Signs Of Incompatibility In Relationship With Your Partner

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People say you fall in love with each other due to the difference you have. These opposites attract each other like a magnet. However, it may last only for a few months (if it not weeks). Sooner or later the incompatibilities between both of you getting real and turn out to be the biggest threat to your relationship. To make a relationship successful, you need the same vision and the same goal as the last destination.


Signs Of Incompatibility In Relationship With Your Partner

If you have found some incompatibility signs in your relationship, it may end in a really bad way. You have to choose either to end it or fix it. But before taking any action, you have to be able to recognize the initial signs of incompatibility in your relationship with your partner.

1. Different Interest

Similar interest is what brought you together in the first place. The kind of music you like, books you read, and movies you enjoy together are little things that make you enjoy each other's company. The best way to get closer to your crush which gives you reasons to see them all the time.

Different interests often resulted in endless bickering, especially when your partner enjoys things you hate the most.

2. Different Purpose On Money

different purpose on money

Many can't buy happiness but money provides living for you. How you spend your money remains a sensitive issue for couples. It is strongly related to what priorities you have in life. Incompatibility to handle financial matters well often becomes an issue between couples.

3. Incompatible Sense of Humor

People have a different sense of humor. What's funny for you could be unfunny to others. That's why people are attracted to other people who share the same sense of humor as us. It can be a big deal if you and your partner enjoy a different kind of humor. When you say the things how to tell your boyfriend you don't like something he does, he takes it as a mere joke.

4. Night Owl Vs Morning Bird

Your relationship may find a hard rock wall if you live in a different part of the world with the opposite time zone. It will be understandable but what if you live closely but you have a completely different lifestyle? You are the type to sleep in early and wake up early, but your partner just gets to bed at the time you should be wake up. It will be a huge problem when you two can meet in a good condition.

5. Different Priorities In Life

Priorities matter the most in life, especially when you are in a relationship. It plays a big part when you are in a difficult situation where you have to choose. Priorities include many things in life. For example, you choose your career over your lover. Someday it will be a big problem that causes you to part.

6. Mismatching Relaxation

Doing hobbies together is the most interesting activity you can enjoy with your partner together. A peaceful weekend to be spent together is what makes you put up with the heavy work. But what if you have different ideas about spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend in the summer? The incompatibility is real when you choose to chill out in the house and he wants to go out and meet his friends.

7. Different Habits Regarding Health

To be honest, not everyone enjoys working out and eat healthy foods. You'll be in big trouble once you meet a partner who chooses to enjoy life as much as they can instead of being strict. To solve this matter, you have to loosen yourself a bit and meet each other halfway. If not, you're at the near end of your relationship.

8. Different Manner In Expressing Your Emotion

Emotion is a thing that some people prefer to conceal inside while others wear it on their sleeve. It simply defines your basic personality and the fact of how one is so open and the other is an introvert can make it difficult for you to communicate. For example, your ways to tell your boyfriend that you feel unappreciated by saying it directly while he never tells you how he feels.

9. Basic Incompatibility On Personal Space

Everyone feels like they need their personal space and getting away from their lover for a moment. But it's not the case with everyone. Some people can't even spend a minute away from their partner. The difference between this personal space can drive people apart from their lovers.

10. Different Intelligence

Intelligence can be divided into two different things: basic life skills and emotion. If you are not at the same level as your partner, you will find it hard to find common things, and even communicating with them can be impossible. Education level also important for two people since there will never be love between the genius and the stupid.

11. Perception About Children

perception about children

For a married couple, their biggest incompatibility lies in the perception of children. Before getting married, make sure you are on the same page with your partner, or else, you will hardly enjoy life with them.

12. Different Fighting Styles

Fighting is unavoidable in a relationship. They say your true colors are shown when you are fighting with your partner. However, people have different fighting styles. Some prefer a healthy discussion for the things to do when you and your boyfriend are fighting while he finds it difficult to find the solution for the problems.

After finding out all the signs of incompatibility in a relationship with your partner, you clearly have to do something with it. It can be dangerous for your relationship because compatibility is all you need to make your relationship work. Make sure you have at least one compatibility with your partner and try to find it as hard as you can.

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