Things To Do When You And Your Boyfriend Are Fighting

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Relationships are not always rainbows and butterflies as they said. Sometimes it is storms and hurricanes shaking the boat of your love. And in the middle of those hurricanes, fights arise.

Fights are a normal part of a relationship and it is not to be feared. But you have to find your way through it and make it through stronger. Confused about what to do? We got you.


Here Are The Things To Do When You And Your Boyfriend Are Fighting

1. Lower Your Voice

Never use a high pitched voice or scream when you guys are fighting. Screaming only makes your partner more insulted and it doesn’t get your point across. Instead, be calm and collective and say your points of an argument clearly.

2. Hold Hands

hold hands

Holding hands might be an odd thing to do when you guys are fighting. But when holding hands, you guys are less likely to be aggressive because it feels like your heart is connected.

3. Remember Your Love

Before you insult or belittle your partner, remember why you love them. Remember that you love your partner not because they are perfect but because they are human and human makes mistakes. This makes you reflect on the problem you are arguing about.

4. Have Space

Sometimes fights occur when you are tired of seeing each other all the time. That is why it is okay to have space apart from each other from time to time. This gives you time to reflect, be with yourself, and grow more fondness towards your partner because of all the absence.

5. Never Use Their Vulnerability

Your partner has opened up to you because they trusted you. That is why you know their weakness and loved them because of that. In a fight, never use their weakness or vulnerability against them. This will make them distrust you and feel like your love show the Signs of Conditional Love.

6. Find A Mediator

When it gets harder, it is okay to find a mediator that is clear-headed and is ready to guide your fight to a conclusion. You can ask a friend or a professional to do this. That way, your fight can end faster and become clearer.

7. Get Back Later To The Problem

When you give some time and space before you jump into trouble again, it will be better. This is because you are allowing yourself to breathe and assess the problem from afar. Most of the time, you will see that the problem is actually simple.

8. Maintain Physical Closeness

maintain physical closeness

When fighting, don’t be cold. Maintain physical closeness. This is a great thing to do when you and your boyfriend are fighting because it will stop the relationship from getting too aggressive. 

9. Guide Them Through Your Worries

Fights happen because of misunderstanding. Sometimes your partner simply doesn’t understand the problem. With your patience and compassion, tell them what you are worried about and what the problem really is. Your partner will be happy to solve it with you.

10. Find A Way Through Together

Don’t fight endlessly, you need to make it stop. You both need to sit down and have a calm, mature talk about this problem. Then, commit to solving it together, no matter the hardship.

11. Don't Be Silent

When fighting, never be silent or to sulk. This only confuses your partner because they can’t read your mind. You need to be vocal about what you think the problem is and how, as a partner, you should approach it.

12. Be Honest

Be honest about your feeling and what the problem really is. This makes the time of the problem shorter and keeps your relationship from falling apart further and further. You need to know the Ways How to Know When People Are Lying To You.

13. Never Be Passive Aggressive

When telling your partner about the problem, stop yourself from being passive aggressive. Tell the problem as it is to stop the confusion. These are the mature things to do when you and your boyfriend are fighting.

14. Keep It Simple

Never exaggerate the problem or sugar coat it. Keep the way you talk about the problem short and simple. Your partner will thank you for this and even show the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly But He Won't Say.

More Tips On Fights During Relationships

more tips on fights during relationships

Fights and problems don't easily reside and become resolved. That's okay but you still need to persist. You need to find Ways to Stop Your Boyfriend from Breaking Up with You So here are more tips on things to do when you and your boyfriend are fighting:

1. Kiss Him

Kissing them could let out the tension, make it more romantic, and put a halt to the fight.

2. Distract Your Attention

Distract yours and your boyfriend’s attention by doing something else together away from the trouble.

3. Let Out The Steam

Let out the steam in another way rather than fighting.

4. Throw The Ego Away

The only thing that stops you from resolving the fight is both of your egos. So throw it away and admit that something is wrong and maybe it is your’s or your boyfriend’s fault.

5. Think Of Them As A Child

It doesn’t mean that you think of them as someone immature. Instead, as a child does, maybe your partner is angry because of simple reasons. Maybe it’s because they are hungry, lacking sleep, or lacking love. This helps you empathize and solve the problem quickly.

Signs That Your Fight Is Coming To An End

signs that your fight is coming to an end

The great signs that your fight is finally stopping and you are back to the romantic partner you once was with him;

1. You Change To The Better

You guys took a lesson from that fight and commit to change to the better for the sake of your relationship.

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2. You Don’t Bring The Problem Up Anymore

You don’t try to fight about the problem anymore.

3. You Are Romantic Towards Each Other

You are back to that romantic couple that love each other deeply.

Fighting is inevitable in a relationship. All you have to do is work your way through it together with the power of love. That is why you absolutely need to do the things to do when you and your boyfriend are fighting. Then you will see that you are back to that romantic partner once again.

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