can tell her about what you feel, you can also discuss some limitation with her.

A simple rules can help you and her to maintain the relationship. Because of course, after we have commitment, we need to consider things that we need to do in order to maintain it.

Is it okay if she hangs out with another man? Yes, it is okay as long as you can trust her and you have talked to her about some friendship boundaries that should not be trespassed by both of you to maintain the relationship.

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