List of What to Know When Dating an Englishman

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Englishman is arguably the most charming guy you could ever find. His politeness and gentleman's act make him stand out among other guys. The way he calls your name with his very British accent might as well make you bend on your knees right away. But dating an Englishman is not like dating any other guy indeed. Not when you are not a British.

If you are an American, Asian, Australian, etc. there will be so much to adjust. Some may surprise you and make you think "Is this real?" But yes, it is, Baby. For a preparation, take at the list of what to know when dating an Englishman below:


1. His Slang is Hard to Understand

Every language has its own slang, so has British. But his slang will be completely different than the American English slang so you may learn it from the dictionary (yes, there is one). Prove him that you have the signs she is a girlfriend material by working hard to know his slang.

2. His Behavior Might Confuse You

his behavior might confuse you

Englishman is very, very polite that you think he comes straight out of fairy tale. But you must be suspicious when he is too polite and too rude to insult people. Don't get it wrong because an Englishman swear at his best friend but very polite to his enemy.

3. He is Sensitive with Origins

England is not as big as America. So that by driving a couple of hours you can easily travel intercities. So never get wrong of where does he come from. Even though Manchester and Liverpool are geographically close, they have a completely different cultures as well as accents.

4. His Accent May Not Perfect

Well, not every Englishman speak as fun as Tom Holland or as charming as Colin Flirth. So get ready to hear the most imperfect accent of his that make you have to say, "What are you saying again?"

5. His Love for Weather is Unfathomable

If you want to have a fun talk with an Englishman, discuss about this one: weather. It's the best way How to Make Him Fall in Love fast. He is very concerned about how the snow thickness has increased by a cm than yesterday.

6. He is Pretty Honest

An Englishman is a big, big complainer. In fact, he loves it when there are things to be complained. He doesn't care of what others might think about, he's just being honest and it makes his happy.

7. Endless Cups of Tea

Drinking tea is a part of British culture and yes, he is also fond of tea. Instead of coffee, tea is the best solution to every problem there is. So drinking tea is a regular on your date and if you don't like it, he'd think you are weird.

8. He Never Runs Out of Topic

What's interesting about dating an Englishman is that he never runs out of topic. Answer to anything he says and make it as the Ways That Work to Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed with You Over Text.

9. He Will Make You His Drinking Buddy

In England, you can drink alcohol when you're 18. So it has become a part of the culture to drink beer, as there is countless pubs in the country. And he never hesitate to make you as his best drinking buddy.

10. He Doesn't Need Your Parents' Approval

What's surprising is that parents' approval is not that important for Englishman. The Difference Between British and American Guy, which surprisingly the latter seem to be more genuine about parents' approval in a relationship.

11. Direct Meeting at Its Best

direct meeting at its best

Texting and calling are not an Englishman's thing. When he has set his eyes on a girl, he wants to meet her as soon as possible. Many texting and calling are only wasting time since the best way to communicate is by direct meeting.

12. He'd Rather Keep Everything Private

Englishman is not keen of PDA. He doesn't like to show affection to each other in public. So if he rarely take your arm while walking together or hugging you on the street, doesn't mean he doesn't love you. He just prefer everything to be private.

13. No Daytime Dating

In America and other country, going on casual dates during the dates is less intimidating. But not in England. Dating in daytime only happen between friends, so if someone is interested as lover, they usually go on dinner at night.

14. He is Okay with Cheap Date

So is is probably one of the coolest thing about Englishman. He is okay with a cheap, low budgeted date. Dating is not always a grande, romantic, and expensive dinner. Staying at home watching Netflix works too. But British dating is less exciting, not like the Americans.

15. Sex After First Date

Dating Culture in England is different with America's. In the latter, having sex only after the first date is not common since it a woman will be considered easy. But not with Englishman. He'll never think lowly about you just because of the sex after first date.

16. No Double Date

In some culture, double dating is more fun since there are more people. However, no such thing ever happen in England. Double date will never happen unless you're accidentally bump to each other at the moment.

17. He Won't Approach You Out of the Blue

Englishman will not approach a stranger out of the blue, only to ask you for a date. He needs more than just a couple of second eye contact to fall in love with you and date you.

Everything in the list of what to know when dating an Englishman may come as a fresh wave to you. As you are not common with some of the culture above, you have to take time to adjust to each other better. Good luck on the date by the way!

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